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Talking Literature

As a person who had always silently followed Lady Zhao, Han Leng naturally knew of Zhao Youyue’s recent scandal. She had caught on camera while, riding shotgun in the “nation’s husband” Ding Yuncong’s luxury sports car.

Some may have believed in this gossip at first, but Han Leng never did. His first reaction was to wonder whether Lady Zhao was related to Ding Yuncong. After that, he discovered that Lady Zhao was in fact, not related to Ding Yuncong. It was her cousin brother Zhao Hao, was a close friend of Ding Yuncong.

Others may not have believed Zhao Hao. They might have thought that Zhao Hao was trying to get closer to Zhao Youyue to bask in her glory, but Han Leng believed him, nevertheless.

As for those netizens who imagined Zhao Youyue as a member of a hidden family, they have clearly read too many web novels

Han Leng was very confident in the morals of Zhao Youyue. If she really took a liking to Ding Yuncong, then her high ratings in his heart would plummet. He felt that Zhao Youyue should not concern herself with men at all.

Such a mentality seemed to be a little self-abnegating, as it was like “If I can’t get her, then others should not even think about getting her.” However, this was what he felt, from the bottom of his heart. Who was it that turned him into a deviant in the first place?

“With my current look, do you think that I’d still be stalked and photographed?” Zhao Youyue said smugly. She was very satisfied with her current status as a side character.

Han Leng did not respond. In his eyes, be it the long-haired Zhao Youyue or the short-haired Zhao Youyue, she was still a goddess. With her short hair, she was even more friendly and approachable. After all, it was the short-haired Lady Zhao who had captured his heart, in the first place.

“Why not? What’s wrong with you now? Aren’t you still you?” Han Leng asked subconsciously.

“I’m a side character now! I’ve almost become invisible in school, and I don’t even receive love letters anymore. Why should I still be worried about the paparazzi? They can’t recognize me at all.”

When Han Leng heard what Zhao Youyue said, he felt like an idiot. School had started for more than a month already, but he had not received any requests to write love letters from anyone. Even if he did, they seemed to be for Bai Yunshan.

Han Leng was not clear as to who Bai Yunshan was, but he was also too lazy to find out. He rejected all these requests, anyway. He would only accept love letter requests if they were for Zhao Youyue, and write them with utmost enthusiasm.

“Then I’ll write more of it for you,” Han Leng could not help but say. To him, Lady Zhao would always be the most popular girl in his high school. How could anyone compare to her?

“I don’t want love letters anymore. You can just hand me your essays, short stories, or something, but make sure that you put your heart into it. If it’s too difficult for me to eat, I don’t want them anymore,” Zhao Youyue demanded. She was actually being dead serious about the taste of Han Leng’s essays.

“Eat?” Han Leng was confused. Why did he suddenly think of the character “Wen Qingyu?” Moreover, how could Lady Zhao possibly be a bookish girl?

“By eating books, of course, what I mean is to read the book, in-depth. Are you not willing to write for me?” Zhao Youyue said assertively.

“Are you roleplaying as Wen Qingyu now? If you really are, then, of course, I would like to write for you, but you’ll have to evaluate what I wrote in detail.” Han Leng could not help but laugh. He knew that Zhao Youyue had a hobby of roleplaying as iconic characters. She was also particularly good at it. Other roleplayers may only go so far as to cosplay the characters. Zhao Youyue, on the other hand, brought things to a whole new level.

Perhaps it was not just a roleplay, but an actual act of restoration by God.

Han Leng also felt that whenever Zhao Youyue performed music, she was not Zhao Youyue at all. Instead, she was Chu Luoxun, a character that he had created. Therefore, his original infatuation with his own character Goddess Chu had also been projected onto Zhao Youyue.

Han Leng could not help but think about how his “Beautiful April” could be adapted into a movie within these coming years. Deep in his heart, he felt a tiny urge. Could Zhao Youyue play as Chu Luoxun in the movie?

