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Chapter 415: Iconic Spiritual World

Zhao Youyue blamed herself for being clumsy and careless. She should have known better. The energy from the combination of “Two Dimensional Gate” and “Altair” was nothing less than an unstable nuclear bomb!

However, she quickly felt relieved when she discovered she could come back to reality anytime she wanted. The safety issues that initially bothered her were solved.

The condition of the current body was the top priority. Any damage to it would mean the end of her dimensional travel in this world.

The world of the novella would be the virtual world designed by its author. A cameo character would not be killed so easily, unless the author had set its fate to end in death. This character’s death would force Zhao Youyue to take her bow, never again to show up on this stage…

It was a common saying, that every fate in a virtual world of the novella has been fabricated and set in stone. However, Zhao Youyue had been gifted with the ability to enter the world of an iconic novel. She could provide various bouts of inspirations to the authors who were still writing their stories. This passerby character’s fate had so much potential in store, for Zhao Youyue to explore.

Therefore, just about anything could happen to this character. She had to keep herself away from danger. This was the only way for her to secure her return via the “Two Dimensional Gate.”

It would be more apt to describe the vessel that she currently possessed as an anchor to this world. Perhaps this was the function of “Altair.” By a concentrated focus of her energy, she had created an avatar for her soul to be transmitted into a delegated body through the “Two Dimensional Gate.”

The question was, what type of iconic novel world has she traveled to?

Or should it be said, in reality, which author of which iconic novel was bound to be imbued with her inspiration?

What did this world hold? What were the benefits for her to reap?

These were the questions that had to be solved first. When the nature of the world has been figured out, she could easily gain the advantage of determining the script from her real world. She could not even zone in on a single point of investigation, while being lost in the wilderness of the world. Perhaps, she should find someone to talk to first?

Of course, a “script” might not even exist. Everything might just be happening at random, just like it was in the real world.

The seeds of inspirations stemmed from this world. However, the development of this story was still up to the author. This world provided only the faintest of hints…

“If I can not gain anything from this world, my trip here would have no meaning at all. In a common novel world, all I need is the fabrication of a character, the boosting of her popularity, while even becoming an icon in the hearts of readers, to be forever remembered; then I can possess her character card, gain her ability. But in this world, I am a copy of myself; and I could use the abilities I obtained freely. There is no need for me to program myself…” Zhao Youyue analyzed her situation.

She felt she had traveled into a gaming world without any designated missions nor objectives to complete. It provided absolute freedom for her to act as she wished. She now possessed superhuman levels of learning capacity, game, music, writing and the ability morph into a cat.

She was faced with only one question. What was the purpose of staying alive?

It was an existential question. Everyone would have asked themselves a variant of such a question at least once in their lifetimes. Why would I want to stay alive? What am I living for? Moments later, we determine that staying alive is a difficult task, so why are we even asking…

Zhao Youyue realized that she was in dire straits, standing on a graveyard, in the wilderness. Fortunately, she did not need to mind about food. She could not possibly starve to death in a novella world, could she?

That had to be impossible. She did not have to concern herself with health and hygiene issues of those iconic female characters that she had fabricated. It might be counter-intuitive in reality, yet in a novella world, it was reasonable. Which author would be lame enough to write about some goddess heading to the toilet? Would it not destroy the image of a goddess?

It was completely unnecessary for a goddess to use a washroom in a novel world. If she did that, her leftovers had to be pinkish and fragrant. Would she qualify as a goddess, if so?

Nevertheless, Zhao Youyue was not in any common virtual novel world. Its level of realism was very close to the real world, a world where almost everything was close to completion. Perhaps her influence over things was limited too.

Zhao Youyue’s first concern was how to survive in this world. Then, she could unravel the mystery of this world. Any unique ability that this world had to offer would be a skill for her to learn and master!

In this way, she could attempt to experiment with what she learned in this world, wihle creating wonders in reality!

Zhao Youyue examined her surroundings, and noticed that something that could be a village situated at the foot of the hill. The moment she decided to walk down the hill, she heard funeral music from afar. A group of people dressed in black and white marched up the hill.

She could not explain the sudden chill that took hold of the environment. The only assumption she could cook up – was that she was in a spiritual world!

She spotted a black cat sitting on a branch. Without hesitation, she took control of the cat!

It was a black cat. And the black cat offered her insight to an unseen world.

All black cats had a special connection with spirits. Through its eyes, she saw countless spirits wandering around the graveyard, among the tombstones. In fact, this whole hill seemed to be a carnival for the dead!

Fortunately, these spirits were not evil. They would not provoke living beings, as long as living beings remained unaware of their presence. To those who seemed to sense them, those spirits who cling on like glue!

Zhao Youyue was now eighty-percent sure – this was another iconic, spiritual novel world!

She believed that the inspirations of iconic horror films such as “Ju-On” and “The Ring” had originated from this world!