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The Law of Humane Justice

Zhao Youyue was just starting up Chu Luoxun’s character card. Someone like her who had a maxed out music ability would have no problem churning out world-class soundtracks.

Zha Feng was filthy rich. He would stop at no expense to make his game perfect. When convinced of Lady Zhao’s musical ability, he would be able to be at ease. He would be okay with anything, even if he found it unsatisfactory and unacceptable. Zhao Youyue was not the only one producing soundtracks; many others were in that department.

Every veteran triple-A player would know that those games ended with extensive closing credits that went on for more than ten minutes

A production of this magnitude needed numbers more than individual abilities. But one could not deny that geniuses could offer a lot more to the production! The game would get far livelier than it could possibly be! A lively game was an appealing game.

Now we had Su Li the artist, and Zhao Youyue the musical genius as the soundtrack artist. It could quickly be concluded that the players would easily have a feast on the game’s visual and sound effects. As long as the story matched those other traits, the game would easily become a masterpiece

Zhao Youyue, however, turned down the Yan Qingmeng role. Popular as she may be, she was no actual voice actor. The only reason why she pulled off Yu Shengfan’s voice perfectly was because she was Yu Shengfan, and nothing beats the original.

If Zhao Youyue was not allowed to voice-over the characters she possessed, she would have been in a difficult position. This was why she would only do the voice-dubbing for Jane Doe Su. She had already lived as Jane Doe Su in the literary world. Even if she fails to obtain the character card, she was still essentially, Jane Doe Su. It’s easy to voice yourself.

It was her, and she knew what to say, when to say it, how to say it. She could do it in her sleep!

Zhao Youyue was highly successful in the audtions, thus becoming the voice actress of Jane Doe Su. At the same time, she finally gained access to what Zha Feng considered to be a top secret file, which was related to the plot involving Jane Doe Su. She could finally relax now…

She soon discovered that her exploits in the Two Dimensional Gate had not been deleted. On the contrary, much more content had been added to her ideas. There were new flashbacks of her childhood and explained how she had often watched her mother perform her stage play with a sword, which explained her amazing sword skills.

When Zhao Youyue possessed Jane Doe Su, she let loose on the settings without any restraint. Zha Feng was more or less polishing things up and cleaning the mess left behind by Zhao Youyue. He often came up with rational explanations to justify her traits. If not, how could she be so strong for no reason whatsoever?

It was now established that any plot related to Jane Doe Su deeply moved Zha Feng. This character was worth his full scrutiny. He had even used this character’s emergence as his own burst of inspiration. However, he did not know anything about this character’s backstory. It bled far deeper down the rabbit hole than he could ever imagine

It could not be helped. Such bottlenecks came up when original creators came up with characters who exuded Gu Long’s style – in a world without Jin Yong and Gu Long.

Jane Doe Su could be considered the female version of Ye Gucheng. Of course, they had a set of extreme sword skills that was only exclusive to them “Fairy from the wonderland” [1]!

Jane Doe Su might not have a name, but she could have a nickname. She could be called the “Nameless Empyrean Blade. The heavens had granted her this sword. There was no need to give any reason for it, it was just that awesome.

The similarities between this Nameless Empyrean Blade and Ye Gucheng started from how they would both sought to commit regicide [2]. Their motives were entirely different. Ye Gucheng was just too bored and wanted to find something to fill his hands. However, Jane Doe Su wanted to take revenge on behalf of her mom.

They would stir up a storm and attract the attention of the masses, and ultimately achieve their true purpose. However, they could not help but be blown away by their opponent’s pure kendo style and chose to complement each other…

This could be considered the main plot in the new DLC [3]. However, the players would be exposed to this truth at the last moment.

In fact, besides the usual, bloody killing in the game, players would also have to investigate, gather information, and analyze them. It was a good part of the game, but things could easily go wrong if a halfwit player made his choices without much thought. The players would then see the consequences of his good-willed, albeit bad results after playing the game for some time. When they finally realize the truth, the true killer would have been let off the hook, only to go on with his tyrannical ways, while the other not-so evil guy would have been unjustly killed, his dreams unfulfilled.

That would be infuriating on another level. As it was, all players had to proceed with caution. It was safer to be certain of all variables and possibilities before making a move. If not, they would have to swallow the bitter pill and face the consequences…

The game had been deliberately designed in such manner. It wanted players to know that there was more to it than killing, and that it had ample backstory, history, culture to share.

As long as players took all of this into consideration, they should not run into much trouble. For example, why weren’t the humans extinct yet, considering the fact that they faced waves of assault from deadly beasts on a daily basis.

Technology gave humans in the real world great strength and power, but the animals are not yet all extinct

Players could actually become friends with the monsters in the game. Not all monsters were bad and evil…

The name for the new DLC for Tale of Wuxia 3 had finally been released. It was called “The Law of Humane Justice.” Once the players saw the name of the DLC, they knew in their hearts that it was obviously referring to the character which had been hyped through the ceiling Yan Qingmeng!

We know, we know. Looks like all of us could once again attack the Righteous Fairy?

Who said the Tale of Wuxia 3 was an adventure game. This was all nonsense. It was clearly a large-scaled love simulation game!

Of course, if you want to play a love simulation game, you must first have the capability. If not, you would be stuck at the level of a small boss for all eternity. How are you going to go on with the plot and impress the female characters?

The new DLC’s CG [4] trailer had of course, been released. Its star was once again Li Xiye the “Sword God,” yet again. He played a rather important role in the game. In editions without the DLC, he was a particularly fierce NPC. At the same time, many fearless players were slaughtered trying to kill him. They wanted to see what could result from crossing blades with him, but unfortunately, they never even got to find out if he bled!

The game was a cheat. How are they supposed to kill him if he could not be harmed? On the other hand, he only had to touch them. How does one even fight him!

Li Xiye seemed to be troubled in the CG, as if he had recently been privy to damning knowledge. That handsome face of his was somber and conflicted


Translation note:

[1] “Fairy from the wonderland” () is a skill from the TV series The Little Fairy. The Little Fairy is a 2006 Chinese television series based on the legend of the Fairy Couple during the Han Dynasty.

[2] “regicide” ()is the deliberate killing of a monarch, or the person responsible for the killing of a person of royalty.

[3] “DLC” means downloadable content

[4] “CG” means computer graphics