Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 517 - Betrayal In A Second

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Chapter 517: Betrayal In A Second

That night, Zhao Youyue slept in Su Li’s room. It had been kept in immaculate condition. Even the blankets smelled of sunshine.

As usual, the two of them had a lot of things to talk about. Sometimes, when they talked about their favorite novels and mangas, they would end up agreeing on certain characters or certain plotlines. Such rapport was often pleasing.

Creators usually shared common thoughts with other creators, especially those of the same genre. Zhao Youyue may seem to be nothing but a fulltime reader, but she was most definitely a creator in part. Her actions in the world of works was also a form of creation.

The two ladies dozed off in the midst of chatting. On the other end, sister-obsessed Su Jue rolled about in her bed, slumber escaping her. This was the power of jealousy. Jealousy makes a person forget herself. Jealousy turns the beautiful into something hideous. Jealous could…

Su Jue was frustrated. She was unable to come up with any method of getting her sister back. She could only do something to vent her frustration.

Therefore, she contacted Hu Xiaotian, a man of apparent influence and stance. He was someone who was very righteous and loyal. He was a silly boy that liked to fight. At least, Hu Xiaotian was such a person last time.

Of course, when Hu Xiaotian heard from Su Jue, he was very happy. This was his childhood friend after all. Furthermore, back in school, he had gotten himself into countless fights because of Su Jue. This was probably why Su Jue thought that he really liked her. It was a pity that they were so close to each other, even their houses were practically touching each other…

Naturally, Su Jue was unhappy when she learned that Hu Xiaotian had gotten himself a girlfriend. Unfortunately, in her mind, Hu Xiaotian was far less important, compared to her big sister. Such news was still bearable. As long as he continued listening to her like before, that would be fine.

Hu Xiaotian was a simple kid. When he fought, he did not fight for Su Jue. Su Jue simply gave him an excuse to fight, and it was convenient for him, so he would pounce on the opportunity. He loved a good scrap. Now that he had many connections on the streets, people called him “Timely Rain.” In the process of him upholding justice, there would always be an evil force lurking about, so this always gave him the opportunity to fight. It was his eternal bliss.

Hu Xiaotian only regretted not having been born in the ancient times. Modern life was too easy. Machines and technology made everything too simple. People only exercised for their health. The world was vast. If it had been in the ancient times, how many fights were waiting to be plucked like ripe fruits?

Well, he could always opt for the path of a professional athlete. Sadly Hu Xiaotian did not find the prospect as interesting. His favorite weapon was the baseball bat. Was there any sport that involved smacking the snot out of someone with a baseball bat?

A baseball bat was only meant for sports, but he liked to use it to beat people. Of course, he always found a noble cause to justify his actions. Beating someone up was not just an act of violence or murder. It was an art. When Hu Xiaotian came upon this epiphany, he had become one with the…

Oops, someone who was born violent and viewed combat as art. Only a creator would create such a character.

When Hu Xiaotian heard that Su Jue wanted him to scare off a despicable foreigner, he was immediately interested. Wasn’t it normal for foreigners to come to local areas and offend the locals?

In such cases, it was up to simple and hospitable locals like him to humor them in a variety of ways.

Hu Xiaotian was indeed an idiot. He agreed to Su Jue’s request immediately, without even asking if the despicable foreigner was a male or female. He even said that he had one hundred ways of turning the person over a new leaf. He would wash away the foreigner’s despicable attributes and make him understand what truth and justice was.

Of course, Hu Xiaotian had assumed that the despicable foreigner was a man. Beating men completed him!

Afterall, girls to beat up were very scarce. Moreoever, he would never lay a finger on a female. He liked pretty girls very much because trouble often revolved around pretty girls. More trouble meant more opportunities for him to fight!

Hence, Hu Xiaotian started drawing up his plans, from the location of the fight, down to the time. He was also ready to watch the surrounding audience cheer him on, the local man of justice. Then, he met the “despicable foreigner” that Su Jue mentioned.

Zhao Youyue was accompanying Su Li on her blind date. They were heading to a coffee shop in town – a suitable dating location. Apparently, the man was fairly successful. He had a job in the financial industry in the city. However, he was also from the same town. Getting to know one another shouldn’t take long.

Now that both of them were home, as per the request of their parents, they were meeting each other to see if anything could be made out of it.

Of course, Hu Xiaotian knew who Su Li was. He called Su Li “big sister.” As he always appeared mentally retarded, Su Li used to take extra care of him, a childhood friend of her little sister. However, Su Li did not like how he started fights with others all the time, even though he only fought for Su Jue.

Undoubtedly, the velvety long-haired, goddess-like Lady Zhao was the one that caught Hu Xiaotian’s attention. He had never met a girl with such grace and temperament!

Of course, Zhao Youyue accompanied Su Li on her blind date only to cause some trouble. After all, Su Li had always insisted that she had no interest in men, at least for now. She only agreed to go on a blind date because she had played into Lady Zhao’s hands. Hence, in any case, Lady Zhao was here to ruin this blind date!

After all, Zhao Youyue still loved Su Li, or rather, they both loved each other. So, Zhao Youyue skillfully brought out the most enjoyable persona of hers, “Precious Missy.” It was the easiest to cause trouble with this character, because a missy could be unscrupulously self-willed and annoying. People would easily feel poorly about her. Men with high self-esteem probably hated girls like Zhao Youyue the most, as she was a control-freak.

Such a missy was actually best friends with Su Li. Thinking about it, Su Li was probably no better. They were villains colluding together, jackals of the same tribe!

On that day, Zhao Youyue was dressed expensively, pretentiously and stylishly, following the latest trends. She was no longer dressed like the girl next door that Su Li’s family knew. In fact, she totally looked out of place in such a humble town. Girls like her screamed ‘Big city’ with their looks alone.

Such fashion was a perfect match for the velvety, long-haired Zhao Youyue. This way, her goddess temperament would sear through, and she would become so dazzling that nobody would be able to meet her eyes.

Therefore, Hu Xiaotian, who had never once set foot outside this small town turned into stone. He was initially looking for an opportunity to beat the “despicable foreigner” up and get some justice for Su Jue. What’s this goddess doing here?!