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Chapter 515: Big Crisis in Little Sister

Su Jue did not really like Zhao Youyue. Before this, she had been asked to learn from Zhao Youyue. That was fine and all, but wasn’t Zhao Youyue being a little too clingy to her dearest big sister Su Li!

Su Li was probably too used to playing the role of a big sister. As Zhao Youyue repeated the words “big sister Li,” the hapless lady only lost herself into the role. As the meal went on, she became pointedly considerate towards Lady Zhao. She picked food for Lady Zhao very carefully, choosing only her favorites…

Su Li knew that Lady Zhao was very picky about food. In fact, her own standards had been influenced by the upper-class lady. She had spent her weekends at the classier parts of cities, indulging in all manner of delicacies. Now that she was back home, this “feast” paled in comparison to what she usually ate. It was average at most. There was just too much fish and meat. Such flavors would become bland in no time.

If she knew that it would have turned out this way, she would have ordered vegetarian dishes instead. Simpler dishes would have been preferable.

Su Li had initially assumed that Zhao Youyue would not be able to stomach such food. Zhao Youyue had once told her a story about how her pickiness with food ended up causing others a lot of trouble. Once, while having a meal with many brilliant students from the school, they ended up arguing because they could not agree on what to eat…

This was a particularly embarrassing recollection of Zhao Youyue’s. She might have been too young at that time. She had not yet experienced many different world of works at that time, and was not yet an unfathomable “drama queen.” She had only ended up damaged her reputation. To those brilliant students, Zhao Youyue had been too much of a Missy – she was too picky for her own good. It would be impossible for anyone to get along with her!

Thanks to that incident, Huang Zongchao, the advance entree of the Capital University also had an unfavorable impression of Zhao Youyue. He could not deny that Zhao Youyue was a broken character with fully maxed-out stats in all fields, including her appearance and academic prowess. But she was just too difficult to get along with. An average man would die of aneurysms in record time!

But the world had its share of unusual men. Creators would feel that a girl like her was unique and extraordinary. She was qualified to do whatever she wanted. Giving an arm and leg to accommodate her would be a given…

Yet again, Su Li was surprised. Lady Zhao actually seemed content with the meal. She seemed to have completely changed her character. The person who came home with Su Li was not a missy, but a down-to-earth, amicable, girl next door. The kind of girl who was virtuous, knowledgeable and rational.

Su Li was really not used to this. She felt that Lady Zhao was going out of her way to give her face. She truly considered Su Li as her big sister – thus she was willing to sacrifice herself. It was way too touching. Hence, she took great care of Zhao Youyue, as if she was the perfect big sister. She had fallen thrall to Lady Zhao – there was no escape.

If Su Li was the male protagonist of various novels and anime, then Zhao Youyue was the kind of character that appeared out of nowhere.

When she did, she would produce more moe-waves while remaining poised as a missy who was also an adorable little sister. After all, “big sister Li” was rolling off the Lady’s tongue like smooth nectar. Su Li’s sister, Su Jue, was undoubtedly the protagonist’s childhood sweetheart. Such a character would surely butt heads with a Zhao Youyue archetype!

They were predestined nemesis!

Moreover, such characters often defeated the childhood friend, albeit not at a 100% rate, if not 90%…

Although Su Jue was very quiet and reserved when she saw Su Li, she actually cared for her big sister deeply. However, when she saw her big sister taking care of a stranger and calling her “little sister Youyue,” her mood went foul. She felt like her big sister had been snatched away!

This was how Umaru found out that her big brother Taihei, the best big brother in the world, suddenly had a cute little sister named Hikari out of the blue. Obviously, she would not tolerate anyone threatening to usurp her position![1]

Of course, Umaru did not only have to deal with people snatching her brother; there were others wanting to be her new sister-in-law! Her brother, who was the best brother in the world, only sat quietly at home. It was the harem that came pouring in from all directions…

Su Jue thought that she knew Su Li better than anyone. She knew that her sister did not want to find a partner for the time being. She absolutely despised things like blind dates. However, that Zhao Youyue actually attempted to curry favor with the elders, standing on their side. That was pure betrayal!

Su Li had actually forced herself to tolerate the behavior of “little sister Youyue.” How much did big sister Su Li actually care for this sly woman?

The rebellious period of Su Jue’s youth had arrived. She was a relatively normal female high school student, unlike Zhao Youyue. Zhao Youyue’s mental age was already much higher than the average high school student. She was clearly compatible with Su Li, who had already graduated from university and was a working adult. They shared many common interests and topics of conversation…

Su Jue now detested Zhao Youyue. That woman was out to snatch her big sister. Well, not under her watch!

From which hole did this Zhao Youyue crawl out from? If she wanted to talk about loyal reading, Su Jue was her big sister’s most loyal reader. She also liked to draw and was very talented at it. Of course, her talent in calligraphy overshadowed her talent in drawing. Her dream had always been to work alongside her big sister – so that she could always be with her sister!

After all, it was not easy being a mangaka. She would be her big sister’s assistant for free. No matter what, she wanted to be with her sister all the time…

Su Jue knew that it was her sister who enabled the family to live a good life. Every time she came back, Su Li would bring her two little sisters out shopping to relieve all the shops of their stock. They could get just about anything they desired. Hence, every time Su Li came home, Su Jue would be at the top of cloud nine. This time, however, Su Li actually brought another little sister home. She was a little older than Su Jue, and Su Li doted on her very much. This made Su Jue extremely unhappy!

Su Jue felt as if her big sister had cheated on her. Although this may seem twisted, it was the only way you could put the contents of her thoughts in words. Big sister Su Li had always been hers, no one had the right to snatch her away!

Su Jue was probably the only one who was unhappy throughout the meal. She was preoccupied with thoughts of getting her big sister back. It showed on her face…

Su Jue came out of the toilet and found her little sister Su Lin was waiting for her. Su Lin, the youngest one, was a very cute girl. She just got into junior high school and was very petite. She would be the noisy Loli.

“Second sis, this is a big crisis, that woman is going to snatch big sis away!” Su Lin gushed urgently. Her lively, lovely demeanor had vanished completely.

Su Lin was awfully bright for her age. If she had any shortcomings, it would be her slothful nature. She may be small, but her heart had enough room for both sisters. She wanted to leech off them and do nothing at home all day. How comfortable would that be…

“If you really think so, why did you still get so close to that Zhao Youyue or whatever she’s called?” Su Jue threw a fit. She thought that her younger sister had betrayed her. She had recognized a thief as her sister!

As for who was the real thief was, anyone could guess.

Translation note :

[1] Author is referring to the anime “Himouto! Umaru-chan.”