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I Only Chose to be Real

How does one seek death? The answer would be more technical than what one might think. The so-called effect of the “predestined death flag” would both be jarring yet unsurprising.

Zhao Youyue had grown much acquainted with death. Look at “Xu Jing,” the first character she had ever possessed; she had walked into the ocean like an Atlantean citizen. Look at “Chu Luoxun;” she succumbed to a serious illness. Those did not answer the question above, however, as they weren’t the most technical deaths.

Yu Shengfan, the gaming genius had taken a different path. Zhao Youyue had not even planned to send her to her death. She had only intended to gain a high popularity character card. Unexpectedly, her exit had driven Rosemary into a corner

“An Youyou’s” death had a purpose. Zhao Youyue intended to clear up misconceptions and misunderstandings. The character had been written based on her own image. She had to prevent this character from staying on as an open pallet for a delusional writer to toy with.

The work was popular. The writer could writer her in any way he wanted and caused no effect whatsoever. These days, the internet was awash with celebrity gossip and trivia. Some novels included loose references to these celebrities as a shortcut to fame. Even so, nobody spoke of celebrities suing writers to the left and right for defamation.

Nothing would have happened if Zhao Youyue had not read this tasteless work. But she did read it, and had determined that the writer was a ruthless opportunist. He turned off most of his brain and set aside the minimal IQ required to write nonsense for the sake of profiteering off it. It was none of her business, but she had to do something to maintain her reputation.

Now, the readers’ opinion about this character named “An Youyou” was as such ——

“Master Pumpkin isn’t one to hold back! Don’t you ever think that we don’t know how An Youyou is based off? But I have to say; Ah Yu is truly a Goddess!”

“Although I’m glad to see you taking reference from someone noteworthy, it was a little too dark for my taste. The real person is a saint, compared to this.”

“An Youyou is a bag of clich and stereotypical nonsense. She’s also annoying as hell. But I must say; the writer is very clever. It makes you question what the *ahem* real person is like. I like the writer’s unbridled imagination!”

“Master Pumpkin Pie, you’re playing with fire. Even Ding Yuncong did not dare mess with this Lady. Luckily, those protective, carefree fans don’t read this novel. They don’t even know this novel exists. If they did, your novel would have been burned to the ground! ”

“I have seen some of Ah Yu’s live broadcasts. She comes across as a really nice person. Her wit and humor are top notch, and not of the club-going type. She’s just too good for nightclubs. The writer must have taken that one instance of Ah Yu sitting in Ding Yuncong’s sports car and associated her to the likes of Ding Yuncong. That guy basically lives in nightclubs. This is outright slander.”

“Those who have been so critical of this work of art use your brains. All Ladies from rich families are b*tches. They’ve got nothing better than to seek for exciting one night stands in nightclubs. I think that the writer did great. I want to see how the protagonist teaches this b*tch!”

“When I learned who this character was based on, I got very excited. But she has been nothing but dull and annoying. I hope that Master Pumpkin Pie shows us more of her charm in the upcoming chapters”

In general, Zhao Youyue wholeheartedly agreed with some of the more objective opinions. She chose to ignore the fools who had bought into the “all rich ladies are snobs” ideology.

Evidently, most of the internet took Ah Yu as a pure, saintly streamer. It certainly had something to do with how she had been doing things right, their claims of her sainthood were not unfounded.

Although Zhao Youyue was extremely playful, she was worthy of being considered clean and pure. This was also thanks to the otherworldly wonders of the “Two Dimensional Gate.” She would either be waging war within the “Two Dimensional Gate” or making preparations. The “Two Dimensional Gate” led her to various magical realms. Therefore, she had spent most of her time reading.

It was a minor frustration for her to bump into various titles that offered her no benefit whatsoever. It could not be helped, just about anyone could pick up a pen and write something. The “Two Dimensional Gate” had randomly flung Zhao Youyue into worlds that had never been heard of before.

Zhao Youyue basically stayed in her house at night. How would she possibly be found in any nightclub? She had such a strict schedule. She woke early, went to bed early.

With such beauty sleep, Lady Zhao would be at the peak of mental health, skincare, etc. She never contracted a single acne on her face before, even when puberty struck!

Zhao Youyue’s good friend, Bai Yunshan had now become a Goddess, but she was not without acne. She could never reach Zhao Youyue’s level of flawlessness.

Many female students around Zhao Youyue were most certainly envious of her. They had asked Zhao Youyue for all sorts of tips and advice. But Zhao Youyue had nothing to share, as it was totally her natural beauty

At that moment, Zhao Youyue had incarnated as “An Youyou,” and started moving within the literary world.

The world-building of this novel was basically non-existent. It was a “one and only golden finger” kind of work, where the male protagonist was the one and only person who had “mind reading technique,””fortune telling technique,” etc.

Zhao Youyue had intended to add the “mind reading technique” to her own character as well. But such an attribute would unquestionably be omitted by the writer. If the male protagonist lost his unique status as the one and only golden finger, many readers would surely stop reading this novel.

This was similar to the time-traveler type of story. If the male protagonist was not the only time-traveler, many readers would consider it very toxic. They would be left looking over the protagonist’s shoulder, fearing that a second time-traveler might come up and ruin matters, even if having “dual time-travelers” would actually be more dramatic, as there would be a rivalry.

You could prevent “dual time-travelers” novels from becoming failures by either having the two-time travelers unite, with the male protagonist as the leader and the other time traveler as the subordinate, or by simply giving the other time-traveler boobs, and having her fall in love with the male protagonist

If the two-time travelers fought against each other, the novel would most certainly fail!

As a storywriter who turned off most of his brain to swallow the contents of his own work, “I Love to Eat Pumpkin Pie” wrote to feed his family. He would never make such a rudimentary mistake of making “dual golden fingers.”

Zhao Youyue was equally aware of this. She would not make the same mistake.

In fact, Zhao Youyue knew how to deal the “mind reading technique” of the male protagonist. She was actually rather hypocritical in reality. She was very good at hiding herself. It would be revolting if such subterfuge were to be exposed.

Therefore, “An Youyou” would be anything but hypocritical. She only chose to be real, daring to love and hate. She was a straightforward girl, being completely transparent in her actions

This was the only way one could foreshadow her upcoming death. The writer would only be able to watch himself helplessly writing her to death!

This time, Zhao Youyue wanted to present an immaculate death, encompassing all three hundred and sixty degrees, with no blind spots!