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The Legend

Most of the audience did not think that Zhao Youyue would excel in the final exam. They had all believed that the stress had been overwhelming for even Lady Zhao. Zhao Youyue has piledriven all doubts the ground, and proved that National College Entrance Examination was not even a challenge for her.

When they learned of how Zhao Youyue actually prepared for the exams, they were beyond astonished. She had managed to cut herself off the internet

People of this era could not live without the internet, just like how a fish could not live without water. Zhao Youyue did mention how anxious she will be without her phone around her!

She was so attached to her mobile phone, that even the apocalypse would not stop her from playing mobile games. How did she manage to ignore her phone for such an extended period

People were not aware of Lady Zhao’s ability to transform into a study freak. Upon transformation, nothing mattered more than the books. Her mobile phone would gather dust at a very safe place…

Zhao Youyue posted her results on her Weibo. Her fans were delighted and shocked in equal measure

“I am from Jiangnan, and I’m a year two university student. That is some solid stuff. If I’m not mistaken, it should be the best results, ever!”

“Unbelievable! With a storm threatening to knock you off the sides of the flat earth, you managed to stay on course, how strong is your heart, Ah Yu?”

“At first, I doubted Lady Ah Yu’s capabilities in studies. Nobody live streams and scores well in anything, period. With such result displayed in College Entrance Examination, I could only say, you are one hell of a Lady, Ah Yu!”

“Like, any university would accept those results, right? No, like all universities would fight for her application. I wonder if Ah Yu would apply for any universities in Peking”

“I sat for the same exam as Lady Yu in Jiangnan Province. I didn’t even think this was possible!”

“Salute! I have no words! I don’t think anyone has any words to describe my feelings either! I can only salute! So, salute!”

“What the heck, that’s only four hundred plus. Without seven hundred points, how is she even qualified for Peking University?”

“Wow, there are idiots who actually think that four hundred points are low. In Jiangnan province exam, the freaking maximum is four hundred and eighty points. At least do some research about the hellish marking system in Jiangnan before barking randomly. Now you look stupid, stupid. Too much stupid on the internet these days!”

“I wonder, where that Zi Mu is now. I would like to know how she looks like. She was one of those naysayers”

“Zi Mu? She has most likely gone mad. Su, the Great Deity did a great job. There are reports saying that she went to a psychiatrist for consultation. Her bullshit novel is dead in the water as well!”

“Zi Mu is no longer writing. It’s better to fear Su Li’s mysterious power. Things never went well for those who didn’t”

Netizens were right. Zi Mu had vanished into the void. Her new novel was being slammed by Han Leng’s huge group of fans, and her mental condition was not in a good state. Perhaps she had lived in the fear of death for too long.

She had been fundamentally changed, and no longer resembled a shadow of who she once was. When a recent candid shot of her made its way on the internet, everyone deeply feared “Su Li’s” name. She became the next “You-know-who,” the next “She-shall-not-be-named”

Su Li’s mysterious power was no joke. All she did was draw a portrait for Zi Mu!

Even so, some skeptics still roamed about. That number quickly plummeted after news of Zi Mu’s apparent insanity took the internet by storm.

She was inducted into the list of Su Li’s “victims.” Her case made it impossible for people to claim all those “victims” as coincidences. Su, the Great Deity had gained more devotees!

The power of a curse was often influenced by the number of people who believed in it.

Such was the law of supernatural phenomena. With such a great number of devotees, it would be a terrifying scene the next time Su; the Great Deity drew for someone.

Other than fans expressed their excitement. Zhao Youyue was congratulated by her family and friends, various media sought her out for interviews.

Su Li was one of them. She had even posted on Zhao Youyue’s Weibo, asking if Lady Zhao wanted an illustration done?

Zhao Youyue fans did not wait for her response. Rather, they responded on behalf of her, begging for mercy!

“Please stay your hand, oh Great Deity Su Li!”

“Why would you do that to Lady Yu, Su Li? Your illustration are not just drawings, they’re death sentences!”

“If I remember correctly, Great Deity Su did draw an ACG portrait for Lady Yu. It was considered an illustration, right? Is Lady Yu immune to her curse?”

“She is definitely not immune. Lady Ah Yu stopped broadcasting for a few days right after that, and the public dug out her identity. Whatever protection Lady Ah Yu had, it’s been burned up. What happens next?”

Su Li read all of the comments written by fans who had soiled their pants. She felt great, like Zeus felt on a battlefield, absolute and unchallenged.

Su Li was not the only person who sent over her congratulations. An army of authors basically strode over to congratulate her.

Only Han Leng acted like a child, pretending that he did not know Zhao Youyue at all. Trapped in his guilt, he dared not even face Lady Zhao. He did not want to face those hatred-filled eyes.

The media visited her for interviews, but they were not just there to ask about her exam results. They needed to know more about her family background!