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Not to be Messed With

This was an age, where high popularity was often traded off with zero privacy. Zhao Youyue, also known as Ah Yu, invaded the headlines again!

Almost everybody called her Ah Yu. Few even knew of her real name.

A broadcaster’s nickname concealed the real-life identity of the person, similar to authors and their pen names. Of course, hardcore fans would know every single trivia about Zhao Youyue.

Even so, most of Zhao Youyue’s identity was still a veiled mystery. Some had deduced that she was some rich man’s daughter, but they did not know to what extent

This time, Zhao Youyue had been photographed with Ding Yuncong in his supercar. It soon took the internet by storm. Without any plausible explanations floating about, people started commented like so

“Ding Yuncong was born rich, how could he appear in a photo with Lady Ah Yu? Is he a fan?”

“Ding Yuncong is now Lady Ah Yu’s chauffeur? Her identity is obviously beyond my imagination!”

“She makes him look like a freaking pedestrian! I knew it; nothing could hold a candle beside our angelic Lady Ah Yu!”

“This is exactly how a toad attempting to get himself a princess would look like. Ding Yuncong is begging the moon for Lady Ah Yu!”

“Lady Ah Yu is completely ladylike. Ding Yuncong may be a rich family’s son in name, but he doesn’t even look the part!”

Apparently, Ah Yu had an enormous number of fans on the internet. Fans would always be so defensive over their idols. Most of the time, they would defame others to keep their idols afloat.

Ding Yuncong had been praised as the National Husband since the dawn of time; but even such a figure was not impervious, albeit rarely. Lady Ah Yu had earned her popularity and fans with overwhelming talent. On the other hand, who would Ding Yuncong be, without his dad?

Ah Yu’s fans were downright zealots. They worshipped her as a saint. This extreme reaction only raised suspicions, especially among those who used to be Lin Shiya’s fans.

Some pointed out that Ah Yu could not possibly be as sacred as everyone else made her out to be. She was in the same car as Ding Yuncong, was that not a sign that she had succumbed to the allure of material wealth?

A saint?

How hilarious!

This world did not harbor any innocent beauties. They were nothing but goddesses of the poor while serving as cum-buckets for the rich!

Ah Yu was no exception. She was just another female streamer. Her identity of being born from a wealthy family was just a fabrication of the promotional team. Ding Yuncong was the genuinely wealthy young man!

Ah Yu’s fans had long been lost in their own delusions. Who in their right mind thought that Ding Yuncong was not an equal match to anyone at all, for that matter. These Ah Yu fanatics lived in such a tiny hole; they could not even fathom this cruel fact!

The circle of streamers was in a particular state of disarray, compared to the rest of the entertainment world. Orgies were an everyday past time for them. Were they not aware of this?

Zhao Youyue remained unperturbed by the storm brewing on the internet. She had a great time with her cousin Zhao Hao, Zhang Wanjun and Ding Yuncong. Many other propagative accounts joined in on this gossip hype, and some made a summary of all known girlfriends of Ding Yuncong. They unanimously decided that Zhao Youyue was the highest quality product he had ever dated.

Some propagative accounts criticized the uprising of materialism within the society. Their articles would usually be nothing but reflective images of the public’s narrative. Otherwise, how else could they draw attention from readers?

Those accounts only produced what people wanted to read. They were not much different from web novelists, where the market made all the final decisions.

Some thought that online informants were great, while some only pretended to be great. At the end of the day, all of them were simply sharing and repeating the same stories through their own methods.

This was especially true, concerning videos of the audience in NetEase Music. Most of them would get reduced into emotional sacks of flesh every time they listened to live performances. It was no easy matter.

The truth was of no importance to the irresponsible media. All that mattered was tomorrow’s great news!

Ah Yu’s fans were calm and rational. As the rest of the internet spiraled out of control, they sat in silence, waiting for the truth!

Most fans speculated that Ah Yu was simply discussing business. She might be switching platforms, for all they knew. As a boss of a streaming platform, Ding Yuncong was just trying to sign her over

Fans listed down Ah Yu’s talents, including her gaming skills. She ruled over the matches in “League of Legends” with an iron fist. At the moment, she was obsessed with “Player Unknown’s Battleground” and “King of Glory.” She made professionals look like beginners!

Gaming was just a sideshow for Ah Yu. It was her music that drew most of her fans. Her vocals and skills in musical instruments were second to none, even among full-time musician streamers!

Bluntly speaking, Ah yu was the most talented streamer in the worldwide streaming network, while being one of the most generous people. Sometimes, she would try out new games, not to shy away from spending a huge sum of money whenever other players challenged her. Not every broadcaster could afford to whale like that

Several pointed out that some self-proclaimed rich broadcasters were far more stingy. Ah Yu was different. Her generosity as a rich lady must have been cultured since young.

This latest wave of gossip only boosted Zhao Youyue’s popularity. Before this incident, Ding Yuncong Weibo’s fans had outnumbered Ah Yu’s by 20,000,000, where Zhao Youyue’s fans amounted to no more than 10,000,000. One random photograph had boosted that number and broke through the ten million ceiling, for the first time!

Just as everyone craved for more gossips, Ding Yuncong made a statement. He said, “I have no intention of explaining myself, but I saw too many people criticizing Ah Yu for being materialistic, clinging to me to gain power. I find that notion hilarious, yet terrifying. I was the one clinging to her, and I’m not joking.”

Ding Yuncong statement on Weibo set off a nuke on the internet!

That can’t be possible, one of the richest guys on the internet was licking the shoes of a random female streamer?

How influential was Lady Ah Yu’s background, exactly?

Zhao Hao posted on his Weibo, seconds after that. He explained in detail; Ding Yuncong was merely accompanying him in a visit to his cousin. Why would anyone blow things up to such ludicrous proportions?

The netizens were blown away!

Ah Yu was the cousin of Zhao Hao, a youth of an established, upper-class family?

Ah Yu must be another inheritor of such a family, a real member of the Zhao Family!

She’s a deadly force to be reckoned with!

The gossips vanished into thin air. Propagative accounts shivered in the dark. This explained why Zhao Youyue’s background had been so mysterious. The mysterious veil had been removed

Apparently, no more fake news concerning this influential lady would be forged, ever. You might just get invited for a cup of coffee in a police station, or find unwanted company knocking on your front door…