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Chapter 414: Intense vividity!

Of course, Su Li’s new manga would be fairly popular. However, if she wanted it to reach the heights of “Pure Romance” and “The Strongest King,” she could only dream of it. Regardless of how well Su Li’s own character was selling, the quality of her manga was still an important factor. Her “Himegoto” was just a brainless piece of work made up of erotic and funny scenes. There was nothing special about the plot.

However, if such a manga could do so much as to make the readers laugh, that would be more than enough. Zhao Youyue found this manga to be much better than the previous “Pure Romance.” Generally speaking, Su Li was only just improving, and had room for more.

Since Zhao Youyue found it tolerable, she decided to show Su Li some support, as she always did. She directly rewarded her and became a Silver Sect Master. Their friendship drove half of it. Frankly speaking, the quality of this manga was still not up to Zhao Youyue’s standard, not at her Silver Sect Master standards, at least. As long as Zhao Youyue found it “readable,” it was already a marked improvement. Previously, Zhao Youyue could not even bring herself to read Su Li’s “Pure Romance” at all.

As for Su Li’s fans, they found this manga to be very interesting. As the story was about a cross-dresser main protagonist enrolling into an all-girls school, the setting of various yuri relationships between the “female” protagonist and some other girls was quite interesting…

The first semester of her third year of high school had ended, which meant that Zhao Youyue now had her winter holidays. It was a short holiday – just a little over ten days. It could not be helped. The high school that she attended was way too strict. This was especially so for the third-years, as they were not even given the opportunity to participate in events like sports competitions and the New Year’s Eve Party.

All the students who were expecting Zhao Youyue to showcase her amazingly star-level violin skills again were left very disappointed.

Since the winter holidays were so short, other than the few days she spent celebrating the New Years at her hometown, Zhao Youyue had, of course, spent what little time she had leisurely in the Jiangnan Provincial City. At the same time, she had also been studying “Altair’s” card, which was still in a fragmented state.

Although she never wrote any doujinshis involving “Altair”, she was always making videos and music related to her. Other doujinshi authors were also not idling. They continued to create doujinshis about her.

Of course, Su Li was one of them. She drew many illustrations of “Altair.” This was all done when she had some free time. She was very conscious and observant, there was no need for Zhao Youyue to request for her to do so.

Due to Su Li’s diligence in drawing illustrations of “Altair,” all netizens who loved messing with her could not help but start to ridicule her. You have already killed the actual creator of “Altair.” Now, you are still drawing and drawing and drawing away. Why are you doing this? It feels like you are trying to prevent that creator from reincarnating…

However, Su Li’s current state of mind was in the pink, and completely free from the influence of these people. To her, Lady Zhao absolutely loved doujinshis related to “Altair.” She had decided to fully devote herself to whatever Zhao Youyue liked. Thus, whenever she had nothing better to do, she would casually draw some of her for fun.

Therefore, under such circumstances of “Altair” constantly being provided with energy from the general public, Zhao Youyue discovered that a (1/1) mark had actually appeared on the fragmented “Altair” card in the “Two Dimensional Gate.” Right at that moment, she knew that continually accumulating doujinshis for “Altair” was the right decision!

However, the information she obtained was still insufficient. She did not know what this (1/1) meant. This was probably due to the fact that the most overlying attribute of the “Altair” card was its “mystery.” Hence, she was unsure of what would happen, if she used this character card…

Zhao Youyue could not suppress her curiosity any longer. On one night, she chose to use the “Altair” card, albeit its still fragmented state. In her spiritual world, something amazing had happened. “Altair” used the “Movement of Cosmos” on the “Two Dimensional Gate”, and the “Two Dimensional Gate” which was still in a state of cooling down had actually activated once again!

Zhao Youyue understood it at once. Could this “Altair” card actually shorten the cooldown time of the “Two Dimensional Gate”?

Then, Zhao Youyue saw that the “Altair” card turned gray again. The (1/1) symbol had turned into (0/1). She more or less understood what it meant now. Had all the accumulated energy been depleted?

Zhao Youyue took one more look at the reactivated “Two Dimensional Gate.” This time, she noticed that the “Two Dimensional Gate” was giving off a different feeling. Previously, the “Two Dimensional Gate” gave her an intangible form of tranquility as she wreaked havoc at will. It was as if she was inconsequentially dreaming. She would be the master of her own dreams. She could set the characters in any way she liked. This time, however, she could vividly feel an unknown risk…

Inexorably, Zhao Youyue once again received some information from the “Two Dimensional Gate.” If she did not enter it now, then this one-time opportunity provided by the “Altair” card would go to waste.

Zhao Youyue could not resist such a temptation. Perhaps, for her, only the various worlds within the “Two Dimensional Gate” could make her experience different forms of wonders. Wonders that were different from those in the real world.

She resolutely entered the “Two Dimensional Gate,” even though she did not know what awaited her!

As expected, things were radically different!

Prior to this, she would immediately obtain some information about the work. At the same time, she could also directly select a female character to possess. It was exactly the same as dreaming. She could decide to possess any character except the heroine.

This time, however, it was like she awakened directly. She actually ended up somewhere in the thickly forested mountains. There were various tombstones on the mountains. Fortunately, it was still daytime…

This world was solid, vivid and carried weight. It felt just like the real thing, unlike how Zhao Youyue could usually differentiate between a world of fiction from the real thing.

Previously, whenever she traversed the world of works, she could distinctively feel the difference between the world of works and the real world that she was in. Now, however, she found that this world was not all that different from the real world…

This world seemed to be experiencing one of its summers. She could feel the glaring beams of the sun and hear the cicadas cheerfully buzzing away.

Even for summer, this was hot. However, Zhao Youyue did not know why she felt kind of chilly. Was it because she was now in a cemetery area?

Zhao Youyue checked her body. There was no doubt that this was not her real body. She was too skinny, and she felt a little malnourished.

Then, she was shocked by the fact that all the abilities from character cards she had previously acquired had been fully integrated into this world. This meant that she could easily use these abilities without any activating any character card —- —- learning, gaming, music, writing, and swapping bodies with a cat.

Of course, this body of hers was not actually able to activate a character card. This body did not possess the “Two Dimensional Gate.”

Zhao Youyue suddenly understood everything. This world that she had entered was probably the world of an iconic work. Or, it could be said that the creators who have created iconic works had inexorably gained inspiration from the contents of this world. If not for this, they would have been uanble create iconic works…

Zhao Youyue had a bad feeling about this. It would be nice if this was a slice-of-life type of world without any apparent danger, but if it was not…