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Indulged in Studying

Han Leng’s clarification on Weibo was not without effect. At least, his group of female fans who were especially crazy about him could heave a sigh of relief. For such fans, it would be best if their idols remained single. Otherwise, it was just too hearbreaking!

Female fans could completely use him as their own spiritual boyfriend for their fantasies. Even when they were doing “it” with their boyfriends, Han Leng’s name might slip out of their lips instead. Of course, that was a little extreme, even by their standards.

Did you not see what happened when a certain fresh, young and handsome celebrity announced that he had a girlfriend? How many hearts did he shatter then? Rumors were even going around on the internet, saying how some female fans were ready to jump off a building.

Male fans were not so reckless. Perhaps men were more sensible and more realistic. Of course, this did not include the male fans of certain girl groups, as they were capable of doing anything at all when they lost their minds. They would even forget their own countrys’ names.

Why would anyone like Han Leng at all? Well, firstly, he was very good-looking. Further, the cultural company that backed him was great at publicity. They had packaged him like a fresh, young and handsome celebrity. Due to this, he gained more brainwashed female fans. Fortunately, he was also extremely talented at writing, which provided his fans with more validation. They felt that Han Leng was a fresh, young and handsome, witty guy!

Indeed, as a real-life and living best-selling writer, no matter what Han Leng pretended to be, he definitely had to put himself above other idols or celebrities. His book was just about to be adapted into a movie. It would not be a surprise if he became its screenwriter. Or director. That would be even more impressive.

A certain someone in another world had once dared to claim himself to be the director of his book’s movie adaptation, and had even attacked the other male authors

Because Han Leng was a fresh, young and handsome man, his female fans felt that they had superior taste. Since such men have become an endangered species, some other factors had to be taken into account to decide who was better, right?

Han Leng was perfection incarnate! He was a man of culture!

Of course, this was just the opinion of the brainwashed female fans. Those who truly understood Han Leng knew that although he appeared to be cold, he was actually rather playful at heart. He truly loved literature and was someone who could really concentrate on writing. However, how he felt about Lady Zhao was too complicated…

Perhaps the love letters he wrote for Lady Zhao had feelings infused in them. The other time when he saw Natsume Soseki translate “I like you” into “the moonlight is beautiful,” he thought that he had understood it. It just demonstrated how reserved Asian men were.

Later on, during the first snowfall after winter, he really wanted to tell someone “it’s snowing.” Right at that moment, he suddenly understood the real feelings behind “the moonlight is beautiful.” It was completely unrelated to being reserved. Instead, it was the total opposite of being reserved. It was an outright confession of love.

Of course he could not say it out loud. He expressed all of it with words. The sense of satisfaction he felt from writing such things was not something that mere outsiders were worthy of knowing.

As a hipster, Han Leng always had thoughts and ideas that could not be understood by ordinary people. The word “complicated” could best describe his feelings for Lady Zhao.

This was actually a good thing for hipsters like him. The complex emotions he felt always kept the inspirations coming. Then he would write many things that people took as romantic words of love…

Of course, when he looked back at what he wrote, he would feel particularly embarrassed and awkward. However, as long as he changed his train of thought and told himself that he was just ghostwriting for other people, he would immediately feel convinced and comforted.

He would never admit that he had easily been able to write such cheesy things for Lady Zhao. The short stories he wrote for Lady Zhao were all representative of classic “Han Leng style,” complete with flamboyant language and polished grammar. All kinds of ideas casually came to him. Sometimes, people could read and enjoy the story up until the ending, only to cry in afterthought.

According to Lady Zhao, they tasted like delicate pastries in the beginning. In the end, they turned unpleasantly spicy!

But what did Han Leng’s letters taste like?

A sour yet sweet candy?

Zhao Youyue had never tried them, because Han Leng had not yet written any love letters for her ever since she obtained the “Wen Qingyu” character card. Moreover, she would not eat the stale, old love letters that she kept.

Han Leng did not write any love letters because he could not find any reason to write them. Now, whenever anyone asked him to write a love letter, the target of the letter would be Bai Yunshan, or something…

Would he possibly find the right mindset to start writing? No!

What was so great about that iceberg beauty? Wasn’t she also someone who had been randomly hand-picked, nurtured and brought up by Lady Zhao?

Only Lady Zhao could spark his interest in writing a love letter.

After Han Leng hurriedly clarified that he completely had no feelings for Lady Zhao whatsoever, and that he purely wrote all the love letters on behalf of others. He hoped that nobody would bother Lady Zhao because of this. She was currently in the midst of intense revision. She was not someone who slacked off on her studies; unlike him, who only decided to take the college entrance examinations so he that could draw more inspiration, having known how it felt like to be in that kind of atmosphere…

This was why a genius bad student like him was sometimes so irritating that people felt like beating him up. Did he think that he could do whatever he liked, just because he was some high school student author?

Well, as a high school student who had earned tens of millions in the form of royalties, indeed he could!

At the same time, Zhao Youyue had completely activated the “Xu Jing” possession mode, and was habitually “cramming.” Of course, the cramming was totally unnecessary. She was more than prepared.

However, while in the “Xu Jing” state, Zhao Youyue would never stop studying. She was so indulged in studying; no one could stop her!

Naturally, she had missed out on the good stuff. Some female fans on the internet still wished to see all the love letters Han Leng had ever written. However, no matter how many of them got exposed on the internet, the collection still remained incomplete.

At the same time, many commenters played around and created a lot of fake copies. Although famous people like Jack Ma[1], Bai Yansong[2], and Mo Yan[3] were not even aware that they had ever said such things, “famous quotes” by them infected the internet.

It could not be helped. In recent times, if a comment was not a “famous quote by a famous person,” it would not really pick off…

Many of Han Leng’s love letter quotations that were on the internet turned out to be fake. The only authentic ones were probably in Lady Zhao hands.

When Han Leng becomes a great writer, these well-kept love letters could possibly be auctioned at astronomical prices! Who knows?

On Weibo, Han Leng’s clarification had already somewhat ended up in a “the more one tries to hide things, the more one is exposed” situation. Later, he also appeared to be very concerned about Lady Zhao. Many netizens mocked him: Great Scholar Han, stop being so hypocritical. Is it really that hard to admit that you like a girl?

Han Leng almost wanted to fling his cross-dressing pictures out there and announce that the only person he liked was himself…

However, he did not do so. Suddenly, another author appeared to express his thoughts directly. He felt that there was no point for someone like Ah Yu to take the college entrance examinations at all. It was unneeded!

At the same time, he did not believe that Ah Yu would be able to do well, as she had gone through a tough storm right before the college entrance examinations!

Undoubtedly, this author was just trying to draw some attention by participating in ongoing drama!

Translation note :

[1] “Jack Ma” (real name: Ma Yun), known professionally as Jack Ma, is a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate.

[2] “Bai Yansong” is a Chinese news commentator, anchor, and journalist for China Central Television.

[3] “Mo Yan” – Guan Moye, better known by the pen name Mo Yan, is a Chinese novelist and short story writer. Donald Morrison of U.S. news magazine TIME referred to him as “one of the most famous, oft-banned and widely pirated of all Chinese writers,” and Jim Leach called him the Chinese answer to Franz Kafka or Joseph Heller.