An average actress would definitely not be able to showcase the unique charm of Goddess Chu. They did not even understand music well. How would they be able to express Chu Luoxun’s devotion and love for music? There was no need to even talk about the process of capturing full-length shots of Chu Luoxun playing the violin. They would probably have to make the actress pose in a position, then take a few clips and make a montage out of it. They would even need to hire someone for the sound effects…

Han Leng liked Zhao Youyue very much, but with his current status, it seemed that he was not in a position to appoint anyone as an actress. This was because he was not an investor himself, and Zhao Youyue was not a professional actress.

Such a revelation had pressured him to start working on his new book again. He felt that he could no longer drag things on. Only by continuing to succeed and rise in position among the community of writers, could he obtain a greater power to speak and make his voice heard. Then, he would be able to appoint Zhao Youyue as Chu Luoxun.

“I’ll evaluate it well for sure. Maybe I’ll even compile these materials and write a piece of work featuring delicious cuisines. I’m just afraid that your works would taste bad,” Zhao Youyue said.

Han Leng smiled with confidence. His works would never be unpalatable. Han Leng might not be confident in some other aspects. Some of them even embarrassed him. Only in the field of writing could he lift his head above anyone else. He was not only gifted, but he had also put in an unimaginable amount of effort, way beyond that of ordinary people.

This literary and eclectic coffee shop was located in an unassuming alleyway. Several unique bars filled the space beside it. There were people busy singing away. These literature-themed bars started business as early as noon.

It was the first time for Zhao Youyue to visit such a place. She found it very interesting. Upon entering the coffee shop, she realized that the decor of the coffee shop was very similar to the independent bookstore she once brought Su Li to. Wasn’t everyone here hipsters? Han Leng and Shi Jingnian seemed to have similar tastes. Maybe she should introduce him to Shi Jingnian next time. Of course, she would make Han Leng cross-dress and make him meet Shi Jingnian with his “Leng Zi” identity… Zhao Youyue thought to herself gleefully.

The coffee shop had two floors. The moment she entered the coffee shop which was filled with the ambiance of a book gallery, soothing, light music filled her ears. The coffee shop had a modest air. On the second floor, a variety of black and white photos could be seen hanging from the roof. It seemed that all of them were photos of famous writers and musicians. There were also various kinds of book ornaments, glass ball ornaments, and personalized murals on the walls. In one corner sat a guitar, which could be picked up by anyone to play and sing at any time. The yellow plaid ceiling was embellished with green stained-glass, which created a perfectly elegant atmosphere.

Han Leng seemed to be in friendly terms with the hipster, no, more like the middle-aged hipster boss of the coffee shop. However, when he saw that Han Leng had brought Zhao Youyue there, his face changed. She somehow looked like his neighbor’s daughter. The face of the middle-aged hipster uncle which looked like he had gone through many vicissitudes of life suddenly darkened…

Filled with curiosity, Zhao Youyue asked Han Leng why the middle-aged hipster boss looked crestfallen upon seeing her. Han Leng joked that it was probably because he was still single.

The uncle suddenly looked like he had just caught the whiff of something unplesantly sour.

“Why doesn’t he just find a wife?” Zhao Youyue asked another question.

“Perhaps he is an honest person who does not want to be honest,” Han Leng guessed.

“Well, let’s talk about literature. Where’s the stuff you’ve written?” Han Leng went straight to the topic. He was not here to date; literature was his one true love.

“I haven’t started writing yet.” Zhao Youyue said confidently and straightforwardly.

She took a look around, touched some random things here and there, and suddenly heard the guitar calling out to her. However, the guitar in the coffee shop was not of good quality, which did not really satisfy her.

As far as she was concerned, she was obviously more interested in music than anything else.

“What? You haven’t written anything yet? Then what have you been talking about all this while? I brought you here so that I could see what you’ve written, and then give you some guidance!” Han Leng was a little unhappy. He thought that Lady Zhao was playing around and toying with his feelings.

Lady Zhao had no respect for literature!