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A Good, Relaxing Life

With one finger stroking a mahjong piece, Sun Xian multitasked by using the other hand to write articles on his mobile phone. Lady luck was obviously siding him. He had been the dealer for multiple roles; he was the biggest winner of the night!

After he updated his novel, it’s comment section filled with turbulent gasps. Readers who had been demanding frantically for updates were left quiescent with satisfaction. Such a dillydallying plod! Finally, an update!

At least it had not been abandoned, right?

Facing such an author, readers baseline was dropped lower than usual. They would still be satisfied with one update in every fortnight.

Sun Xian grinned while looking at the enthusiasm in the review section. These readers were all so adorable. That was his purpose of writing after all. It was not for the fame nor the profits he could make, but the influence over people, tugging at their emotions like the strings of a puppet. That would be a great accomplishment.

However, such accomplishment could not be compared to his victories in mahjong.

Mahjong was always the main priority in his heart. Writing came second, and he often pretended that it helped in his retirement from gambling.

Sun Xian could not care less about his future. He believed that he could feed himself by collecting rental for the rest of his life. Why would he need a well-planned ambition?

He had decided to live his life this way after he graduated from university. He has had a few girlfriends before. Apparently, they did not agree with this laidback attitude. Men can be poor, but they must not be devoid of the will to strive for a better life!

That was the typical, mainstream perspective.

Yet Sun XIan had no motivation to do anything. To him, the most important aspect of life was to enjoy himself. He did not need substantial indulgence on material needs. With a roof to sleep under and a stomach filled with food, why ask for more? It was better to occupy his free time with few rounds of mahjong

Sun Xian passiveness towards life was like the casual players in games such as “Earth Online.” While others fought their way for promotion and better pay, he spent whatever he had on whatever he wanted to. He appreciated every second of his life by enjoying them, not wasting his fire on some monotonous movements in work.

Therefore, he would never post an update for his novel on a daily basis. It would be the typical conduct of boring machinery in work. A storyline of sufficient quality would not be produced by such methods. This was exactly what those incompetent writers did everyday!

A talented author would only produce two chapters per month. That would be enough to score a higher rank in any popularity board, compared to other authors.

Fortunately, he did not share his thoughts in public. That would make him the enemy of several other godly authors and the readers who worshipped them. They produced more than ten thousand authentic words per day, and he defined that as incompetent?

In fact, the ability to maintain high-speed, consistent updates spoke of the true capability as an online writer. That was not just hard work, but true talent as well.

For the readers, you might be talented, yet you can show nothing more than two chapters

Sun Xian indeed lacked such gifts, yet he did not give a damn. Did he ever say that he wanted to be a professional author?

That would never happen. He thought that rental collection was the easiest way to live. Writing online articles only led to a dead end!

He ended his mahjong session, strolled out of the bathhouse with a cigarette on his mouth. As the autumn breeze gentle embraced his face, he felt a chill of loneliness that crept deep into his bones.

It was a cold autumn night. He felt like an old fart who had lost his way in his life, and could do nothing but loiter on the streets. No matter, there would always be mahjong tomorrow

He smoked and sauntered back to his small house. It was an diminutive house made up of just one bedroom and one toilet. He was basically living in a motel, yet he was very comfortable in it.

His house was always clean and tidy. It was easy to manage, after all. The kitchen was unnecessary in this age where food delivery was convenient. Even fruits came peeled when delivered. Lunch and dinner could be taken outside. The world was big, why be afraid of food hunting when there was money in the pocket?

Breakfast was irrelevant for him. He would never wake up before 10 o’clock in the morning. Therefore, there was no such word as “breakfast” in his dictionary.

He did not need to bath at home. His house was right beside a bathhouse. After his regular daily session of mahjong, he would conveniently drop by for a sauna. It was tranquil

He usually laid on his bed when he was home. Online television provided everything he needed to watch. He had a laptop, yet he seldom used it, since the mobile phone had evolved intelligently. After all, he was not fond of computer games. Mahjong was way better than any of that.

He used to live in a brighter house. However, it was meaningless for him to stay there. He had no attachment left in this world.

No one would ever care about him. So, he did not need to care about anyone. He just needed to enjoy his carefree lifestyle till the end of time.

He tossed his cigarette aside before he entered the house. Even though he enjoyed the texture of a cigarette in his lips, he had no addiction towards smoking. At home, he could go on without any smoke whatsoever. The only reason he smoked while playing mahjong was to avoid breathing secondhand smoke. He’d rather let others be the secondhand smokers.

He smiled contently while as he entered his house. It was decorated ala classical European palace, complete with a beautiful oil painting on its wall

He might come across as a person without discipline, yet his house was clean and tidy. There was no unusual odor, but a pleasant fragrance lingered in the air.

That fragrance was the smell of incense. He removed his shoes, walked to his late parents’ photograph and wiped the dust off. He lighted up an incense with an apathetic expression. Perhaps losing his parents had been a very agonizing affair. But that was a lifetime ago. He had made peace with it.

If they were still alive, they might have forced him to date someone or something similar. He was a full-grown man in his thirties. People around his age would already have a few children of their own.

People would find anyone to get married when they reach this age, would they not?

It was merely for the sake of family succession, which meant little to him. He did not want any successors, that would not cause human extinction anyway.

It was better to live on his own. Nobody bothered him; he did not have to bother anyone else.

Because he had lost passion in everything, he could do whatever he liked

Sun Xian, the unproductive and unruly weary soul, was unaware that his idleness had caught the attention of a big shot!