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The Accomplished Eminent Monk – “Reckless Kingkong.”

Zhao Youyue activated the “Yu Shengfan” character card as she fought against the thief boss and mobs. If not, even with her slightly enhanced gaming skills from longtime exposure of Yu Shengfan, she might have failed dramatically

“Tale of Wuxia 3 – Swords of the Future” was especially harsh on players when they had to fight multiple targets. This was especially true during the early stages, where players would not yet have any access to AoE skills. Players could only defeat their foes one at a time. Charging into the thick of things would only result in certain death.

Her fans grew agitated——

“Ah Yu’s stewing in her own juice. Everyone was screaming at her and going all caps, KILL THE THIEF! She just had to be plain ol’ merciful Lady Zhao. Look what happened now. Her small village is up in smoke. She may as well end the game here and start over!”

“She should have created a safe point just before she was given the choice to either kill or spare that scumbag. That’s how you leave an emergency backdoor for yourself”

“Hahahaha, Imma sit down and watch Ah Yu get ravaged by Zha Feng’s bad intentions!”

“This playthrough is definitely doomed. It’s totally unplayable during the early stages.”

As her viewers continued announcing Zhao Youyue’s imminent doom, she game like how only Yu Shengfan would, and forcefully turned the situation around, wiping the floor with the enemies who greatly outnumbered her. Unfortunately, the game did not provide an option for her to spare the thief again, for she certainly would have.

That’s right. Zhao Youyue had decided to play as a complete pacifist. Even if it only resulted in more innocent lives being slaughtered, it would not matter, she just wanted to spare lives

She had deliberately created such an eccentric character. This was the total opposite of Emiya Kiritsugu from the “Fate series.” Emiya Kiritsugu always chose the path that would save more lives, even if he had to take some along the way. Even if he had to kill his loved ones to save more souls, he would not hesitate to do so.

This monk had been affectionately named, “Ah Guang” by Zhao Youyue. Ah Guang would only kill when left without a choice. Otherwise, he would be merciful and spare everything that lived and breathed, even if it was a devil, let alone a hero.

Ah Guang did not keep his pacifistic ideals to himself. He would not even allow anyone to commit any murder before him. He would stop all forms of killing. He soon became the self-appointed “ambassador of peace” in this evil orientated game.

It was the most infuriating playthrough ever. Ah Guang was the rebel of rebels, the maverick of mavericks in this sandbox game. Almost any NPC in this game could be definitively killed, living up to the “killing everyone and looting the spoils” mindlessness. Guides related to this game had actually encouraged such a path——

Take a look at NPC “xxx,” for example. After completing his side quest, that would be it. There would be nothing else to be gained. But if you killed him, he might just drop the “xx” treasure. It was an extremely rare and useful item, therefore he would be worth killing. If the item does not drop, you could reload from a previous save point and kill the NPC until the treasure drops

Zhao Youyue did the total opposite. Suddenly, she became the so-called “Annoying Streamer,” constantly aggravating viewers with collection OCD.

At that moment, Zhao Youyue had used her gaming skills to pull off an extremely difficult counter-kill. The live broadcast room went up in a gale of volcanic tornadoes. The viewers incessantly spammed “666” on the bullet curtain. They had to admit it – she had skills!

The game’s graphics were groundbreaking. To a certain extent, that ridonkulous counter-kill just now was no different from watching a great action movie. The viewers were treated to a sight they never expected, even by Zhao Youyue’s streaming standards.

After Zhao Youyue finally finished defeating this thief boss, she unlocked an achievement called —– “Only the strong have the right to be Madonna.” It was an orange-colored achievement, representing relatively high rarity.

Obviously, this achievement could only be obtained if the player lets the thief go, and then survives the second encounter later. An orange-colored achievement referred to achievements that were obtained from desperate situations. The player either obtains the achievement, or they die while attempting to earn it. Many guides strongly discouraged players from such a masochistic route, as this achievement was rather useless and served little purpose. It was nothing like the purple rare achievements, which granted players exclusive skills and weapon rewards.

Other than orange and purple achievements, there were gold, silver, bronze. Those were the three types of ‘normal’ achievements. These achievements were far easier to obtain, as long as you complete the many side quests and explored the map thoroughly.

Obviously, orange achievements were limited to highly skilled players. They were mostly used for bragging rights, if any.

Zhao Youyue had created a baldy for herself. It was relatively easier to trigger many flags of the game as a monk. Monks were also a tanky, melee profession within the game. Controlling them was relatively easy, compared to the rest of the game, which is still a handful for most. This job relied on being recklessly aggressive. It was rather forgiving, and had a generous margin of error

Therefore, when such a simplistic, efficient character fell into the hands of Zhao Youyue, who was a a God-like player, it was a smooth sailing combination that ensured a smooth-sailing journey from thereon. Her gaming experience had been most pleasant!

Zhao Youyue even changed the live broadcast room’s name to “The accomplished eminent monk completing the first round of “Tale of Wuxia – Swords of the Future” with zero damage. Which part of this game was difficult? Which part of this lawless world was cruel?”

Very few players had even attempted to play like Zhao Youyue. As she picked up her momentum and gained even more fame for this exemplary gameplay, the game’s hardcore community soon gave her the exclusive nickname – “Reckless Kingkong.” Everyone felt that her “let’s play” was fresh, exciting, and invigorating.

When it came to this game, many still pursued the path of the swordsman. After all, there was that “Sword of the Future” within the game’s name. You just have to play as a swordsman, shouldn’t you?

However, “Zha Feng’s conspiracy” made its appearance again. No matter which swordsman class or specialty you took, they all required an extremely high level of skill to pull off. On top of that, they were fragile and had very little HP. They were basically paper planes in a dogfight

Zha Feng was indeed a staunch, anti-Wuxia denouncer. In the hearts of many, the very soul of Wuxia was to explore the lawless world with sword in hand. In the end, you made swordsmen the weakest, toughest job to play? Why must you play with our feelings like that?

As she gamed on, Zhao Youyue soon discovered a new system of the game. After she completed a side quest called “The Samsara Palace,” she learned of the “Invasion” system, which involved the player invading the worlds of others. Of course, this opened her own world up to other invaders. If she wanted to, she could even invade another world, and choose to help that world’s native inhabitant by fighting off other invaders.

This was the PVP, multi-player aspect of the game. But with this game being what it was, you would soon realize that the PVP in this game was much easier than the PVE

After completing “The Samsara Palace” quest, players were able to exchange all kinds of items such as skills, elixirs. This was monotonous, repetitive, and weighed your heart heavily, right? That’s right. This was the endless cycle! Zha Feng had skillfully masked the online mode behind the ‘endless cycle’ fluff!

Zhao Youyue was not the type to invade and grieve others. Some players or NPCs would invade her (Some NPCs were also members of the Samsara Palace to complete some quests, inadvertently clashing blades with your controlled character.) When that happened, she would most certainly use her skillful “Reckless Kingkong” to deliver the greatest beatdown of the century on them.

Zhao Youyue remained focused – mainly on moving through the main storyline quests while completing some sideline quests of certain important characters. She ignored the optional quests that provided skills and artifacts. She did not really have much use for them anyway, not when she was walking away from the corpses of bosses that she had bullied to death, completely unscathed, with nothing but a pair of palms, a set of “Arhat Boxing” skills, and the defensive Kungfu style – “Impenetrable Defense.”