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The malignant tumor, Scholar Zhao Youyue

Ever since Zhao Youyue grew her hair out, her fame grew proportionally. It was enough to turn her into a Goddess, and it placed her at the center of attention. Students would always recognize her, even if the recognition was not always reciprocated…

On rare occasions, Zhao Youyue paid the school’s cafeteria a visit. Naturally, a crowd ensued in each occasion. Guys who have finished their meals were far from finished with their trips; they would be pleased to watch Zhao Youyue enjoy her meal from a distance.

Whenever Zhao Youyue finished her meal, they would tail behind her like she was the Pied Piper. No rules stated that they could not walk the same path as Zhao Youyue.

In short, they simply wanted to look at the most beautiful person in school! Every single second counted!

The long-haired Zhao Youyue had the entire world seated firmly in her palms. Every move she made, every laugh she produced, all exuded with elegance; it completed the days of many.

But now, Zhao Youyue once again cut her hair short and activated her inborn ability, “Zhao Youyue, the side character card.” She had already mastered this skill and donned unassuming sportswear. Just like a drop of water in an ocean, she vanished without a trace…

If the students in school could no longer recognize Zhao Youyue; she could hide in plain sight among outsiders.

Zhao Youyue no longer needed to wear a mask or sunglasses in public; her current appearance was the epitome of pedestrian-grade.

The long-haired lady, Zhao Youyue had left a deep impression behind. Whenever Ah Yu was mentioned, people would think of her as a goddess with a long, black silky hair and most definitely not a random girl with a short bob cut hairstyle.

It had been a long time since Zhao Youyue last experienced freedom, which was the awesome feeling of observing someone from the sidelines. She had left that realm once, and re-entered it as a changed person.

She used to be mediocre, devoid of anything spectacular or main protagonist-worthy. Her position as a side-character had left her constantly frustrated over her own meager self.

Now, she had acquired four character cards with super abilities. With her frequent usage of those cards, her innate abilities had learned much. So what, if she becomes a side character again? It did not matter; she could now reclaim the spotlight at will!

Some people flaunted their non-existent wealth, while actual elites would be too lazy even to let their wealth show, for they found it utterly pointless.

Zhao Youyue had acquired the mentality of the latter. She could easily turn herself in a black hole of attention, albeit losing much of her personal space. That price was too much for her to pay.

It was also the perfect moment for Zhao Youyue to shake off any form of rumors or gossip surrounding herself.

The opinions of others mattered little, all that mattered was her own happiness. Short hair was also far easier to maintain

The long-haired Lady Zhao had ascended into legend status.

Of course, the first person who noticed Zhao Youyue snipping off her long hair was her deskmate, the person who had the best relationship with her.

It most certainly wasn’t Shen Menglian. On the contrary, it was the class rap who knew nothing of the human heart, Bai Yunshan.

But what of Shen Menglian?

Some readers might have already forgotten her; she was the one who tried to sabotage the relationship between Zhao Youyue and Bai Yunshan, only to fail miserably.

It would be an insult to all scheming girls around the world to consider Shen Menglian one of them, because frankly, she was bad at it. A true schemer would hide her plethora of masks well and have the world believe her to be an actual saint. That’s right; this person was none other than Zhao Youyue herself.

That scheming girl, Shen Menglian performed poorly in every major exam. Her disappointing performance soon led to the demise of her position as an elite scholar, and the class saw fit to oust her…

She could only blame herself for hanging around with the malignant tumor, scholar Zhao Youyue, she was the one who brought all the misfortune upon Shen Menglian. Shen Menglian was originally a top student. That changed when she started hanging out with Lady Zhao. Her mind no longer focused on studying!

Shen Menglian soon looked forward for nothing but weekends, anticipating and wondering where Zhao Youyue would bring her the next time. Studying was definitely not in her mind.

Shen Menglian’s self-discipline was not strong enough, and Lady Zhao’s corruption easily took hold of her. Of course, she did not have the “Xu Jing card,” how could she keep up with the practice hard, play hard game?

There was another reason why Shen Menglian’s results went down the drain. She was in a relationship.

She was in a relationship with the sports commissioner, Lu Rui. Obviously, Lu Rui was interested in Zhao Youyue, but he knew that pursuing Zhao Youyue was no easy task, so he intended to gain clues about Zhao Youyue from her “bestie,” Shen Menglian.

Lu Rui had kept his true intentions well-hidden while treating Shen Menglian well, but he never made any actual progress, only to end up winning Shen Menglian’s heart without actually trying…

Even though Shen Menglian was of average appearance, she was a girl in her youth. A youth in her prime was considered a beauty, and Shen Menglian had a longstanding crush on Lu Rui.

It was really an honor for a guy to have a girl confess to him. Also, Shen Menglian was really close to Lady Zhao, and that status as a Goddess’ friend gave her a standing of her own. Becoming her boyfriend was the second-best option.

To be honest, Shen Menglian was not actually Zhao Youyue’s bestie; she was just hanging around Zhao Youyue. Another person who hung around Zhao Youyue; her name was Xie Ting. These two were different sides of the same curtain.

Men loved hanging out in large groups and goof about together. In a sense, Zhao Youyue was similar to men. She loved adding servants to her entourage. Of course, Shen Menglian and Xie Ting were her servants, so the entire atmosphere was always brimming with life.

A real friend like Bai Yunshan would always attempt to discouraging Zhao Youyue from wasting her money on such things…

Anyway, when Shen Menglian got into a relationship, her homeroom teacher, fatty Yang was disappointed.

That man had finally taken notice of Zhao Youyue’s infectious nature. To prevent another victim from falling prey to Zhao Youyue, he could only place Bai Yunshan beside her. Only Bai Yunshan was capable of resisting the corruption…