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My Lady has Arrived

Sun Xian was an unenterprising uncle. When he received Lady Zhao’s invitation, his first reaction was —— Were all the female high school students these days so open?

It quickly died off, when Sun Xian felt that he overthinking it. He knew himself well enough. He was not particularly good-looking. He had no strengths to speak of. He could never sweet-talk over the internet, let alone reality.

Even so, he was highly curious about this Lady Zhao. He had slowly learned more about this spectacular lady. She was widely-known on Qidian for her copious rewards. It was certainly his honor to be recognized by such a Godly tycoon. Now that this mysterious form of “inspiration” had found its way into his life, he no longer had to worry about update frequency …

For the first time in his life, he was writing ahead of schedule, piling up on scripts and drafts before meeting Zhao Youyue, so that he would be able to create a safe buffer. He would probably not let Lady Zhao down if he maintained his steady flow of updates.

He considered this female fan meeting to be strictly business, but it still called for some preparations. He had not purchased any new clothes since forever. Clothing was another bare necessity. He only required their warmth…

Despite that, he got himself a new set of clothes for this meeting. He hoped that it made him look younger.

He even took some time off for a haircut, as his hair was an unkempt, long mess. Most importantly, he had shaved his stubble off. It turned him a lot more energetic than ever.

Although Sun Xian remained as unremarkable as ever, this change had been for the better, if slight.

He had even searched the internet for information on “what to do when meeting an online friend for the first time.” At best, he found tips on how to bait an online friend onto bed, and how to explore a girl’s mind while seeking for the opportune moment to lay hands on her body. The search results were most embarrassing…

Was this how internet relationships worked nowadays? He could not remember the olden days being anything like this!

Sun Xian sighed. He was most certainly not going to follow the advice. He decided to go with the honest and sincere route.

Sun Xian was a mahjong-loving outcast, but he was not a perverted, nefarious man. Women would not stop him cold in his tracks. He has had been through a few girls, and he knew how to interact with the opposite sex. It so happened that he had grown accustomed to being single for a long time, and found it most comfortable.

However, Sun Xian’s concern over his appearance indicated his respect for Zhao Youyue. In the end, he had a decent level of courtesy.

Lady Zhao always possessed that mysterious power. Those who got in touch with her to unconsciously wanted to improve themselves. If they did not do so, one would be caught up in an inexplicable, eerie sense of shame when being in her presence.

In contrast to the work Sun Xian was putting into his appearance, Zhao Youyue had appeared to be relatively casual. Even so, Zhao Youyue’s ‘casual’ was akin to what others considered as a full suit of armor.

As long as it was not her school uniform, her clothes would all be branded and pricey. If one quantified luxury with words, her fashion would take up to 500 words. And that would be the writing of an efficient writer who never added meaningless fluff. All 500 words would fulfill a non-redundant purpose.

Zhao Youyue donned this Lady’s raiment like it was her second skin. This second skin would never be shed, unless she activates a certain character card. In that case, her fashion on that particular day might be affected by the fashion sense of that character.

Her wardrobe and shoe cabinet was constantly stocked and updated with all sorts of dazzling choices. It took her no effort to pair up some items at apparent randomness and look amazing in the end…

Such “casualness” was unfathomable to others. It was the equivalent of what that would take others hours of meticulous preparation. Of course, a casually dress Zhao Youyue gave others the impression that she had carefully dressed up for the occasion. It made them feel appreciated, to know that she had taken this meetup as seriously as they did.

Sun Xian waited for Lady Zhao at a famous shopping district in Jiangnan Provincial City. When he saw a luxury car pulling up, only to have its chauffeur open the door for Zhao Youyue to alight, he felt what Su Li once did——

This had to be one of those scenes within novels and mangas. So many writers had written it that it had become a cliché and commonplace, but none of them had ever experienced it themselves. Nobody would expect such scenes to actually take place in reality.

Did art actually originate from life? Or was Zhao Youyue just being a sophohigh, roleplaying as a Lady from some novel or manga?

In all actuality, this was true only in part. Zhao Youyue did not start off like that. Ever since opening herself up to more and more souls, some of their vanity had rubbed off her. The settings of her own character, her own soul had been enhanced. And of all traits, the Lady trait tended to impose itself upon others more than any other traits.

Now, everyone knew her as “Lady” Zhao.

Zhao Youyue may have discarded her long, beautiful locks, but from Sun Xian’s perspective, she was nevertheless the exemplification of an iconic Lady character …

Also, short-haired Zhao Youyue was far more approachable. If she had retained her long hair, If she was still in her long-haired form, it would have been nigh impossible for Sun Xian even to approach her. Zhao Youyue in her long-hair Goddess form was simply bedazzling. Crowds threatened to surround her at any moment. Papparazis would hone in on her like vultures.

When Zhao Youyue saw Sun Xian, she flashed one of her natural, sincere smiles. It may be unfortunate to see that Sun Xian was not some handsome uncle. He was unable to satisfy her habit of indulging in the visages of handsome guys and beauties, but at least, he was not ugly.

Handsome male writers and beautiful female writers such as Han Leng, Shi Jingnian, Su Li were scarce. Their appearances alone paved most of their way to fame.

Zhao Youyue introduced herself with great proficiency, and became familiar with the man in no time at all. Then, she occupied the dominant position, as if everything in this world had been conscripted to obey her every command. She now held the whole world in her hands.

Indeed, Zhao Youyue had grown to be such a self-confident and mighty girl. She practically brimmed with self-assurance and decisiveness. People would never need to worry about being awkward when being around her. Her demure, gentle appearance housed a lioness that hid in plain sight. It was not the aggressive, domineering kind of might. She was always very courteous. Courteously giving sincere, good suggestions. How could anyone refuse?

No, they couldn’t. It was a privilege to obey such a sunny, self-confident, elegant Lady.

Sun Xian felt his entire being had been enveloped by a powerful, immense atmosphere. He had been utterly dominated. He looked at Lady Zhao’s extreme beauty, and whispered in his heart, “Were all female high school students nowadays this incredible?”

Who said that female high school students these days were cute, simple, rude, gullible and easily baited?

Lady Zhao had completely rewritten Sun Xian’s presupposition of modern female high school students.