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I Refuse To Be This Swordsman!

Despite Lady Ah Yu’s sporadic broadcasting programme, her fans went with the flow. Being able to catch her in time for a live broadcast would be a dream come true. How many times has she already missed her usual broadcasts?

However, Ah Yu’s fans were surprisingly understanding. They agreed that College Entrance Examinations were essential and should be prioritized.

Of course, some pessimists had something to say about it. They did not even see her needing to take exams. Ah Yu had been born in an established family, influential and wealthy. Even wealthy people respected Ah Yu in public, so why couldn’t she just buy her way into university?

These people were being ridiculous. College Entrance Examinations were undoubtedly the most important exam in everybody’s lives. Universities did not just grant knowledge and certificates. Student molded their characters in university, along with relationships and expanding their networks. A vast network ensured an even greater future.

Zhao Youyue did not immediately resume her broadcasting programme. She spent some time with her friends from school. Still the leader among the girls, she gave the others the impression of a successful female entrepreneur.

Her character played a big part in this matter. Despite being mischievous within, Lady Zhao was always the compassionate, kind and gentle girl. She was good at managing her relationships with others. Along with the knowledge that she was a tycoon, people were more than willing to postrate themselves before her throne.

Bai Yunshan’s fantastic makeover was a byproduct of Zhao Youyue influence. So, she blossomed into a drop-dead beauty, and people knew her as the best friend of Zhao Youyue. Who else would dare mock Bai Yunshan? Who would dare challenge Zhao Youyue?

Zhao Youyue had been born with the aura of a leader. She was bound to do great things in her future. The world would be all the lesser if she continued forcing the passerby halo on her head. She would only end up as a background character.

Other than the gatherings from time to time, the entire class would most likely gather after the results were announced. That would be closely followed by club gatherings, Teacher’s Appreciation Banquets, and so on. The Zhao Family held numerous grand parties in the name of Zhao Youyue. The gifts showered upon the Zhao Family on those days had been most remarkable

Zhao Youyue’s father, Zhao Jiayi maintained an extensive network of business. Most of his guests in all parties came from influential backgrounds.

Such events bored Zhao Youyue. She had to show her face on behalf of her family’s name. Her mother proudly introduced her to every person who showed up, primarily when there was a piano around. Zhao Youyue often entertained the guests with a song or two.

Some families brought their children along. Zhao Youyue became the envied example for their children to emulate

Zhao Youyue used her free time before these grand dinners to broadcast “Tale of Wuxia 3 – Swords of the Future”. It helped a lot in creating a character for her future use.

As mentioned in earlier chapters, each world had its own texture and characteristics.

The goal was to create a character that audience and the author would naturally accept as a part of the world. She had to fit in like a jigsaw puzzle piece in that world and seamlessly meld into the story. Only then could she affect the story, turning it into a significant product in reality!

Zhao Youyue started broadcasting right after getting out of bed. The audience was shocked by the notification that informed them of Ah Yu’s movements. Their comments flooded her bullet screen

“Amazing! The Douyu Number One Queen of Absence started a broadcast!”

“Am I dreaming? Lady Ah Yu started a broadcast so early in the morning, what’s with the sudden aggression?”

“Wakakaka, look at what I’ve found, Lady Ah Yu is still alive!”

“Congratulations on Lady’s achievement as a Number One Scholar, this has proven to us that the Lady was studying for real”

“It’s a lie! Everyone knows that Lady Yu is a born genius, she just wanted to slack off her broadcasting!”

“Settle down guys, let’s pay attention to the broadcast. I wonder what’s she up to, today. Winner winner chicken dinner?”

“Who cares, I just want to listen to Ah Yu’s music!”

“I do hope that she would show us her face. It’s been too long; I truly miss Ah Yu’s face”

Her fans had not left her after all. Zhao Youyue did not expect so many messages to pop up on the bullet screen. It was so early in the morning. Few souls would be up and running. Within minutes, ten thousand people had jumped aboard the video. She had not yet lost her touch as an influential broadcaster!

Some broadcasters had decided to flee to morning schedules to avoid competition. On this particular morning, they noticed their views being far less than usual. When they learned that the culprit was Lady Ah Yu once again, they could only accept that reality. How unfortunate!

Zhao Youyue replied to some of the bullet screen messages as usual. She ignored all those requests that were asking for her face. It was meant to save her fans from disappointment, as she still sported a short bob cut.

“From today onwards, I will be playing the triple-A game – “Tale of Wuxia 3 – Swords of the Future”. I heard that it was tough to play, especially on a computer. Well, I’m here to see just how hard it is.”

A lot of fans were excited by her voice coursing out of their speakers, especially when she had voiced some of their favorite characters. The bullet curtain started getting outnumbered by the flood of presents

There were some complaints as well

“What? That swordsman game, isn’t that self-torture?”

“I played one of its prequels. I couldn’t even get past the first mini-boss, and was forced to quit!”

“It’s a sophisticated, solidly written game. Pretty neat storyline too. But, why does it have to be so hard!”

“Hahahahaha, I’ll fetch some popcorn and watch Lady Ah Yu flounder about like a fish out of water. She may be good at LoL, but this is a complicated hack and slash game. It is not gonna be easy”

“People tried to persuade me into playing this game. They asked, hey boy, wanna become a great swordsman? I rushed in to play right after that which idiot would turn down the dream of becoming a swordsman? Then, I soon decided, no. No thanks. I refuse to be this swordsman!”

“I refuse to be this swordsman! +1”

“I refuse to be this swordsman!”

“I refuse to be this swordsman!”

Zhao Youyue saw the chain of comments saying – “I refuse to be this swordsman!” on the bullet screen. It only made her even more curious about the game. It only made her even more eager to show her audience how she conquered this hardcore game.