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An Audacious Idea

“God Level Leader” had a harem-load of female characters. There was the beautiful mistress of the protagonist, and the others.

When the number of females reached a certain point, they became no more than a sculptures for display. You could only categorize each of them by their occupations.

Protagonist Zeng Dawai kept a wide collection of mistresses that ranged from teachers, air-hostesses, nurses, lawyers, students and so on. As they behaved similarly, it was easier to separate them by occupations.

Female novels were typically objectified and sidelined in political novels. If they ever had to be explained in-depth, their absolute loyalty towards the protagonist could take up entire passages and pages. If any of them slept with some random guy, it would be a near-fatal blow to the protagonist.

On the bright side, Zhao Youyue had the privilege of selecting from a wide range of female characters. Of course, An Youyou was her best option.

Despite being saved, An Youyou had yet to completely fall for the protagonist. It had been deliberate. The author “I Love to Eat Pumpkin Pie” wanted to keep the readers conjecturing about her fate.

After all, readers were clearly aware that “Ah Mao” An Youyou was a facsimile of Douyu’s most popular female broadcaster – “Ah Yu”. They wanted to know more, and wondered how this mischievous author would make use of her. It would be thrilling if An Youyou was put through more predicaments.

It had been a while since the female broadcaster “Ah Yu” had excused herself from her live broadcasts. She claimed to be busy with final exam preparation in high school, and never showed up in any further broadcasts. However, her impression as a long-haired silky goddess had been deeply implanted in their hearts.

Photos of Zhao Youyue were all over the internet. Where they got taken down from a website, more would pop up in another. All of them sported her long, flowing hair. She was the national school flower, she was the perfect, beautiful high school student in everyone’s hearts.

“God Level Leader” author “I Love to Eat Pumpkin Pie” was not a Zhao Youyue fan. He was not even bothered to do his research. Instead, he found that the idea of her character could be used as a female mistress for his protagonist, and instantly derived a suitable entrance for her replica.

Xu Liangming would never disrespect Zhao Youyue if he was a fan. At the very least, he would put more detail into his portrayal of her.

As it was, he had written An Youyou as a hypocrite who tattooed her entire body and heavily indulged herself in bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and partying in nightclubs. Due to his limited vocabulary, An Youyou was limited to her beauty, family background, and popularity. Remove these, and she would be another of his despicable characters.

That was why Zhao Youyue had not realized that An Youyou was supposed to be derived from her. As she read more comments and reviews, Zhao Youyue studied the character and found that even the name “An Youyou” was not exactly unalike

Zhao Youyue had no tattoos, neither did she smoke, drink or visit nightclubs. Having such lies attempting to tarnish her name had fueled the rage within her heart. Since she could not annihilate this deceptive world, she could still forcibly carve her exit by way of death. With no vessel left to anchor herself to the world, she would be free to leave.

Zhao Youyue wanted An Youyou dead. She could not bear the thought of this character being corrupted any further.

The question was, how would “An Youyou’s” death blend into the story?

The key point was to have the author agree with it. It could not be something as simple as choking on water or rice

She had to get inside the author’s head. An Youyou had a hidden side that had yet to be revealed to the readers. It was the self-contradictory nature of “I am bad, yet I am a good girl.” Zhao Youyue had to take in that hidden setting and the plot into consideration, and choose death as the final act of cleansing her name. She did not even dream of getting an iconic character card, but she might just make a high popularity character card out of this. It would be great, for this card would not take anything from her upon exit.

This was the last resort. She was limited by the conventional imagination of the author. “God Level Leader” made its name by crude lust and the riling up of male hormones. It did not contain any impressive characters that commited unforgettable acts.

Zhao Youyue finalized her plan, and rolled the first stone. Tonight, she would infiltrate “God Level Leader” and take control of the character”An Youyou.” It was time to apply extra modification to this character.

As her imitation, this character’s pool of talents did her justice. They needed no further enhancements. The author would only get suspicious. The only modification she made was — An Youyou was a hot-headed person who feared nothing, including death!

With such a setting, this character would seek death at every opportunity she had. She would jump at it unhesitatingly. Zhao Youyue did not want to miss any opportunities.

A world of novels was just like a dream. Yet, an averagely popular one such as this would be infused with the will and power of its readers.

If she did not implant the “No fear of death” trait, she might just get trapped in the novel. She did not want to prolong her stay in such a small fry of a novel.

Zhao Youyue placed the final touches and threw herself into An Youyou. She felt the adrenal rush in her veins that whispered at her to do something audacious. Even if she managed to scavenge a character card from An Youyou, she would not dare use it in reality. What if she became driven by the same urge in reality

Of course, it could be used as a sacrifice. She did not have to risk being sent into some troublesome world through the “Two Dimensional Gate.”

If a simple novel ever wanted to get popular, it had to at least make itself known countrywide. Otherwise, it would just be like a fast food meal, easily forgettable, to the point that one might have trouble remembering what he had on that day.