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The Demeanor of a Scholarly Girl

When Zhao Youyue heard the name, she thought that it was “(go j r chng)”[1]. She could not help but laugh, “Sister Li, are you trying to create a BL manga this time? , really…”

Zhao Youyue was not really familiar with BL works, but if it was Su Li’s idea, she would, of course, try to have a look at it. Su Li’s drawings were always outstanding. Her drawing style was exquisite, and it closely followed the latest trends. Even without a proper plot, Su Li’s manga was always worth looking.

Zhao Youyue had nothing against homosexuality; she was only afraid of homosexuality not being depicted beautifully. Zhao Youyue prioritized quality. As long as the drawing skills were up to par, and the drawing style was good, she would attempt to read it, even if the plot was terrible.

“No! It’s another (j). My main character’s name has a “ji” in it.[2] He’s a male. Some terrible people were chasing him while he was working, and was about to face a crisis concerning his chastity. However, he was saved by a female high school student council. After the student council president heard about his situation, the council agreed to help him clear off his debts, but with the conditions that he ‘needs to become the student council’s ‘dog’ ‘ and spend his whole high school life dressed as a girl. Thus he was forced to wear women’s clothes and be part of a student council filled with older girls This would be a campus comedy type of manga. Of course, there would be erotic scenes, and it would not only involve the girls. The male protagonist himself would also be caught up in those erotic scenes!”

Su Li finished sharing her idea in almost one breath; then she looked at Zhao Youyue expectantly.

Zhao Youyue had never taken Su Li’s original works seriously since the beginning, mainly because Su Li’s “Pure Romance” had left a deep impression on her, and not the good types. It could be said that “Pure Romance” had exposed Su Li’s flaws, incisively and vividly. However, her shortcomings, in turn, had highlighted the “darkened,””cleaver” and “nice boat” ending of “Pure Romance,” and even turned it Godly. Due to this, it became an iconic work.

However, when Zhao Youyue heard that the main character of Su Li’s original manga would be a “lady boss,” she immediately became interested. Without any particular reason, she immediately thought of Han Leng. She excitedly said, “Could this manga of yours be based on and inspired by Han Leng?”

Su Li shook her head and said, “No, I’m just drawing a feminine guy, but I’m also going to draw some content of upskirts and stuff. Wouldn’t it make people excited if there was a mysterious bulge within a tiny, cute underwear? It’s going to be a fantastic, all-around manga. I hope that I can properly draw out the funny parts, but I’m not giving up on my specialty of drawing erotic scenes!”

Zhao Youyue realized that Su Li has indeed grown a lot through the process of drawing “The Strongest King” for Rosemary. Perhaps “Himegoto” would not be able to become extremely famous, but achieving a small level of popularity would not be a problem. After all, she also had a fanbase of her own now, and was also a creator who had many connections and drama revolving around her. Coupled with the fact that the main protagonist of her new manga was a “lady boss,” it followed the current trend closely. The introduction itself was already a great selling point.

“Then, I wish that your new manga will be highly popular. If I really find it interesting after its release, I would most certainly tip you generously and become a Silver Sect Master. All the best, Sister Li!” Zhao Youyue held Su Li’s hand in hers, and genuinely cheered for her.

Of course, Su Li was delighted. If it could be said that she had been trying to get on Zhao Youyue’s good side previously, only because of Zhao Youyue’s money and status. Now, she was genuinely trying to create a great piece of work to please Zhao Youyue.

She had already considered Zhao Youyue her good friend. Someone she would give her bare heart to and gladly entrust to her care. When she saw that many of Zhao Youyue’s fans on the internet were encouraging her to stay away from Su Li and cherish her life, she panicked. She feared that Zhao Youyue would actually believe what they said…

However, it was proven, that the friendship between Su Li and Zhao Youyue was unbreakable!

Lady Zhao did not despise her at all. Instead, she tried her best to help Su Li ease off her suspicions. She continued to ask her out to play and eat delicious food, just like before. Furthermore, Zhao Youyue would always foot the bill. It was like Zhao Youyue was nurturing her…

Regardless of whether she was being nurtured or not, Su Li still felt that she was hugely indebted to Zhao Youyue. Hence, she always obeyed Lady Zhao on her own volition.

