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Give Me Some Face

Facts have proven that Zhao Youyue’s small setbacks could easily be solved, because she currently had a good standing in Qidian. As long as she asked someone to give her some face[1], they would surely do it.

She directly contacted a certain city’s entertainment platinum giant named, “Softshell Turtle.” He had managed to sign a platinum contract courtesy of his book, “All-rounder Superstar.” His book was simply put – badly written. Its selling point was the endless streams of shocking plot twists and turnarounds. As long as the readers held their breaths and read on, they would be able to feed off a retarded form of enjoyment and sink deeper into brain death.

Ever since Master Softshell Turtle became a god, his updates stopped. However, the popularity of his book remained unaffected. Even though he was constantly ridiculed and berated by countless readers, it did not stop him from making money.

Zhao Youyue was also one of his readers. His work was relaxing and easy on the brain. Of course, as a happy reader, she casually rewarded the author and became a Silver Sect Master. Eventually, she successfully contacted Master Softshell Turtle. A famous God of Tycoon on Qidian like Zhao Youyue was acquainted with several other great authors. If it was not for the fact that she was busy with her third year of high school, she would have most certainly attended various fan meetings.

Therefore, when he listened to the small request of a God of Tycoons, Master Softshell Turtle complied most affably. Without hesitation, he helped her.

Among the entirety of Qidian’s community, Zhao Youyue probably had the best reputation.

With the help of Master Softshell Turtle, they were able to directly contact the chief editor who was in charge of the categorization of groups. Of course, the chief editor also had the information pertaining to all contracting authors. Fortunately, “Stop Gambling” was a contracting author. He probably signed the contract to prevent wastage from his potential earnings.

Zhao Youyue got the contact information of “Stop Gambling” from the chief editor. Lo and behold, there was both his QQ account and his phone number. She directly added him on QQ, but still failed to contact him, because an uncle-level author like “Stop Gambling” did not use QQ often. He was more of an active user of WeChat…

Zhao Youyue was not a shy, introverted girl. Or, rather, after the rigorous training under the “Two Dimensional Gate,” her maturity was now far beyond her actual age. Thus, she directly keyed in Sun Xian’s mobile phone number.

At that point in time, Sun Xian had just puffed out a cloud of smoke, still indulged in his mahjong game. He felt his phone vibrate, and saw that it was an unknown number. He answered the call out of curiosity. He heard an extremely gentle, charming girl’s voice, “Hello, is this Mister “Stop Gambling,” the author of “Dog Days”? I’m a loyal reader”

Zhao Youyue was most certainly skilled at flattering others. In fact, she would make a superb politician. Her diplomatic sway would easily enthrall most. Moreover, she had a charming, pleasant voice. Therefore, the “Man Show”[2] uncle Sun Xian fell into Zhao Youyue’s trap, even though he did not believe that women were necessary. Evidently, the desire to communicate and interact with women was merely buried, not absent.

Perhaps, the middle-aged Sun Xian caught a full whiff of youthful vibe when he heard that Zhao Youyue was a female high school student. Talking to such a young girl was most refreshing, and he felt his youth returning.

Was this why so many uncles were Lolicons?

Sun Xian was no Lolicon. He simply had too much time. His life was peaceful but mundane. Therefore, he desired for excitement in controlled bouts. Gambling was undoubtedly a risk. It provided entertainment in its own way. Everyone would be consumed by the thirst for victory as they gambled. However, winning too often was just as boring. The greatest draw of gambling was most precisely the unknown risk that came with it…

Sun Xian had not been in touch with women for a long time. Only now did he learn that his novel had actually won the hearts of so many. Someone had even taken the initiative to get his contact information and contact him personally. What little interest he had in his work was now replaced with some motivation. He should not disappoint his female fans, right?

Sun Xian was equally polite on the phone. He did not sound like the creator who treated his readers as his grandchildren. Perhaps he felt a sense of accomplishment. This female reader had actually taken the initiative to contact him. She was not a grandchild, but a loyal reader who truly understood him!

Sun Xian’s mahjong buddies, Wang Liang and Li Ming soon noticed that Sun Xian speaking politely and carefully. His ordinarily uncle face was suddenly radiant with joy. The both of them exchanged looks. Their curiosity had been piqued, and they wanted to know more.

Was this guy, who had always insisted his lack of need for a woman, finally coming to his senses?

Wait, but which woman would actually fall for a unambitious, unmotivated, indolent, lazy, unemployed social outcast like Sun Xian?

How awful could her taste be?

After an extremely pleasant conversation, Sun Xian ended the call with a smile. He opened his WeChat, prepared to add this female fan as a friend. He was actually curious to see how she looked like.

As he added her on WeChat, his friends could no longer restrain their curiosity. They started probing. Generally speaking, in addition to the two of them who were best buddies of Sun Xian, the only people who would take the initiative to call Sun Xian was most probably the delivery man. Or maybe, someone who was trying to phish him.

It could not be helped. Sun Xian’s social circle was pathetic. His own personality was the key issue. It did not add up. A guy like him who was not lacking of free time should have lots of time for socializing. Even though he looked really unremarkable and was short, it did not really matter. Men did not care about appearances as much as women. As long as one was not ugly and not unpleasant to the eye, it would be enough.

However, if an ordinary man like him did not take the initiative, would a woman come banging down his door?

Sun Xian was a living fossil. He was made of pure languor. In addition to that, his set of “staying single” theories was enough to back him up and allow him to recline with a peace of mind…

However, men like him could never resist women who actually took the first step of getting to know them. Most especially when the woman was brilliant.

However, the chances of such a thing happening were quite low. If Zhao Youyue had not randomly entered “Dog Days,” she would never interact with an ordinary uncle like Sun Xian.

“The caller was a female reader of mine. She had a really pleasant voice and was also very polite. She’s still a high school student. High school students these days are really incredible…” Sun Xian could not help but sigh with wonder.

Of course, after listening to what Sun Xian said, his two friends were very surprised. Could it be that Sun Xian has really become a well-known author? If not, why were there already female fans calling him to express their respects?

They temporarily stopped their mahjong game and surrounded Sun Xian. They were having a look at Sun Xian’s newly added friend, Zhao Youyue’s WeChat Moments. If they did not see it, it would not matter, but now that they have seen it, they were shocked!

These WeChat Moments of hers was way too unbelievable. It was simply a showcase of the world’s best foods and sceneries. There were even luxury cars, grand banquets and such. Of course, there were also Zhao Youyue’s pretty little selfies…

“What is with this female reader of yours?” Li Ming, a self-proclaimed, well-informed civil servant, was shocked.

“Maybe… this is the definition of a precious daughter?” Sun Xian replied, a little unsure himself.

At that moment, Zhao Youyue sent a message, “Mister Stop Gambling, would you spare me some face? In the future, could you update your novel on a daily basis?”

Of course not!

However, Sun Xian’s hands moved on their own. They typed —- —-


Translation note :

[1] “Give face” () means to show or treat (someone) with respect, honor, and dignity. The phrase is a translation from Cantonese and is used primarily in reference to Chinese people, culture, and business.

[2] “Man show” () is a slang used mostly by the people in China and Hong Kong, which is used to describe someone who is always expressionless or cold on the outside but is actually crazy (has a lot of feelings) on the inside. ED: Middle-aged tsunderes.