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A Malicious World of Selfish Bureaucrats

“War Heroes” and “Slaughter ’em All” were irredeemable novels that only had a handful of viewers. Zhao Youyue’s wrecking ball act had left behind absolutely no adverse effects. The same could not be said for “King of Superpowers.” It had thousands of followers, and its pirated version was just as widespread.

Zhao Youyue was not the only one to be blamed for the backlash. Other than her unintentional exit that caused its apocalyptical end, the author almost drowned in the inspiration and had proudly posted the update.

Nevertheless, Zhao Youyue enjoyed being in these lost causes. She was like a cheat program that completely broke the balance of the game.

By destroying the world on her exit, cooldown period of “Two Dimensional Gate” would be considerably shortened as well.

Zhao Youyue activated “Two Dimensional Gate” a week later. She performed a few of her self-made rituals in the hopes that she would be sent to a better world. There had to be at least one character worth nurturing.

Without such a character, she would die of boredom, soon enough. She would not even get the chance to flaunt her various talents!

Lady Luck had deserted Zhao Youyue the moment she ended up in a discordant world of politics. Its name was “God Level Leader.” Other than being able to read minds, the protagonist had mastered the skill of luck calculation just like a Jedi that could sense the force, using it to dominate his colleagues

As a member of the Zhao Family, it was awkward for Zhao Youyue to be in this world. It was hatefully, furiously written. It spoke about the admiration of small characters towards influential bureaucrats, portrayed the delusions of the author concerning politics.

Zhao Youyue did not fully comprehend this world of bureaucracy, but she had been born in a similar family. All she need was crumbs of details, and she could understand what was going on.

Zhao Youyue patiently finished reading “God Level Leader,” a novel which consisted of millions of words. It was a novel about fighting monsters and leveling up oneself while carrying the guise of a bureaucrat. While starting off as the head of a village, the protagonist had slowly climbed up the steps to being a city mayor. He struck down his competitors in most dramatic fashion, with each victory drawing more beautiful dames into his harem.

Political novels were undoubtedly one of the easiest modern stories to elaborate on. Even so, they could attract a great number of readers in a short time. In another reality, political novels claimed the top-selling lists. Several iconic authors used their novels to prove theories and throw low-key accusations at the government. Most of them quickly fell apart when the government eventually shut them down. It was such a pity.

Zhao Youyue was speechless. “God Level Leader” was a lousy novel that misled readers with its delusions of bureaucracy, but surprisingly, it was popular. Of course, most readers had their qualms about it. They doubted that the author even studied in any universities before, let alone speak to an actual bureaucrat. How dare he satirize the veracity of actual politics!

Although it was a horrible novel, it did have a reputation to upkeep. Zhao Youyue could not afford to act randomly. It was possible for her to infiltrate this novel world and bring this greedy satyr to justice. He was a sham who insulted the beauty of bureaucracy!

To readers who knew nothing about politics and elites, it was a joyride. It mirrored their own beliefs of bureaucracy. How nice it was to swank around, indulging themselves in lustful women. That was how bureaucrats lived!

One of the recent “God Level Leader’s” new entry had featured a newcomer character. Never before had Zhao Youyue been left fuming in such rage. The newcomer was a female broadcaster who came from a well-established family. Even the richest of folk had to show their respects to her in public. This female character was exceptional, in terms of both musical talent and academic achievements…

Zhao Youyue did not realize that the author had created this female character based on her. In this novel, she was a typically spoilt young female who was physically weak and bad-tempered. Some punks had caught her alone after a trip to the nightclub. The protagonist had stepped in, and she ended up as his new, spoilt, rich young girlfriend.

It was the comments of the readers in “Chapter Review” section that informed Zhao Youyue of how this was supposed to be related to her. This female broadcaster “Ah Mao” is just like “Ah Yu,” in more than one way. Readers were impressed by the guts and creativity of this author – “I Love to Eat Pumpkin Pie.”

This character was not a tribute. It was a slap in Zhao Youyue’s face. She never once attended any of those filthy nightclubs. And did he really think that some common punks could get past her bodyguards?

On what grounds did rich family daughters have to be unreasonable and unapproachable? She was nothing like this character. Someone had to teach this Author a lesson he would never forget!

Zhao Youyue now knew why such a terrible work had actually gotten popular. Although most of its contents involved convoluted and boring discussion, it had the flavor that fed the concupiscible appetite of male readers. They were not here for the logic, why strike up a fuss and raise more misconceptions?

The protagonist pleased his superiors with his mind-reading and statistician-based skills. He treated his colleagues poorly and remained lying on his bottom at work. This did not prevent him from rising up the ranks, as he was the favored employee of his superiors. He had all the luxuries of living as a politician, while having none of the drawbacks or required work. What wickedness!

To some readers, “God Level Leader” had been written based on real-life situations. It was a cynical, satirical piece of work made high-ranked politicians look like clowns on their own pathetic stage. They only thing they got right was to suppress those who threatened to usurp and topple them for the greater good.

Zhao Youyue was not amused, nor entertained. She only acknowledged this author’s skill at throwing the right bone at the right pack of strays. Those who were unaware of their own ignorance, and took the writer’s words as fact. After all, the more you know, the more you know how much you don’t know. Sometimes it was wise to go along the lines of an assumption such as, “The prejudicial rewards of an Emperor to his people.” Afterall, it was not the emperor who read the article, but the people who strongly believed in the emperor’s acts of favoritism!

This novel used politics as a cover. Its true purpose was to feed on the desires of men and the lustful acts in the underbelly of a city. It was disgusting, malicious, and the enemy of female readers such as Zhao Youyue. She had to think of a new method of leaving this world, and she could not simply send a wrecking ball through it. This was a significantly tougher nut to crack.

Zhao Youyue was not the type of girl who shyed away from tough challenges. She charged headlong into them!

It was time to consider using her final resort – The Mythical Beast: River Crab! [1]

How dare this Orphan Author sully the Zhao Family with his pen?

Translation Note:

[1] By the end of 2008, the famous animals known as “Mythical Beast”popped up on the internet. They were not real animals. The crab was one of them. The river Crab served as the homonym of “harmony” . As the Communist Party of China implements a “harmonious society” policy and often removed negative news or reports within the media, netizens use the word “river crab” to represent the act of blocking and covering up negative news. Also, crab movements in Chinese idioms were often described as an overbearing act . In some of China’s forums, the word “harmony”itself was a banned keyword. In order to circumvent this shield, netizens have used placeholders such as “river crab” or “harmonic” harmonics.