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A Bright, New Look

Bai Yunshan saw Han Leng finally leaving. She turned to Zhao Youyue and gushed, “I would have never thought that Han Leng, the legendary, new writer, known for his chilly demeanor and eccentricity would look up to you that way. The media had expressed that he had been particularly difficult to deal with. “Rebel” and “Han Leng” are already an inseparable pair. That’s his label! His academical results are horrendous. Even so, he said that he had “SUCCESS” spelled out for him, in big, red letters! Tell me. Why is that guy still attending school?”

Han Leng was undoubtedly a controversial topic among high school students. Last semester was when he became very famous, very quickly. His “Beautiful April” was a hit. He had to deal with various magazines and publishing companies, and was involved in all sorts of promotions. The famous publisher Lu Jinbo, was best at building up genius writers like Han Leng. Not all ‘genius writers’ that he had built up in the past lived up to the hype, but Han Leng absolutely deserved to be called a genius writer.

“Beautiful April” was originally written by Han Leng through his extraordinary performance in writing. He had even created the extremely iconic character, Chu Luoxun. His story had also received blessings from Su Li’s illustration and Ah Yu’s music. All these divine interventions ensured that “Beautiful April” remained relevant and popular for a long, long time. Whenever someone mentioned the words music and violinist, the first person that came to mind was not any famous professional, but the Goddess Chu, Chu Luoxun.

Han Leng’s ‘inexperienced handsome guy’ appearance, produced by Zhao Youyue’s artistic efforts also made it particularly convenient for the famous publisher Lu Jinbo, to sell Han Leng’s works. Although writers did not often rely on their appearances to earn a living, a talented and good-looking writer like Han Leng certainly had a great advantage. He had even taken quite a few poster-worthy, artistic photo shoots, which certainly ended up having great sales as well.

Ever since those photo shoots took the market by storm, his female fan readers increased by droves. If only Han Leng was actually good at hooking up with girls, he could have easily qualified as another one of those “Casanovas.”

That trait was all but absent from Han Leng. He had no interest in ordinary girls. He thought that they simply were too vulgar. The more beautiful a girl, the more superficial she was. Those girls who were not superficial, were not beautiful They could not even be compared to his cross-dressing self. How would he possibly be interested in them?

Han Leng’s boundless pickiness over women robbed him of all his patience when faced with the female race in general. Sometimes, he would even be particularly surly and invective. He would even get naughty and provocative towards Zhao Youyue. In his mind, Lady Zhao loved to raise and nurture her bitches, more than anyone else. She was self-centered as it was, and other women would be even more so.

And there you have it. Sometimes, some people are to be blamed for their own ill-fated. Han Leng’s fate being, to remain single for life. In this case, he brought it upon himself. Ordinary people might hate being lonely, but Han Leng was not ordinary, and he enjoyed it.

Han Leng did not care to see if he had gained a woman’s favor, let alone her ire.

The frequent business-related activities led to the inevitable collapse of his studies. Lu Jinbo had advised him to leave school and focus on writing. “Beautiful April” was enough to last him a lifetime, anyway. Why hesitate?

Moreover, his leaving would trigger a new wave of sensational headlines, grabbing more attention. If he grabbed the opportunity to publish a new book at that time, the book would surely sell like hotcakes!

Now, Han Leng could certainly promote his positive public image and hire a ghostwriter, while releasing new books under his name. They would sell, just as they had in Lin Shiya’s case

Obviously, Han Leng rejected Lu Jinbo’s suggestion. He did not want to leave school, and he would not explain. He would rather write love letters passionately during class.

He was also extremely close with many male students and best brothers. They could sweat together during physical education classes and activity classes. He enjoyed the carefree school life.

The school authority was quite tolerant of him as well. Although his study results were plummeting down an endless spiral, he never violated any school regulations. He had not even gotten into any romantic relationships. He was not rebellious, as the media had promoted. He had a good relationship with many teachers as well

It could be said that, despite his poor academic performance, everything else seemed to be fine. He had even accepted the school’s arrangement to contribute to the school newspaper, writing articles at no charge whatsoever. His contribution greatly increased the popularity of the school newspaper, of which the school newspaper editors within the Student Council were grateful for.

Bai Yunshan did not know Han Leng. Everything she knew about Han Leng, the so-called rebellious, cold, arrogant high school genius writer, had actually been fabricated by the media. It was sensational, it was controversial. People were always arguing about his true self on the internet.

Bai Yunshan was most surprised when she saw Han Leng being particularly courteous to Zhao Youyue. Even if it was Zhao Youyue, was there such a need?

“Speaking of leaving school early, I’m sure I qualify as well. As long as I’m able to pass the college entrance examination with flying colors, I can choose any top university I want. So, why do you think I’m still here?” Zhao Youyue asked with a smile on her face.

Bai Yunshan was stunned. She realized that she could not refute what Zhao Youyue said. In exasperation, she asked, “Then, why didn’t you leave school?”

“School life is bliss and joy, and there’re beautiful girls like you to look at,” Zhao Youyue answered languidly, and looked at Bai Yunshan with a smile.

Why is Han Leng still in school? It was certainly because of beautiful girls like Zhao Youyue, and the many good male classmates.

Bai Yunshan could not figure out if Zhao Youyue was being serious. The undeniable truth was that students with no study pressure at all truly had heaven on a platter laid out before them.

Zhao Youyue certainly did not have any study pressure, and nor did Han Leng. They were not ordinary students. Their talents were traits that others could only look up to.

Zhao Youyue’s twelfth-grade life started off peacefully. She seemed to have become as inconspicuous as she had been, during her first year in high school. Whereas Bai Yunshan who had been pushed to the front stage by Zhao Youyue noticed that the world seemed to have turned into something else entirely.

When Bai Yunshan walked into the class with her hair done up in a long ponytail on the first day of her twelfth grade, she seemed to have become the focus of her classmates’ attention. Those few male students stared at her in amazement…

Was she really Bai Yunshan? The tomboy who had no idea how the human heart worked?

That’s right. The male students had always taken Bai Yunshan as a tomboy, due to her hairstyle and fashion, or lack of it. The most feminine female student in the class was definitely Lady Zhao, Zhao Youyue. As long as she opted for something else other than her school uniform, she would cause a stir wherever she went. She would capture the eyes of everyone present, and they would have no way of escaping!

Unfortunately, Lady Zhao always wore the school uniform for her own convenience. They had no chance to feast their eyes on such beauty.

But now, Bai Yunshan’s entire being had taken on a bright, new look. She was not even remotely recognizable!

The male students originally intended to feast their eyes on Zhao Youyue. But their long-haired Goddess was nowhere to be found. Instead, they found Bai Yunshan, the icy Goddess with a long ponytail