Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 519 - Not A Chance

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Chapter 519: Not A Chance

“Dear Lady Zhao, please enlighten me. How did you ward him off? He was trying so hard too, it must have been hard to lie to him!” Su Li curiously asked.

“He is just another fraud, another weirdo guy trying to act normal. I did nothing. He was as interested in this date as you are, he probably hates it just as much. He was only doing it for the sake of humanity and his parents and whatnot. He has no desires of his own to speak of,” Zhao Youyue explained.

Su Li remained in stunned silence, trying to wrap her mind around the weirdness of her date. It was not something worth remembering anyway. Such creatures lurked under the skins of men all over the place.

“Humans should always seek a purpose of their own. Dreams are above and beyond love and family. We are not animals who live only to breed. We think therefore we are, and that is why we have dreams.” Su Li said, almost carefully.

“That is extremely selfish. If everybody thinks that way, this world would end up in disaster. But you are right. That’s how you live in bliss. It is better to indulge in our own passion than live a painful existence of falsehoods,” Zhao Youyue replied.

How should people spend their lives in this world? It had always been a sophisticated yet straightforward question with no fixed answers. Some did not even see a point in asking such a question.

That was a blessing in itself.

Zhao Youyue and Su Li left the cafe. Lo and behold, the power of attraction happened right there. As the hero in her latest gaming broadcasts, the duos found themselves in a scene that only existed in novels.

Three street thugs approached Zhao Youyue and Su Li and surrounded them in an alley. They looked like the stereotypical thug, even smelling like them. It’s a shame they did not have mohawks.

“Hey little missus, care to join us in our game?” The leader of the thugs walked up and said.

Modern thugs were not often this bold. It took a lot of guts for them to speak to a girl…

Lady Zhao’s mighty aura seemed to repress them, if a little. They seemed awkwardly defensive.

Excitement streamed through Zhao Youyue’s blood as she zoned in on the defensive thugs. She could almost feel her staff dancing in her hand. Without hesitation, she snarled, “Get lost, scumbag!”

Zhao Youyue apprehensively awaited for their move…

Su Li went pale. Did she just pick a fight with three grown men?

Hiding in the shadows was Hu Xiaotian, clutching his baseball bat. This was the long-awaited moment for him to rescue the damsels in distress!

These three thugs must be new in town. Who the heck behaved like that? This was like pulling out the pages of history in a modern age. So embarrassing!

Thugs were a gag in modern novels. They were the lowest lifeform of all living beings and had little reason to exist!

We can add one more note to their list of reasons for existing. Lady Zhao needed some live targets for her “sword”!

The leader of the thugs actually took a step back. He yelled in fear, “What happened to the girls these days! So fiesty! Couldn’t we just leave?”

And so, the thugs ran away, having lost the will to fight. Perhaps it daytime, or perhaps it was the immense aura of this girl that chased them off…

Deeply impressed by Zhao Youyue’s brave act, Su Li praised “Lady Zhao, you are amazing! Just by one shout, you chased away three men! I suppose your bodyguards are just nearby right?”

It was almost a rhetorical question. Su Li was quite sure of the answer. If they had not been nearby, how could Lady Zhao have been so brave?

Zhao Youyue was disappointed with the turn of events. It had been such a perfect time to test her swordsmanship… Must she trigger “Altair card” and enter the realm of martial arts for her to take her staff out for the test drive?

“I was supposed to accompany your for a date. No bodyguards necessary,” Zhao Youyue sighed, still disappointed.

“Oh… What? No bodyguards?” Su Li went pale again. Lady Zhao had not brought any bodyguards to this corrupted town. She was like a sheep wandering off alone in the forest!

Guilt filled Su Li’s heart within seconds. She blamed herself for risking the safety of Lady Zhao. If she acted so recklessly without her bodyguards, she might be kidnapped anytime! Su Li would never live with herself!

“We will leave by tomorrow, let us go back to the province immediately. It is too dangerous to stay here,” Su Li seriously started planning their journey back home.

“Do not be afraid, Sister Li. I am here to protect you. No one could even touch your hair with me around.” Zhao Youyue acted just like the anonymous Lady Su.

Hu Xiaotian was speechless. His baseball bat almost slipped from his limp fingers. He was so sure that it was his moment to shine. Of course, he was not there to impress girls. He simply itched for a fight, and fights came very rarely in this day and age.

Ordinary people would not understand the euphoria Hu Xiaotian experiences, as his baseball bat trembles in his hands, echoing the impact of the last blow. The melody of his bat colliding against bone was simply delightful. One of his hobbies was to lure scumbags for a fight.

These bad guys were highly uncommon. And those who were the real deal would not just cause trouble in broad daylight. Hu Xiaotian loved to give himself loosely termed justifications to get himself in a fight. Only then could he uphold the name of justice and reshape his bat…