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Photographed in a Supercar

It was a pleasant afternoon for Zhao Youyue and Su Li. Literacy filled the atmosphere around them. Su Li felt rejuvenated after spending time with Lady Zhao, as usual.

No matter what they did together, Su Li was always happy around Zhao Youyue, Su Li even booked Zhao Youyue for her summer holiday after Lady Zhao graduated from senior high. They would be staying at Su Li’s hometown, and she would not miss the opportunity to introduce her two adorable younger sisters to Zhao Youyue.

On that particular summer holiday, Zhao Youyue accompanied her parents for a few weeks in a foreign country. Feeling particularly adorable, she showed it off to her friends. Being outside the country was merely like changing a spot to play with her phone.

Zhao Youyue returned to her country in mid-August. Zhao Hao, her cousin, had left her a message, saying he would be visiting her in Jiang Nan. Cousin Zhang Wanjun and his best friend, Ding Yuncong would tag along as well.

Zhao Youyue expressed her delight and arranged their accommodations in a luxurious hotel. Of course, Zhao Hao would have offered such levels of hospitality for her, as well. She planned to bring them to Jiang Nan’s famous garden monuments and feast on the delicious cuisine that she knew so well.

It was a pity that Zhao Youyue had yet to master “light-emitting cuisine.” She could have showed off her cooking skills, and indulge her dearest friends with a delicious meal until they lose the appetite for other food.

During her free time as of late, Zhao Youyue had been enjoying herself, due to the “Two Dimensional Gate” still being on its cooldown period. It was taking longer than usual, since she had made a classical scholar character and had lingered too long in the novel’s world.

However, she could only let the fate decide her fortune, the next time she enters “Two Dimensional Gate.” She had sacrificed her high popularity character card – the innocent, adorable youth, Zhou Chun to create an iconic book-eating scholar character card.

Without any high popularity character cards, she could not make the decisions on her next destination.

It was crucial for her to obtain another high popularity character card for the moment. It was necessary for be sacrificed of world switching.

Meanwhile, Zhao Youyue had merely unlocked the skill of eating books of the Wen Qingyu Card. She had yet to master her writing skills, since there was nothing to write about.

Perhaps she should directly reproduce Wen Qingyu’s work from “Bakuman” in the real world. She had reproduced several of Chu Luoxun’s conceptual masterpieces, after all. However, the difference between a manuscript and a book was the time needed for it to be written. There were too many words to copy from a book, compared to notes of a manuscript.

Zhao Youyue never wanted to become a writer nor an illustrator. It was too troublesome, especially as a web novelist. They had to post a new chapter every single day, and had no holidays whatsoever. While others rested during the public holidays, they had to work harder to post more contents daily

Su Li’s tireless dedication impressed Zhao Youyue to the core. She never ceased in preparing extra pieces of sketches. That was one of the reasons why Su Li was always free whenever Zhao Youyue asked her out. She had even convinced Zhao Youyue not to worry about causing her any form of procrastination.

In terms of pen-and-ink production, Zhao Youyue preferred to be a reader. She would activate Wen Qingyu’s card, and write anything when the inspiration came to her.

There was one topic that Zhao Youyue could elaborate on, which was the “Altair” character. It was a character that was full of mystery. Her character card was an exceptional existence in “Two Dimensional Gate.” If she wanted to access that character card, it would take several other doujins that featured that character.

Yet, it was unclear if Wen Qingyu’s card could help Zhao Youyue create a story with “Altair.”

Without activating this scholarly lady card, Zhao Youyue was too lazy to lift her pen. It was too tiring, and she would rather spend that energy playing her phone!

On that day, Zhao Hao brought Zhang Wanjun and Ding Yuncong to Jiang Nan province. It was just the three of them. Zhao Youyue was expecting around twenty to thirty people, like the last time. Ding Yuncong did not even bring any of his internet celebrity girlfriends.

The three of them came in two luxury cars. Ding Yuncong drove on his own, while Zhang Wanjun accompanied Zhao Hao.

Zhao Youyue settled them down in her pre-booked hotel, and got ready to bring them for a feast.

“Little Zhao, ride with me, don’t trouble your chauffeur. Ah Hao would follow us,” Ding Yuncong suggested.

Zhao Youyue was as glamorous as usual. She had dressed up to portray the stunning image of a lady from Zhao family. Such a compelling figure!

To be honest, Ding Yuncong was not fond of a lady behaving as such. It made him feel like a table fan that was incapable of controlling her. Yet, he never intended to court Zhao Youyue. She was just a sister to him. That way, he felt very proud of having such a sister. Or rather, he wished he had such a sister

Zhao Youyue’s impression of Ding Yuncong was acceptable. He did help out on the internet, previously. Lin Shiya was completely removed from her temple, as a result of Ding Yuncong’s efforts. Ding Yuncong had a solid reputation, and he was undoubtedly the most trusted person by the netizens, due to his wealth of “insider information.” Lin Shiya had been unable to retaliate in any way.

Ding Yuncong proved to be an influential person. To Zhao Youyue, that was a huge plus to take him in as a friend, especially when he had no other intentions.

“Alright, then I’ll have to trouble brother Ding.” Zhao Youyue flashed a flawless smile.

“No trouble and all! You did call me brother Ding, you are my sister!” Ding Yuncong felt most delighted to be respected by Zhao Youyue.

“Who is your sister! Youyue sister is my blood-bonded sister, get lost, you shameless dude! Youyue sister, come ride with me,” Zhao Hao jumped in on the conversation.

“Your piece of junk only has two front seats, little Zhao, it is better to sit with me. My car’s a convertible, it’ll be fun!” Ding Yuncong bluntly fought back.

Zhao Youyue never sat in an open-roofed sports car before. To be exact, she seldom rode in sports cars. Unlike Zhao Hao and Ding Yuncong who loved sports cars, she was often driven about in luxury cars by a personal chauffeur.

Other than cars, they loved watches as well. Zhao Hao bought a lot of expensive watch-themed casings for his steering wheel. He was cocky as ever as he took photos of his watch with the steering wheel in the background to show off his wealth. The total cost of all the watches he bought was enough to buy a few sports cars.

Zhao Youyue decided to follow Ding Yuncong to his car. She did not think of wearing a mask while seated in a car.

Hence, the beautiful visages of Ding Yuncong and Zhao Youyue cruised through the city. They stopped by a red light, and that was when the flashlights started going haywire!

Ding Yuncong quickly lifted the roof of the car back on, but it was already too late!