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Su Li never thought of facing those depressing players’ resentment and pain, but there was no helping it. These players had already become a part of Zha Feng’s fans, and they would never turn on him, regardless of the pain and abuse they suffered due to the overly depressing main story. The main culprit was still Zha Feng, the tragedy had nothing to do with Su Li; she was only putting his evil in ink.

On ZhiHu, a question quickly rose Just how much of Su Li was involved in the revamped graphics in “Tales of Wuxia 3”?

This question gained moderate popularity, gaining replies from insiders of the industry and also many dedicated fans.

These insiders included mangakas, illustrators, and game creators. Illustrators collectively agreed that Su Li was often regarded as a low-level illustrator. Her reports were often a mess, and she was the one who added her name to the top spot in the illustrator’s circle. Many guys now dreamt of taking Su Li as their wives.

Let’s not talk about her ‘supernatural powers,’ that’s just a joke. Her looks and urban myths aside, her talent was undeniable. She had the right attitude concerning her work too, and she deserved a fair bit of respect.

Of course, fame would go up just about any human’s head. Her bragging and unrestrained rambling on social media was only a minor shortcoming. She had earned her fame and popularity all by herself, so nothing much could be said about that.

Su Li may be highly capable as an illustrator, but the same could not be said about her mangas. They were nothing more than famous garbage, all because they shared the same author as “Pure Romance” and “Himegoto”.

Su Li’s illustration books also got a bad rep. The name “Wang Li” would be found on those books, and they were dead giveaways.

Looking at how her peers both respected and envied her, Su Li’s fame had spread far and wide, her reputation preceding her to places which were unknown to even herself. This worked in her favor and the favor of those who sought to contract her.

Some people were destined to succeed from the beginning, and Su Li was one of them. Even if she had not met Zhao Youyue, Su Li would have ended up succeeding, regardless. It would have only been a matter of time.

Su Li believed that she shared mutual respect and appreciation with Zhao Youyue. Even if that was not the case, she had already made up her mind to follow Lady Zhao. Wherever the lady went, she would unhesitantly follow, thinking “Nothing could possibly go wrong.”

Those from the gaming community commented about Su Li on Zhi Hu —

“The “Tales of Wuxia” series was the work of a world-famous game creator, Zha Feng. It did not sell particularly well in the beginning, since not many have the stomach for hardcore grinding. The DLC was a roid shot for it. As a follower, I’ll have to say – Zha Feng has ridiculously sharp eyes. He had managed to get someone as talented as Su Li – regardless of the cost. She alone drew in a new crowd. The graphics alone showed the extent of her talent. If we were ever to hire someone else as part of the design team it’s best that they be compatible with her style.”

Su Li had once again gained more fame and fortune. Despite all that, she never forgot that Zhao Youyue was the one who suggested that she go for this job.

Once again, she had stirred up a revolution in an entire industry. It would be no surprise if Su Li received invitations from all around.

Previous 2D games such as the waifu collecting type suited Su Li far better. These game companies were her regulars in the past, but now, even 3D triple-A producers would request to have her involved in their productions.

“Tales of Wuxia 3: Swords of the Future’s” new DLC was a fine, new entry to her resume.

The sudden rise in related live streams showed just how well it was selling. Regardless of which route was taken, viewers thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The famous uploaders on BIliBili started getting off their laurels and got in on the wave of popularity. Their content ranged from straight, proper guides to comedy. Previous representatives naturally became the next generation Blackgoogle [1]. He had been a fan of such hardcore games for long, creating guides and went into great detail. He had also gained the title “Gu ShanGuang” for completing games to the bone without leaving a single ending undone. He would even think up simple solutions for weaker players to clear it.

Comedic streamers like Wang Laoju [2] deserved as much of a mention. Even in such a torturous game, he would suffer in delight, much to the delight of his viewers. He had a knack for running gags, such as claiming that he would not die, only to die the next moment. These all played huge roles in his comedy.

There was also PureBlack [3] who was interesting, to say the least. He did not create guides, but his playthroughs were interesting enough.

He claimed that this was his first time ever playing games. The controls were enough to trouble him initially, but he improved visibly as his streams went on.

In conclusion, “Tales of Wuxia 3: Swords of the Future” was a blast. Be it design or storyline, the nameless swordswoman garnered a great deal of talk. The underlying questions was: does she ever get a good end?

Many flocked to Ah Yu’s stream, as many others either progressed at snail’s pace, or have been misguided into taking Wu Shun’s path and were cursed to a bad end.

Ah Yu had not only remained unaffected and undiverted by Zha Feng’s convoluted routes, her character – Holy Monk Ah Guang even found himself on Su Shi’s side.

Did this mean a good end?

Translation Notes:

[1] Blackgoogleis a well-known streamer on BiliBili who was famous for his guides.

[2] Wang Laoju is Another well-known streamer on BiliBili known for his running gags.

[3] PureBlack – Full nickname being PureBlack GhostKill Black, another BiliBili streamer known for his guides.