Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 518 - Normal or Abnormal?

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Chapter 518: Normal or Abnormal?

Su Li’s blind date was a Yi Renjie. No matter how you looked at it, his credentials were rather substantial. After all, not just anyone could gain the acknowledgment of Su Li’s parents. They were dead serious about potential suitors for their outstanding daughter.

Unfortunately, Su Li had no interest in marriage. Also, what common ground did she share with an elite investor. She would be the eccentric one out of the pair. Fending him off would be the best option…

On the contrary, Zhao Youyue was a friendly young girl. She could befriend just about anyone she wanted. There was nothing she could not talk about, and she was never shy to strangers.

Even eccentric individuals like Han Leng yearned to talk to Lady Zhao. Regular girls bored Han Leng. His attitude was an accurate representation of his name, cold and lonely for all eternity.

Perhaps this was why Han Leng treated Lady Zhao differently. He could not find anyone else who sat on the same page.

Lady Zhao was born with this extraordinary talent of public relationship.

Su Li excused herself to the ladies, leaving Zhao Youyue to deal with the awkward situation. Well, who asked her to be such a busybody in the first place?

Yi Renjie was a decent man. At least, that was how he appeared. Nevertheless, he treated this date seriously. He wanted to leave a strong first impression in the heart of a beautiful girl like Su Li.

Su Li did not want to hurt this man’s feelings. He seemed to be a nice guy. Their parents knew each other as they were from the same town. Going overboard might involve her parents.

Zhao Youyue sat before Yi Renjie, making no attempt to hide her annoyance and contempt. He might be an elite in his career, but he was a nobody to her.

Indeed, nobody could touch the hem of the Zhao Family’s robes, even with whole life’s hard work. Plus, he was not remarkably talented, nor had he been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

China was rapidly growing, albeit in a structured and well-planned manner. Under such conditions, the wealthy only grew wealthier. Plebians could only dream of sharing the skyline with them.

Yi Renjie quickly averted his eyes. He fought to retain his elegant demeanor, not wanting to appear unhinged by Zhao Youyue’s expression.

“Yi Renjie, isn’t it? Name a price. How much to give up on her.” Zhao Youyue tried to put up her best impression of an overprotective guardian.

She never had the will or guts to be a mean person. Arrogance was a close substitute.

“From the way you worded it, it seems like this date had been an automatic fail. Thank goodness!” Yi Renjie spoke as if the weight on his chest had been lifted.

“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean, our Lady Su Li is not good enough for you?” His words triggered Zhao Youyue.

“Of course not, I’m just not interested in women…” Unexpectedly, Yi Renjie confessed.

Zhao Youyue blinked in surprise, “So, you like men?”

“Well… that’s not entirely true.”

“Well, what’s your preference?”

“Actually, none whatsoever.”

“Then what was with that gentlemanly goody act, sister Su did not have the heart to reject you.”

“I had to present myself perfectly to imply my lack of interests in her well-being. I satisfy everybody, my parents, and Su Li. A token of respect and courtesy, if you must say. If I cared about her, I would have been nervous and jumpy, you don’t see such composed men on first dates.”

“You are so weird. I never thought that guys like you existed.”

“Maybe, but I think it’s completely normal. I just wanted to pass my time. If it actually ended up with something, I would just go with the flow. Who would my bride be? It doesn’t really matter to me.”

“Even if you wife cheated on you, it wouldn’t matter?”

“Of course not. It depends. Maybe not enough for me to throw a fit, but I won’t just leave it be.”

“That sounds awfully like you not giving a damn. You’re letting others take your life out of your hands.”

“If everyone is happy, why not?”

“That’s boring. How could that life carry any meaning?”

“I think the quintessence of human inheritance is to get a wife and create a new line down the family tree. This world needs people to strive for perfection in everything, creating wonders along their way. It needs people like me, keeping the foundations stable.”

Yi Renjie finished off his sentence by leaving the table for the bill. He apologized to Su Li, saying that they were not meant for each other.

Yi Renjie knew plenty of girls who did not know how to reject a man.

Smart ladies left hints. All he had to do was pick up the memo and make his exit. Everyone would leave the place all the merrier.

Zhao Youyue was right about him being weird. He might be amicable and pleasing to the ladies, but it was all just a facade. His true nature was that of a sadist. Marriage was just a ceremony set upon him by his parents to lengthen the existence of their genealogy. Any healthy female who was capable of bearing offsprings would suffice.

Pretty ladies came to him all the time. He came from a rather decent family, and had a stable career to boot. Ladies often got deceived by such frauds. Beneath his premediated gestures of chivalry, he was a cold machine. Everything he did was for family inheritance.

Thrusting himself into a woman’s body gave him no pleasure. Only two words would ring in his head – “mission accomplished.” The smile on his face was not for himself, but to meet the expectations of others.

Fortunately, such men were truly uncommon. It was a sad, sad existence. He shared more resemblances with a machine than a living being.

Nevertheless, if he keeps these thoughts to himself, he would be the ideal gentleman. He had the mannerisms and demeanor of the ideal husband.