Zhao Youyue then asked Su Li to use her mobile phone to take a video of her while she was reading. She intended to have Su Li help her see if she had the demeanor of a scholarly girl. She even took preventive measures. She told Su Li not to be too surprised if she suddenly started eating the book. It was only because she had been too fascinated by the book. It was just a reflex action.

Su Li had made up her mind. No matter what Zhao Youyue did later, she would still say that she a scholarly girl, from head to toe. She was even more Wen Qingyu than Wen Qingyu herself!

In actuality, Su Li was certain that Zhao Youyue was nothing like a scholar. Only actual scholars could produce that aura. Zhao Youyue’s talent was basically all centered around the musical realm…

This was Su Li’s deepest impression of Zhao Youyue. When Zhao Youyue went to the provincial capital to participate in the finals, she had tagged along. Zhao Youyue’s performance allowed her to appreciate the charm of classical music fully. She also knew that the only person who was capable of showcasing such appeal was Zhao Youyue.

However, right as Su Li was on that line of thought, Zhao Youyue’s temperament seemed to morph before her eyes. With her flawless pair of hands, she caressed the cover of the book. It was as if she had completely transformed into a hardcore book-lover

Inexplicably, Su Li felt that Zhao Youyue became another person. If her feelings were spot-on, then this person was Wen Qingyu!

Whenever Su Li drew a character, she would carefully try to figure out the ins-and-outs of the character, to adequately portray the character’s unique charm. Thus, as she was also an artist of Wen Qingyu, she was able to tell that Lady Zhao had instantly transformed before her eyes, especially into a character that she drew before…

Su Li did not doubt the possibility that Lady Zhao would really start to tear a page and slowly taste it.

She began recording with her mobile phone, but the book-eating scene did not appear. She was wrong. Lady Zhao was just reading a book very seriously. Even her lips were moving, and it looked like she was silently memorizing the contents of the book.

Or, could the word “chewing” be used to describe it?

This time, Zhao Youyue was only looking at a small collection of essays. It did not seem to be the works of a famous writer. Therefore, it tasted relatively fresh and minty.

In less than an hour, she finished “eating” the book. In the eyes of “Wen Qingyu,” only the cover of the book was left. However, after she deactivated the “Wen Qingyu card,” she discovered that the book in front of her was still intact…

Su Li had propped up her head with her hands. All this while, she had been watching and watching, just like that. It was as if she had turned into the “Amah Rock”[3]. Even so, she did not feel bored at all!

Lady Zhao looked so beautiful as she read!

When Su Li realized that Zhao Youyue had finally returned to her original state, she quickly said, “My lady, you’re way too scholarly!”

“Then, why didn’t I eat the book… Actually, this book tasted minty.” Zhao Youyue said while smiling.

Then, she took Su Li’s mobile phone and looked at herself. In the video, she was very focused on reading, and she was “chewing” the whole time. Now, she finally understood that this was how she looked like when the “Wen Qingyu card” was used in reality.

She would not have to worry about being seen as someone suffering from Pica[4] anymore. Also, she would not have to destroy her book collection…

Translation note :

[1] “” here is pronounced the same way as “,” both (go j r chng) in Chinese, although the second character of both terms are different. “” is the Chinese name of the anime “Himegoto.” Here, Zhao Youyue thought Su Li meant “,” as both terms are pronounced exactly the same way. The second character is in the original anime name, but is the second character of the term that Zhao Youyue thought Su Li meant instead. “” means gay in Chinese. Therefore Zhao Youyue thought that Su Li was drawing a BL (boys’ love) manga.

[2] Here, the male character Su Li is referring to is Hime Arikawa. Hime Arikawa is the protagonist of “Himegoto.” He is a feminine second-year at Shimoshina High School, and is also a member of its student council. His parents racked up a large amount of debt in his name by traveling all around the world, and although the student council pays off the debt, he continues to live in poverty with his younger brother Kaguya. At school, he is forced to cross-dress in return for the student council paying off his debt.

[3] “Amah Rock” () (lit. “the stone gazing out for her husband”) is a naturally shaped rock located on a hilltop in southwest Sha Tin District, Hong Kong.

[4] “Pica” is the persistent craving and compulsive eating of nonfood substances. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition, classifies it as a feeding and eating disorder of childhood.