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Sun Xian did not know what he was thinking. Or rather, his brain had stopped thinking when he caught sight of Zhao Youyue’s youthful and beautiful selfies. There was no way for him to refuse her request and let her down

It was a pity that Sun Xian did not watch live streams. He was not the kind of person who earned 2000 a month and spent 1500 on rewarding the live streamers, leaving himself with only 500 dollars for living expenses, while eating instant noodles every day. That was what those hardcore fans did. They loved to hear the live streamers call them their “loyal fans” and praise them with “666.”

If Sun Xian was into live streams and Weibo, he would have recognized Zhao Youyue as the female live streamer – Ah Yu. Not only that, he would have also learned of her incredible background. Even the “nation’s husband” Ding Yuncong had expressed that he could not afford to offend her. Moreover, she also had talent in the music field, which made her even more admirable…

Of course, an uncle like Sun Xian did not pay much attention to such things. Apart from being obsessed with mahjong, he spent the rest of his time watching movies and television dramas. Zhao Youyue did not star in any movies or dramas. Even if she did, he would not deliberately pay attention to the actors or actresses as he did not chase after celebrity gossip.

In addition to that, he would also read web novels. The type of novels that he usually read were those reincarnation trope novels that were “based on true stories.” He often fantasized of being born again and falling in love during his school days, as that kind of love was the purest.

It was precisely because he had read so many novels, that he came up with the idea of trying to write one by himself. However, he never expected to actually gain some loyal fans by writing such a niche story.

Evidently, there was a massive generation gap between uncle Sun Xian and the youth. If it had been someone younger, they would have most certainly recognized Zhao Youyue. If that was the case, they would be left with no choice but to spare Zhao Youyue some face. She was the extremely popular female live streamer Ah Yu, a genius musician, and an excellent student!

The moment Zhao Youyue saw his reply, she was pleased. She wiped her first impression about this “Stop Gambling” clean. However, she was still unaware that “Stop Gambling” was an unremarkable, lazy uncle. On top of that, he had been wholly enslaved by Mahjong. Therefore, the bigger question was, could he even keep his promise?

However, Zhao Youyue did not just plan to contact him through the internet. Of course, she had to meet him in person. It would be better if she could find someone who specialized in urging him to update his novel. Such creators had to be met with vicious pressure, or they would never get off their bottoms. They would only look for various excuses to avoid updating their novels and disappoint their fans

On that very day, Sun Xian had been stimulated by the legendary “precious daughter,””fair, rich and beautiful” female fan. He did the unimaginable, and produced two new chapters!

All of a sudden, the entire book review section went wild!

“Mister Stop Gambling actually released two new chapters today. What the heck happened?”

“Maybe the fake alcohol has gotten to Mister Stop Gambling’s head. He actually released two chapters!”

“Maybe Mister Stop Gambling made an illegal transaction with some big guy. This sudden update is really uncharacteristic!”

“Damn! Today is such a blissful day. I actually lived to see my dear Sir release two new chapters at once!”

“Two chapters! Here, take this reward as a small token of appreciation. I hope that you will continue to work hard, my dear Sir!”

When Zhao Youyue saw that “Stop Gambling” had lived up to his word, she reciprocated magnanimously by rewarding “Stop Gambling” with 1000 yuan, becoming a Sect Master.

“A rain of petals is falling from the sky. Tears of joy are rolling down the cheeks. I don’t deserve such an honor! “Youyue” has tipped “Stop Gambling” the greatest 100,000 Qidian coins for writing such a good novel. Thank you for the hard work, and I hope that it will get more exciting!”

When the readers from the book review section saw that Zhao Youyue had bestowed such a reward upon this author, things became even livelier, even if they could not!

This was the legendary Tycoon Youyue. If one was not mistaken, she had previously given out six consecutive rewards, each consisting of hundreds of thousands of Qidian coins. She claimed the Silver Sect Master position for six of these books. 6000 yuan was casually given away – just like that. Besides that, she was also a Golden Sect Master of a certain, godly book!

Recently, the “Books under the God of Tycoons system” had grown rather popular on Qidian. Basically, a random person would be chosen by the “God of Tycoons system,” where they would receive some money daily. As long as they spent all the money they received, there would be no penalty. Hence, of course, many of these chosen people would go onto novel websites or live streams platforms to spend the money via rewards…

As a result, if people did not know any better, they would have thought that Tycoon You Yue, who was the most prominent God of Tycoons on Qidian, had been chosen by the God of Tycoons system!

However, in Zhao Youyue’s opinion, all of this was worth it. The market for online literature was huge, and it hosted a wealth of other works. She felt that possibility of the random “Two Dimensional Gate” sending her in a web novel to be particularly high. So far, she had already come across “King of Superpower,” “The Strongest King” and currently, “Dog Days.”

Thus, she really needed to make a name for herself within both the Qidian reader and writer communities. This time, if it was not for Master Softshell Turtle who had given her some face, how could she possibly find Stop Gambling in so short a time?

When the readers at the book review section saw that Zhao Youyue had appeared, they immediately replied under her Flashing Red words—- —-

“Tycoon Youyue, I worship you! Long live my Lady!”

“Did the double update by Mister Stop Gambling today have anything to do with Tycoon Youyue? If that’s the case, we should properly thank Tycoon Youyue!”

“Tycoon Youyue only became a Sect Master. Isn’t that a little too miserly? The usual style of Tycoon Youyue is to become a Silver Sect Master – directly!”

“Congratulations, Mister Stop Gambling! You’ve successfully received the attention of Tycoon Youyue. As long as you continue to update constantly, that Silver Sect Master following won’t be too far away. So, Mister Stop Gambling, please keep the updates up!”

Even though the creator Sun Xian did not establish a reader group, he still enjoyed browsing the book review section. Perhaps it was due to his absence of loved ones. Moreover, he did not have many friends. The kind words of these readers would appear contrastively warm and friendly.

If so, why then did he torture these warm-hearted readers with such a torturous update frequency?

Perhaps that sadistic side of him simply loved it. By holding off on the updates, he could vividly envision the readers jumping up and down frantically. So cute. He wanted to see more of it. They would be satisfied, delighted, grateful in equal measure when he lets an update loose

The world which was originally filled with people who did not spare him a second glance would suddenly seem a lot more pleasant.

Furthermore, if he were to update daily like a robot, would his readers react that still be that dramatically?

Obviously not!

He did not write for fame or fortune. Perhaps, he did it to feel some warmth emanating from the concern of others towards him.

Of course, he was there to kill time, first and foremost. The readers’ warmth was just a bonus.

That warmth grew upon sighting the magnificent reward from Tycoon Youyue. This lady was justifying all that he had previously done!