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The Inevitable Ultimate Battle

People quickly agreed. Her bullet screen was clogged up in no time. If Nameless Swordswoman Su is the daughter of Su Hu, what’s up with her Anonymous city and her emnity against the Kingdom of Zhao?

“It is common for daughters to fight their fathers. Maybe her mother was killed by Su Hu? Do not forget about the in-game lore, Su Hu was often described as a violent person. He murdered his own son and feasted on his flesh, so where does that leave his wife”

Zhao Youyue affirmed that her saint monk would never serve such a vile being. The Zhao royal family could not be trusted either, and the same goes for the Chun Yang sect. Deity Yan Qingmeng happened to be one of them.

The audience objected to this accusation. They strongly believed that Yan Qingmeng was one of the good guys. She was the mascot of the DLC – how could she not be trusted?

Most of the audience had watched Wu Shun’s broadcast. As he struggled and toiled through his gameplay, he had revealed the heartbreaking truth to the people — Nameless Swordswoman was the antagonist all along. She used players to get close to the world outside. Together with her cultists in the Anonymous City, they killed a lot of people in the martial art world and dissected their bodies in various ways.

In Wu Shun’s storyline, Yan Qingmeng had exposed the evil deeds of lady Su, step-by-step. It took a lot for them to be convinced to see past the thick facade of this adorable Nameless Swordswoman. She was an evil strategist, a mastermind of some wicked conspiracy; she was the final boss to defeat!

How the heck did Ah Yu come up to that conclusion?

“Of course, it’s a wild guess, like I said. We must continue playing to get to the bottom of this matter. I am absolutely sure that Lady Su is not a bad person. If we do not fight against her, she would never harm a defenseless person,” Zhao Youyue explained carefully.

She had been informed that a certain broadcaster was currently stuck at Nameless Swordswoman Su. In response, she said that there was no need to fight the Nameless Swordswoman. It was Zha Feng’s evil intentions once again. Once you’re dead set on killing the lady, she would torture you until the end of time!

Perhaps you should just surrender and give up on fighting. Who knows, a cutscene may be triggered

That’s right, that route had probably ended in a dead end. Wait, why would there be a health bar if we are meant to die here? That made no sense!

Zha Feng pushed his black-framed spectacles up the bridge of his nose with a delicate finger, as the edges of his lips curled upwards. So many players were obsessed with conventional gaming logic. If the boss had a health bar, was it an indicator of it being killable?

Then, taste the sword of Nameless Swordswoman!

If you could even dislodge a thread off her clothing, you would be handsomely rewarded

Wu Shun shut off Ah Yu’s broadcast and returned to his game. He was more confused than ever. His guts told him that he had fallen into a trap, and gotten the daylights tortured out of him!

Who was who, now?

Wu Shun returned to his game and changed into the outfit he had once worn while dancing with the Nameless Swordswoman. This time, he chose to do nothing but watch in silence.

The next scene only perplexed him further, if that was actually possible!

The Nameless Swordswoman walked towards him, her sword remaining in its sheath. When she finally stood in front of him, she drew her sword and triggered the next computer-generated scene.

The tip of her sword rested against his throat, yet she did not kill him. It was not in her to kill a defenseless person. She believed that the player shared her ideals. This poor soul had only been misled by Deity Yan.

She lowered her sword and abruptly ran towards King Zhao’s lair. Suddenly, the “God of Swords” Li Xiye showed up. He silhouette stood at the top of the castle. In his hand was his sword, wrapped in long, green cloth. The moon was round and bright behind him, casting his shadow on the ground.

On the brightest of silver nights, the Sword from the West has finally reached the rooftop of the Forbidden City!

At that moment, the army and the martial art masters surrounded Lady Su. Some even carried decapitated heads of Anonymous citizens as a sign of mockery

Lady Su’s plot had failed. She had come so close to avenging her mother and killing the vile emperor. Devotees of Chun Yang sect had slowed her down, and Su Hu was also a master of martial arts. Last of all she never expected to see her true love player here as well!

Lady Su looked towards the corner of the castle. She could easily scale its walls with a few leaps. It was not exactly otherworldly, but she appeared more feline than human. Only players needed a ladder to climb up to the roof. Perhaps Li Xiye had used a ladder as well

Such were the inconveniences of a low-powered martial arts world. Parkour was considered a martial art.

Lady Su reached the rooftop of the forbidden city. Thus, the inevitable ultimate sword battle started!

Li Xiye’s appearance had quickly grabbed Wu Shun’s full attention. Which divine sword would reign over the other

His broadcasting time had long gone over its limit, but nobody had expected this “ultimate battle of forbidden city” to start.

The agility and strength of the Anonymous City’s master left everyone in shock. Nobody could tell who the superior swordsman was. His viewers started urging that Wu Shun start looking for a better angle on the rooftop to observe this amazing battle!

Unlike Ah Yu, Wu Shun did not neglect the requests on his bullet screen. He was just as eager as his viewers were, so he used a flying claw to help him scale the building. Of course, he made sure to keep a distance. These two superhumans were just too fast and strong. He might end up being collateral if he wandered too close to them!