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: Always ready to roll

Zhao Youyue had grown adept at utilizing iconic character cards.

At that moment, she was in a particularly nice mood. After all, she had worked on this for so long. It was time she reaped what she sowed. It felt just like slogging through an extremely difficult game and finally defeating the boss.

This was her first time activating a character who had actual combat capabilities. The most noticeable difference she felt was the escalation and enhancement of her entire being!

Her senses were now unprecedentedly keen. The sunlight was almost blinding to her eyes. She had the sudden urge of wrapping her eyes in some fabric. Her empty hands felt strangely naked

Her waist felt exposed without a sword hanging from it. Was this how a peerless swordswoman felt, all the time?

A Jane Doe Su possessed Zhao Youyue suddenly sensed movement. Apparently, her pet Xiao Hei had come into her bedroom. Zhao Youyue reacted in a most bizzare manner. She did a full backflip, gaining some distance from Xiao Hei!

She had acted purely on instinct!

An onlooker might have found it inexplicably cool. If one thought more on it, such movements might seem odd and otherworldly. At the same time, they would question their reality, wondering if they were living in a game. If not, how could someone roll so skillfully? How many times has she actually practiced?!

Normal people did not roll for nothing. Even in an actual fight, a professional pugilist would attempt to evade an opponent by means of footwork, and that would already be a sight to marvel. Rolling, tumbling about was more of a classical RPG element. Of course, while rolling, one would also be immune to all damage.

This was why “rollers” were highly popular. Rolling at the perfect time allowed one to kill a boss without taking damage. They were almost invincible when it came to 1 on 1. No matter how the boss raged and tore the entire map up, their prey would always elude them. As long as they timed it right, the boss would never be able to touch them.

What “rollers” actually feared was being mobbed, surrounded, and cornered. Rolling about in the midst of a mob always left at least one adversary prepared to smack the daylights out of you upon straightening up from your folly. It made rolling look as silly as it was – ineffective and unnecessary.

The difficulty of a humanoid enemy within “Tale of Wuxia 3: Swords of the Future” lay on how proficient it was a rolling. Even an experienced player like Wu Shun was so thoroughly abused by Jane Doe Su that he totally lost the courage to fight her again. Why was that? She could not be touched whatsoever! Be it her small leaps, or her almost casual rolls, they rendered all of Wu Shun’s attacks useless!

Of course, Wu Shun’s style encumbered him even further. His character was cumbersome, aggressive and reckless. He had lots of HP, but that was just about it. In the Tales of Wuxia, HP meant nothing to a boss. Did you really expect a boss to remain clueless about your weaknesses and vulnerable frames?

Jane Doe Su was not only good at rolling and backstabbing – she was also a master a parrying. After a successful parry, the player could only watch helplessly as she deals a “judgment blow.” Such attacks were almost one-hit-KOs. At least they would be rewarded with a spectacular animation!

So many had been misled by the forerunner Wu Shun and ended up having to fight Jane Doe Su. Some of these players were persistent, and were too stubborn for their own good. They just wanted to defeat her. Who knows, defeating her might change things.

If you sufficiently wounded her, she might be unable to fight Li Xiye. Wasn’t this another method of protecting her?

For these highly skilled players, they were certain that the presence of a HP bar indicated the possibility of them winning a fight!

These stubborn players put themselves through the ordeal again and again. Throughout the process, their feelings for Jane Doe Su only grew. They had been abused to the point of falling head over heels for her!

She was just like the beautiful and gentle boss Maria within “Bloodborne” who was very powerful and pretty. Her dual wield knives ripped countless of players into shreds. It only made her more popular than ever. Players even considered dying by her beautiful hands to be pure bliss

Some players had even compiled their various deaths and fancy methods of dying in Jane Doe Su’s hands. They had grown completely addicted to being killed by her. It was an… odd form of joy.

Those game masters were incredible. Someone even found a way to push Jane Doe Su back. He had no choice but to use a swordsman character with immense attack power and agility. One touch would have killed him, but he had to fight against her in terms of skills, memorizing all her techniques and moves thoroughly. Either way, he sent out a clear message, telling the ordinary players to stop wasting their time fighting against her.

Push her back they did, until she took off her coat and blindfold, revealing her white outfit. Either way, a rare achievement trophy could be obtained. When that happens, Li Xiye entered the scene and performed the “plot kill.” Once again, Zha Feng’s bad intentions had struck. After all, the gaming masters had put in so much effort, dying a million times, finally forcing Jane Doe Su to shed her coat. In the end, it was just an illusion of choice. Why even try to defeat her in the first place?

Regular players almost went mad. Zha Feng spoke up, “It’s certainly very significant. As long as you’ve obtained that achievement, from now on, you can defeat others in single combat, like a boss within Tales of Wuxia. You need not be afraid of anyone. Jane Doe Su has turned you into a peerless master!”

Many netizens had smashed the ‘like’ button in response. The slow-handed players gloated, mocking the post, “Old Sly Zha Feng indeed. He’s able to cheat even the high-skilled players. I thought those guys belonged to another realm. Seeing them get cheated for once has been rather refreshing. I’ll definitely give Jane Doe Su a ‘like’ for abusing the highly-skilled players. As expected from my wife. Awesome!”

Right at that very moment, Zhao Youyue was getting weary of her heightened vigilance. Her nerves were as tensed as violin strings that have been stretched to their limits. She was prepared to roll at the first sign of movement

As Jane Doe Su had come from such a dark, cruel world, Zhao Youyue could actually understand why.

This character was constantly on guard, and it was prepared for action at the movement of a leaf!