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Despicable Human

On his way towards the depth of the castle, Wu Shun died a few times. He cursed Sha Feng for designing such a complicated mechanism. Most of the small fry opponents rushed into battle without the fear of death. Somehow he pitied these followers of the cult. To think that they had been brainwashed to this extent.

It was easier to face them one on one, even if they were glass cannons that could hurt him badly. Hiding behind a heavy shield, Wu Shun stormed his way through easily. The “Pebble of Justice” became handy in this situation. With the skill – “Fingertip Slingshot,” he separated the enemy guards and took them out, one by one. Then, he could peacefully handle those assassins who remained stalking in the shadows.

Wu Shun regretted every death that was caused by his clumsiness and carelessness. This game was designed to be played with extreme caution. Players should never risk taking a hit just to deliver that additional stab on the boss.

Such was where the complexity and fun of the game lay. Every completed fight, every completed quest was rewarded with great satisfaction. Skill was not entirely necessary. If one remained patient, the game would reward them.

Of course, many lost their temper while playing the game.

Finally, Wu Shun reached the mission rendezvous point. This triggered another beautiful CG cutscene. The nameless lady had always been of few words and all action. There were only a few of King Zhao’s bodyguards left, as were the followers of Chun Yang sect. Nobody could stand up to the master of the Anonymous City!

At that crucial moment, the righteous Deity Yan Qingmeng was the only person who could stop her.

The two masters clashed. The Master of Anonymous City fought gracefully as ever. She did not seem to be fighting for her life, she seemed to be dancing freely on a stage

Yan Qingmeng defended herself against the Tai Qi Sword dance. That was about all she could do. The Master of the Anonymous City was peerless.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to call Yan Qingmeng as a master of “Five Versus Five.” [1] In previous missions, Yan Qingmeng had always formed a party of five with some player or monsters, battling another team of five. She could take down anyone head-on, yet she never actually bulldozed through, slaughtering the group.

Hence, players often had to jump into the scene to save the deity in a five versus five battle. Yan Qingyu finally had a chance to break this stalemate.

“Yes this deity is beautiful, yes she is righteous and famous. However, her strength in battle seems to be overrated. Obviously, she was hoping for a five versus five battle. I have helped her so many times before. Sigh. Perhaps this is how a female protagonist should be!” Wu Shun murmured to himself while watching the cutscene.

“The master of the Anonymous City was truly strong. It was so easy for me when I had her as my partner in mission. I did not even have to worry about being ganked. All she needed to do was dance and the enemies would all be dead Unfortunately, she is evil, and she must be brought to justice!”

Wu Shun had developed a way with words. They may not be eloquent or awe-inspiring, but the audience agreed with his expressions.

Some audience loved how he described Yan Qingmeng as the “Chun Yang of Five Versus Five.” If only Yan Qingmeng admitted so herself. That would have been funny!

Yan Qingmeng did not remain in the scene for long. This Nameless Swordswoman was too tough to take on alone. They called her the “Saint of Swords.” Some even named her the “Sword of Heaven.” The name – “Anonymous Sword of Heaven” did sound much more fascinating.

“As I was playing the game, I often wondered how players fought Li Xiye. Fighting him seemed to be a nightmare! In this DLC, the final boss was rumored to be par with Li Xiye. I look forward to fighting her”

Even as Wu Shun voiced out his mind, the Nameless Swordswoman knocked Yan Qingmeng’s weapon clean out of her hand. She did not even need her grand skill -“Fairy from Wonderland”!

Such a vast gap of mastery! Of course, Yan Qingmeng might have deliberately given up as the player has arrived

She might have been able to hold out indefinitely as long as the player was not there

An option appeared right after the computer generated scene ended. It was a timed optiong, should the player help immediately, or should the player wait for a moment. After all, both Wen Qingyu and Anonymous swordsman were known characters to the player.

“Why would I wait for a moment? Deity Yan is my first love! Even though the nameless lady is cute, I have to choose the righteous path! I play according to my heart!” Wu Shun promptly chose to fight against the Anonymous swordsman!

He triggered another cutscene. The player character rushed into the scene and took on dire hit that had been meant for Wen Qingyu. Even though the Nameless Swordswoman moved more like a dancer than a warrior, every single one of her gestures had the power to kill. After all, she had not been programmed to talk as much as other bosses. She did not care to see who her opponent was!

Those who stand in my way are all evil!

Coming face to face with the player character gave the Nameless Swordswoman some pause. She was clad in grey as always, a hood over her head and bandages over her eyes. The lower half of her face was so delicate and flawless – her beauty was no lesser than Deity Yan’s How could anyone kill such a beautiful boss?

It could not be helped. Between her and Yang Qingyu, Wu Shun had resolutely chosen Deity Yan. The first love could never be compared with a wife!

Getting his wife had been a walk in the park. No matter how much she loved him, there was nothing left in his heart for her. What first love? He never had her in his arms. He would rather die for her. Men were despicable!

The Nameless Swordswoman remained still and silent, her face adorable and expressionless. She was clearly disturbed. Perhaps it was the pain in her heart that affected her, the pain of betrayal

Only the sword in her hand would never betray her!

Translation note:

[1] A nickname was given to a player named “White” in League of Legends. In a national-level finals he was able to suppress mid lane players and took on any opponent in that game, yet he lost due to his opponents always engaging him in teams of five. He made a statement to the press and earned his nickname – “Five Versus Five”