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Chapter 516: Why Are You So Used To It!

“Second sister, you are being too blunt. As Sun Tzu once said, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated. This Zhao Youyue is very powerful. She’s even better than us as getting on the good side of the elders. She’s a big boss. We must learn more about her first!” youngest sister Su said, raising a knowing finger. She was nothing like the innocent little girl at the meal table. She was far too mature to be a Loli who had just graduated from elementary school.

“How was I blunt? I’m as cunning as a fox, alright? All my classmates have been basically wrapped around my little finger. All the town boys my age have confessed to me. I only need snap my fingers, and they’ll move heaven and earth for me!” Su Jue retorted defensively.

There were indeed many boys of the same age as Su Jue in town. Among them, few were her close childhood friends. They could be considered her childhood sweethearts. She would meet these friends on a monthly basis, and they all took great care of her. Of course, Su Jue would take it as a sign of infatuation…

“Second sister, why are you still so confident about yourself? I can’t understand how you even come up to that conclusion. Let’s talk about the one closest to you, Hu Xiaotian. Doesn’t he already have a girlfriend?” Youngest sister Su never held any punches back.

“He only has a girlfriend in name – he isn’t serious about it. He just found one for insurance. He knows that even if he confesses to me, I would never accept him. Believe it or not, as long as I ask him to beat someone up, he will. He has a lot of connections!” Su Jue said firmly.

In this world, China was a disadvantageous place for grassroots. In town, there were many active social organizations. In some places, local clans were also very powerful.

“Second sister, I think it’s better if you dissociate yourself with Hu Xiaotian. After he stopped attending high school, he joined the mafia. He has changed a lot. It’s better to stay away from someone like him.” Little Su advised.

“Hu Xiaotian is different. You’re too young. You won’t understand the friendship we share.”

“Forget it; it’s time to go home. By the way; just so you know, Zhao Youyue is going to stay over at our house, and she’ll be sleeping with big sis!”

“What? How dare she! I haven’t even slept with big sis since junior high. I’m really pissed now, Xiao Lin!” In a flash, Su Jue had transformed into an angry wife. Her unbridled obsession over her big sister rushed out to meet sunlight.

Su Jue still trusted her younger sister very much. She was a reliable early bloomer. She read all sorts of books on a daily basis. Her topics encompassed just about everything, whether it was a famous book or something she picked out of a forgotten corner. Hence, Su Lin vocabulary was nothing like a Loli who just starting junior high. Instead, when she spoke, others would suspect that she was a reincarnated person.

When Su Jue learned of Su Shi, a great writer of the Song Dynasty in school, her teacher had much to say about Su Shi’s little sister, saying that Su Shi’s little sister “Little sister Su” was very clever and talented. This made Su Jue regard her little sister highly.

Logically speaking, Su Lin, who was doted on by the whole family, should have a bad relationship with Su Jue, the middle child who received the least love and attention from the family. However, little Su was just too good at getting on the good side of others. Perhaps this was the advantage of being an early bloomer, one who had learned the ways of the world at an early age.

“Don’t be unhappy, second sister. You can sleep with me instead, hehe.” Youngest sister Su hugged Su Jue and said softly.

Still upset, Su Jue stroke her sister’s head absent-mindedly. She was not against the idea of sleeping with her younger sister. After all, they were all used to it. When they were young, and when things got particularly difficult, they would be short of blankets. Hence, the three sisters had to sleep together. This was Su Jue’s warmest memory.

Zhao Youyue ended up having to stay at Su Li’s house, although she did not really want to. Of course, this was all because Su Li had been much too enthusiastic about it. However, Su Li had also mentioned that the small motels in town were not really safe. She would have no peace of mind if Lady Zhao went to live in such a place all by herself. If Zhao Youyue insisted on going there, Su Li would definitely tag along.

Su Li’s house was rather nice. After gaining fame and fortune, how could she permit her parents to live in a state of disrepair? Their new house was markedly cozier and furnished. It was still nothing like Lady Zhao’s house, a luxurious villa. Even so, they lived very comfortably.

At least it had guestrooms to spare. Men would never comprehend the bond and skinship between girls. If Su Li and Zhao Youyue were both men, sharing a bed would have been out of the question. Of course, it would be more comfortable for each person to be assigned a room of their own.

Blood brothers might have no qualms about sharing beds. The only problem is that they would never run out of words to exchange, and they would stay up all night talking. Some people may find this gay, but men did this all the time in the olden days. Modern people were simply too depraved in way of thought.

Girls were different. Girls of old, girls of now, they exhibited that mysterious cohesion. There would be nothing odd about them, and nobody would start screaming ‘yuri! yuri!’ in their minds. It was just another daily occurrence.

Which brings us to another point. Why is it that men always found Yuri more acceptable than Yaoi?

Of course, we are limiting these relationships to their fictional counterparts. LGBT still faced massive discrimination on a daily basis. It was not widely understood, nor accepted. These people would be victims of prejudice. Moreover, real-life homosexual couples were rarely good-looking. This often left people frustrated. A wise man once said this: If someone looked good, male or female, gay or nay, either way, all would be forgiven.

Such was the nature of our superficial society. Money, looks, either one of the two would do. Both would be a bonus.

It was not like Zhao Youyue had not slept with Su Li before – I mean, shared a bed with Su Li. Sometimes, they would go to other provinces over the weekend. They sometimes traveled to another big city, where they would book a hotel room. They were more accustomed to it than one could imagine.

Therefore, upon reaching Su Li’s house, Su Li’s second sister, Su Jue, took the opportunity to talk to her big sister as Zhao Youyue showered. She mentioned how they had extra rooms in the house, and that there was no need for the both of them to sleep together. However, Su Li smiled and said, “It’s fine. We’re already used to it. I also have things to discuss with little sister Youyue regarding my manga, so it’s more convenient if we shared a bed.”

Su Jue was shocked to the core. She was taken aback by the three words – “used to it.” Then, she saw the smile on her big sister’s face. It was the smile of a happy wife. Her heart twisted into a painful knot. Why are you guys so used to sleeping together?

“Zhao… is she also a mangaka? Isn’t she just one of your readers, big sis?” Su Jue wondered.

“Some readers are different from other readers. Some of them actually have the talent to create, but they’re just not bothered to. Of course, they could contribute in their own way, by giving suggestions,” Su Li explained.

Of course, to be such a reader, you first have to be as classy as a missy, beautiful, be able to bring the author on awesome trips all over the world, and sleep with the author… Wow, if you look at it, Lady Zhao was the perfect reader!

Therefore, Su Li the dog was thrilled to be her dog.