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The Truth

Only one life had been lost thus far, and that was Liu Kang. Undoubtedly, the others had been played as fools

Chu Renmei was not in any hurry to kill them all. She even intended to let them go. This was not due to her kindness, and she was most definitely not soft-hearted. She had better plans for them.

Perhaps Chu Renmei felt that they had more fear to offer. Therefore, she chose to let them return to the city, albeit with contaminated bodies.

Such situations often played out in horror movies. A group of people went to explore a particular place. That place was something like “The Cursed Land.” Basically, anyone who there would be bugged with ‘tracking devices.’

This group was no exception. Their bodies had all been cursed. Let’s not even try to forget that they had eaten Liu Kang’s flesh. What chance did they have, now?

One thing was for sure. This murderous fierce ghost was rearing pigs. She was preparing for a killing spree. She even told the black cat this, “I’m tired of staying in this village. I’d like to have some fun in the city. I’m done for today. You can pass on my thoughts to that clever, wicked novelist.”

Zhao Youyue heard the lady ghost’s telepathic voice. Then, she recalled the conversation between Zhao Song and Li Lina. She suddenly realized something. Zhao Song must have carried out many psy trades with various ghosts through this black cat!

This was not some random guess. For those who did not understand anything about ghosts, they might strongly believ that ghosts were irrational and impossible to communicate with, and that they would only kill people indiscriminately.

However, within such a supernatural genre world, ghosts might simply be another form of organism. They treated humans as a source of food, or rather, fed on their fear. They did not really live to kill. Killing was just part of it

However, under normal circumstances, ghosts could not kill people with their own two hands. After all, they had no physical bodies of their own. For an absolutely fearless human like Zhao Youyue, complete with her “insulated” body, she would never encounter any ghosts at all. Her body was so special that she could not even seek death if she wanted to.

Obviously, this was only exclusive to her. Others might have been born with psychic powers, or Yin Yang eyes. These folk would encounter ghosts the most. Zhao Youyue suspected that Zhao Song was one of them. He had superb acting skills. Instead of calling him a coward, he was more like the butcher who brought meat to the ghost’s table!

You could also force an encounter through other means. Playing a “spiritual” game was probably the most common method. Why would these donkeys be playing spiritualism games? More importantly, why were they so proficient at doing it?

If you thought about it, it would not be a stretch to say that Zhao Song had “inadvertently” disclosed the information. Not only would he be good at these games, but he was also good at rituals like “Bunshinsaba”[1], “Plate Deity”[2].

It was not easy for ghosts to kill humans. Also, humans did not simply visit ghost-infested areas!

Feng Men Village was extremely obscure as thing were. People did not simply visit the place.

These ghosts desperately needed to be promoted. The higher the popularity, the stronger a ghost!

It was logical, even by human standards. The more popular a ghost was, the more people would grow curious about it, and the more they would want to investigate the matter. As a result, they had to seek for death. Everything would be ready, the moment they established contact with the ghost!

In that case, everyone might be able to understand the role played by Zhao Song, the supernatural genre novelist. His very existence only led many others to their deaths. The world was filled with stubborn folk. They did not believe in ghosts, and insisted on courting death. They would do anything to discredit Zhao Song’s work!

From a certain angle, Zhao Song was actually the ghostwriter for these ghosts. His upcoming novel – “A Wicked Zombie” would definitely be able propel “Feng Men Village’s” fame. It might even get a movie adaptation!

At the beginning, Chu Renmei had not yet made a PY trade with Zhao Song. Therefore, she might have wanted to kill him, as it was part of her nature. However, the clever Zhao Song had proposed a trade in private. At the same time, those prayer beads, the cross, they had all given the ghost enough pause for him to negotiate a deal. Eventually, both parties settled on win-win terms!

Zhao Song was able to obtain a lot of real-life samples, along with precious video recordings of ghosts killing people. With such viral ad material, he could create a truly supernatural genre novel, earning profit and fame!

His loyals, unsuspecting readers would never learn that these characters who had died tragically were very real, and had experienced very real deaths. Some of his readers might just be among them

He would always maintain that his stories were a retelling of true events, and how the spiritual rituals featured were legit. Fierce ghosts actually existed!

The readers would laugh, expressing their disbelief.

Zhao Song would laugh with them. It’s fine if you don’t believe. Why not have a try?

Challenge accepted!

Zhao Song would most certainly turn into a coward when the time came. He would quickly voice his doubts to the readers. They might die!

Such cowardice only served as the perfect application of reverse psychology. They might just try it out in private, as Zhao Song’s novels were basically spiritualism manuals. Then, the fierce ghosts would accept these sacrifices with gratitude

Zhao Song’s life took a turn for the better, as generous ghosts existed too. Since he was such a great help to them, they would certainly return his favors in all sorts of manner.

But Zhao Song was truly experienced. He knew all too well that humans and ghosts were different. He could not get too involved with them. What if the humans that he had driven to their deaths returned as ghosts?

Therefore, he would never establish any contact with fierce ghosts, on the surface, at least. He even stated that he wrote about supernatural genre novels to give readers some early warning, and potentially save their lives. Of course, this would only have the reverse effect. They considered Zhao Song as the biggest coward of all, afraid of something that did not exist.

Still, it was this coward who had always been able to fully escape from “haunted zones” like “Feng Men Village.”

In addition to Zhao Song, Li Lina the reporter was another twisted individual. Her mission had been to debunk various supernatural events. She had often provided “reasonable evidence” which had “inadvertently” convinced many people that they made the right call to not believe in ghosts. These reporters brainwashed and indoctrinated the world. Their victims would be wholly convinced that the world harbored no ghosts whatsoever. Science was the way to go!

Science for life!

Zhao Song and Li Lina were most definitely from the same cut!

Zhao Youyue found the world to be more interesting than ever.

After she was finished with the visually astounding “spitroast” scene, Zhao Youyue left the realistic spirituality genre world, for now.

She was surprised to see that everything she had observed in this world had turned into a video recording that had been saved by the “Two Dimensional Gate”. She could even transfer this video to her computer!

She had basically shot horror movies at absolutely zero cost, with remarkable “special effects” to boot!

Or rather, instead of special effects, they were actual humans and actual ghosts!

Would it be available for sale?

Speaking of which, she could turn a chance visit in a fantasy world into an epic movie.

Translation Note:

[1] Bunshinsaba – It is a type of spiritualism game, that involves communicating through the pen with an energy body, like a “Pen Deity.”.

[2] Plate Deity – When people conducted divination with a plate, they found that the plate would move itself, answer questions, while unpredictably changing. People never found out why, it was as if there’s a deity on the plate, thus they called it the Plate Deity.