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Achieving Iconic Status!

Perhaps it had been a necessary evil, turning a tragic character into an icon.

Old Sly Zha Feng took far more flak than ever!

A single DLC had transcended “Tale of Wuxia 3” to new heights. More and more players were joining the crowd. Of course, people still chose the easier path of watching streamers player. The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious graphics made the streams no less than actual blockbusters.

The viewership outnumbered the already numerous players by a huge margin. Either way, Old Sly Zha Feng’s bad intentions and malice had spread mercilessly among the masses. Countless were affected!

Before we proceed, let’s talk about web novels. With a small readership, creators were at liberty of peppering their poor readers with whatever poison they liked. The risk was minimal.

If a web novel suddenly gains recognition, the fresh-blooded readers would not have the same endurance as the minor loyal fans had.

In Zha Feng’s case, never had the internet witnessed any single name being flamed to such an extent!

“In the past, I’ve only heard of the name – Old Sly Zha Feng. Things like “Zha Feng’s bad intention,” “Zha Feng’s conspiracy,” “Zha Feng’s mercy,” were all popular memes that I never got interested enough to investigate. I never expected to one day personally experience “Zha Feng’s bad intentions.” When I learned that my wife, the beautiful and gentle nameless girl had to die no matter what, my heart was thoroughly broken!”

“May the Heavens punish Old Sly Zha Feng. I’ve never seen any game producer as twisted and ruthless as him. He simply wants Jane Doe Su dead, leaving the delusion of saving her to us. Even a highly skilled player like Ah Yu could only watch the CG animation helplessly and sigh”

“I sincerely beg for Old Sly Zha Feng’s home address. In any case, I’ll definitely send a bomb and blow up the person who killed my wife!”

“I’ve prepared many blade pieces and sent them directly to Fenghuo Gaming Company. That’s the only way I would able to vent the depression in my heart”

“I’m somehow impressed by Old Sly Zha Feng. This guy may be the first person ever who could not hide behind Su Li’s blessing. He’s really something!”

“I’m going to list out all twisted shit this Old Sly Zha Feng concocted throughout all these years. Of course, the first place absolutely goes to the beautiful and gentle nameless girl, and her depressing plot, and her unsavable nature. The more people tried to save her, the more she approaches death!”

“In all fairness, he may have just created the most unforgettable gal ever. She has left us with eternal warmth and sorrow”

“I did not play the game myself, but I’ve watched Ah Yu’s torment from the beginning till the end, and my heart feels thoroughly uncomfortable. I’ll never touch this game in this life, as I really don’t want to experience that sorrow firsthand.

It was definitely the time to settle old debts. Someone uncovered the interview with Old Sly Zha Feng just before the game was launched. The moment he started pointedly promoting character “Yan Qingmeng,” they saw it for what it was. It was his deep-seated malice. He had planned this even before it began!

Watching the video again clearly showed the malice in his eyes. Jane Doe Su was supposed to be the main female character within the new DLC. He had deliberately misled everyone into bad ends!

After that, players immediately created a new file, eager to redeem themselves. They firmly stood on the beautiful and gentle girl’s side, hoping for a better end. Little did they know that the game was totally broken – there are no good ends!

Old Sly Zha Feng knew no limits. He would happily kill his players with broken hearts!

Someone pointed out, “If this guy causes such heartache, why do you guys still play? Are you guys actually Masochists?”

The game had been undeniably well-made, you just can’t stop yourself!

This was a twisted mess. Difficult as it was, once the frontliner players have created concise guides, anyone could pick it up, having gained the gist of it

At the same time, they could feel good about themselves, joining the elite, hardcore gaming community. Let’s all pretend to be awesome!

Besides, Jane Doe Su’s ending might be tragically fatalistic. Nevertheless, she had left behind a gift of true, sincere warmth. Most importantly, having her by your side decreased the difficulty level by several levels. It was a win-win situation!

The process of building and expanding the anonymous city could even be treated as a kind of farming game. Experience players in that aspect would be all too aware of the joy of upgrading a city

Some players defended Old Sly Zha Feng, saying that he committed the necessary evil for a good reason. He had to prevent the game from becoming a repetitive, farming, dating, dress up and makeup kind of game. No matter what, he could only allow Jane Doe Su to accompany players for a while. If players grew too dependent on her, things would only end up badly.

This was also an exemplification of Zha Feng’s bad intention. He had deliberately created Jane Doe Su, deceiving players into thinking that she was a walking difficulty reducer. When the plot finally killed her, players would only have to continue suffering

All in all, Jane Doe Su had completely, thoroughly demonstrated “Zha Feng’s mercy” and “Zha Feng’s bad intention.” Without a doubt, she would definitely be the most unforgettable character in this game series.

She had started off as a passerby, she had ended up being the icon. The perpetrator Lady Zhao had been successful once again!

The beautiful and gentle nameless girl was memorialized by countless players and audiences. Old Sly Zha Feng took in all the anger. Mascot Su Li no longer carried the pan. Lady Zhao was busy surveying a new iconic character card that had just appeared on her “Two Dimensional Gate” a moment ago —— Jane Doe Su.

This card seemed even cooler, compared to all her other cards. Was this due to her high energy level?

At first glance, the girl in the card seemed to be clad in grey, a black blindfold wrapped around her eyes. Her sword – “Flying Sword of Myriad Colors” sat within its scabbard. Upon taking a closer look, Zhao Youyue saw the girl’s coat disappearing, exposing her snow-white outfit. Her blindfold had also vanished similarly. Her pure, bright eyes greeted the horizon. Her sword was now out of its scabbard.

Of course, Jane Doe Su did not require a sword. She was a “swordless” swordswoman. She could wield a blade of glass and still remain as lethal!

Zhao Youyue was now curious to find out the effects of activating such a card in reality