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Watching Horror Movies Back in the Real World

Some of you might be confused. How did Zhao Youyue copy a video from the “Two Dimensional” gate to her computer? This was actually one of the functions of the Godly card – “Altair.”

Altair had a maxed out mystery attribute. She loved to travel to all manners of worlds and places, observing the greatest scenes that played out, witnessing historic events of various worlds. Everything that she had observed and witnessed would actually be automatically recorded down to every detail, including the special effects

Zhao Youyue clicked the video file open. The first thing that appeared was actually a logo of the “Two Dimensional Gate.” Zhao Youyue burst out laughing. Was this a sign that she should start up a movie company?

It certainly had potential, as her “movies” and “TV series” required no costs whatsoever, and came with its complete set of special effects. Let’s not talk about the cast who were not exactly acting the scenes out!

In that case, these “movies,””TV series” were 100% realistic. The acting would be A-class. It would be impossible to find any flaws

More importantly would be the releasing process of those films. That definitely required powerful connection. Do not forget that Ding Yuncong, the son of Hongda Industry, the son of the richest person had basically claimed her as his sister. Hongda Cinema was a powerful force in the industry. In that case, Zhao Youyue’s movie company might just stand a chance!

Zhao Youyue had reason to believe that the release of these “movies” would contribute to “Altair’s card’s” willpower. The next time this Godly card triggers the “Two Dimensional Gate” again, it might just send her into an equally fruitful world.

We may coin such worlds as “Source worlds.” Countless writers had drawn information from this such “source worlds” as they wrote. It had given them the inspiration to produce all sorts of works. Anything that drew essence from such worlds had a chance of becoming an iconic title.

After the logo, no credits appeared. Even so, only their actual names would appear. For example, Zhao Youyue would play as Zhao Youyue, Zhao Song as Zhao Song, Liu Kang as the fatty Liu Kang. That would be odd.

Zhao Youyue eagerly continued watching the horror movie. First, she saw herself waking up, surrounded by rather ghastly gravestones in the mountains. Although it was summer, the sunlight was blinding, but the appropriate ‘color correction’ and ‘exposure’ had actually been applied. It knew precisely what mood to set. Even though it was daytime, there was a dusky tone of lighting to the scene.

Zhao Youyue groaned. How could she have known that the events from this supernatural world would be “filmed into a movie.” Therefore, she had not thought of pushing the plotline, or fleshing out a character. She had only passively observed it from a backseat.

Of course, this made the movie rather boring, especially in terms of plotline. But it also had parts that were second to none. The “special effects” would be one such trait. Rather than calling them “special effects,” they were actual ghosts. The extremely terrifying “Chu Renmei” would make a significant impact… Of course, the big boom came from the bloody, gory scenes

“Special effects” aside, the “actors” were terrific. This was especially true for the stubborn fatty, Liu Kang. His acting was beyond epic. His various expressions were enough to garner him a nomination for best supporting actor. No other actor could possibly pull this off.

It was no joke!

If you ever saw another actor replicating his performance, it only meant that he was dying for real. If not, he was only acting out his personal image of death.

Horror movies were not just about how terrifying the ghost was, but also how convincingly the ‘playthings’ of the ghost played their parts. The bar was a very steep one. No ghosts existed within Zhao Youyue’s reality. All the supernatural genre works that existed were fictional. The actors have never encountered any ghosts personally. How could you expect them to act out their fears of imaginative fairies?

Without that genuine fear, the movie would lose much of its charm. It could not be helped, unless an actor actually experiences such a scene in his dream

Then again, very few had complete recollections about their dreams. Those who did were not actually dreaming. They were receiving information from their “copies” from other worlds. Such information was highly unreliable. They might simply disconnect at any given time. Their next “dream” would feature an entirely different world.

This did not apply to Zhao Youyue. She had the “Two Dimensional Gate” at her disposal. It gave her the ability to maintain rock-solid connections.

Therefore, with the “special effects” and “acting,” any film born of such would be worth watching, even if it had a lackluster plotline. Zhao Youyue had thoroughly enjoyed watching this two-dimensional video. The “film” still lacked background music. That would not be a problem for Chu Luoxun. That musical genius would be able to come up with the perfect score for the mindblowing special effects, epic acting, and bad plot!

Music was a very powerful tool. It could turn a scary movie into a heart attack inducing one. Horror movie veterans would be all too aware of this. The music of a horror movie was practically the essence of the entire production. The same applied to live action movies. Without such effects, everything would be dull and dreary

Zhao Youyue had acted most oddly in the world. She was just as odd now. She had not felt the slightest tinge of fear as she observed the fierce ghost massacring people at a close distance within the supernatural world. Now that she was safe and sound in the real world, her own video terrified the daylight out of her!

Within the supernatural source world, she had acted just like the black cat that she was during the entire process, silently observing the extremely beautiful Chu Renmei commit her murders. Zhao Youyue had remained unperturbed throughout the entire event. But the Chu Renmei within the video was downright terrifying. Her bloodied face was enough to terrify people to death!

This film had also contained the first person perspective of the fatty Liu Kang —— the first victim. What did he actually experience?

It was tragic!