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Su Li is the stable one

The tide of public opinion was still focused on everyone’s feelings of sympathy for Shi Jingnian. Not only had he suffered misfortune, he had also been forced to face Lin Shiya’s ruthless rejection. Even so, there was another group of voices that could not be ignored. It was naturally the netizens who were obsessed with messing around Su Li.

Originally, everyone else had thought that Su Li’s mysterious powers only resulted in the emergence of “ghostwriters,” this time. But like how Ah Yu’s real identity got exposed, the real author of “Bakuman” had been exposed. Everyone soon realized that they had grossly underestimated Su Li’s mysterious powers!

Some netizens could not help but lament, “Looking at Shi Jingnian and his current tragic situation, it is really hard to not acknowledge the great powers of Su, The Great Deity. If it was not for the good-hearted Ah Yu, Shi Jingnian would probably have been done for. The more you think about it, the scarier it becomes!”

When such lamentations appeared, they were immediately approved by those who had begun to gradually believe in the mysterious powers of Su, the Great Deity, Su Li. Someone agreed and said, “Other than Shi Jingnian, isn’t Lin Shiya, the author on the surface, also in a miserable state? She was obviously very popular and had an excellent reputation. She was a bestselling author who was also really popular with booksellers. She also had lots of hardcore fans, but now it’s over for her. Her hidden secrets got thrown into daylight, and her reputation is in shambles”

“I was one of those who started off as a non-believer of the powers of Su, the Great Deity. I had thought that she was just a miserable ‘Pan of This Generation.’ When she became a hot topic on the internet, I would just join in and mess around for fun. But now, looking at what Lin Shiya and Shi Jingnian have encountered, I am completely convinced of her evil powers! Su, the Great Deity, from today onwards, please make sure you protect me!”

After her cover got blown, naturally Lin Shiya received a great deal of punishment. However, the money she got from Shi Jingnian was enough for her to live a lifetime of dissipation, and with her beauty, she was probably still able to find an excellent partner. After all, men would sometimes be taken in by outer appearances. When that happens, would they even care about the woman’s morality?

Moreover, this time, Zhao Youyue’s juxtaposed behavior had undoubtedly helped her attract many of Lin Shiya’s fans. After all, she was way more beautiful than Lin Shiya, and on top of that, she was kind. Who would they idolize, if not her?

These fans were also creating an uproar, begging for Zhao Youyue to write a book. No matter what she wrote, they would definitely buy the book. That way, she would probably be able to reshape her image as a talented female author. However, in actuality, her musical talents and her achievements in the music field were already more than enough to package her as an artistic and learned young lady, who was not inferior to Lin Shiya’s image.

Even so, Zhao Youyue had always been too lazy to do such things. Posting pictures of herself was already a chore. This left many of Zhao Youyue’s fans rather thirsty. Thus, they started digging for pictures of her…

If Zhao Youyue were to post her beautiful pictures and show some style, then, would Lin Shiya even be relevant anymore?

Fans who were genuinely worried for Zhao Youyue said, “I know that Ah Yu is very close to Su, the Great Deity, but just in case, I hope that Ah Yu can stay a little further away from Su, the Great Deity, otherwise she would certainly suffer from some sort of misfortune She was pretty lucky the last time. Only her real identity was exposed. What if she gets into a car accident the next time? Is there anyone in this world who is more kind than Ah Yu? When Ah Yu chose to save Shi Jingnian, she was definitely cleaning up Su Li’s mess. I feel a wave of sympathy for Ah Yu!”

Indeed, Zhao Youyue often hung out with Su Li. Su Li loved to post pictures of the both of them having dinner together, or shopping together, to show off. Two fashionable, trendy girls, one matured and one younger, were pretty pleasing to the eye.

In a way, Su Li was also showing off her background. If Shi Jingnian only became Zhao Youyue’s underling because he had no other choice, then Su Li was one who willingly followed Zhao Youyue around as her lackey…

Through the various pictures posted by Su Li, everyone clearly knew that Ah Yu and Su Li were close to each other. Many people were puzzled. Why did Ah Yu and Su Li have such a good relationship?

Someone answered. Has everyone forgotten about Ah Yu’s voice actress identity? In recent times, mangakas and voice actors were definitely closer than before. In “Bakuman,” there was even a shonen mangaka who had expressed his determination to get a voice actress to marry him. He had also collaborated with the original author Wen Qingyu, and drew illustrations for Wen Qingyu.

Among the many industries that were involved in the making of “Bakuman,” if a representative had to be chosen from the manga industry, then the mangaka who had the privilege of collaborating with Wen Qingyu would definitely be chosen.

The readers have pointed out that the real-life counterpart of this person was teacher Xiao Jian, an extremely skilled artist. He was already a senior mangaka with lots of experience under his belt, but he still maintained a low profile, and never started wildfires on the internet like Su Li.

Each time he tried to create his own original works, they kept failing. Thus, he eventually chose to become a mangaka who specifically worked alongside creators. Since then, his career as a mangaka had flourished. Today, he was an important figure in the manga world, and only creators who were excellent could collaborate with him. Even if the works ended up on the streets, Xiao Jian would not carry the pan. If such a thing happened, it was only because the creator was not up to par. His painting skills and unique style were impeccable…

The relationship between Su Li and Zhao Youyue was relatively good, purely because Su Li was more than willing to obey Zhao Youyue. Zhao Youyue only needed to drop subtle hints, and she would scramble to see to her needs. She was not like the retarded Shi Jingnian, who needed explicit orders from Zhao Youyue. He was not autonomous in slightest.

Then there was Han Leng, who would intermittently show symptoms of his sophohigh syndrome, and complain about how the entire Zhao family was evil. Zhao Youyue, you do nothing but go around treating everyone like a dog. I would never let you treat me like a dog. I would rather die, jump down from a building than become your dog!

Not long after —- —-

Han Leng, ” I’m so privileged to have the opportunity of being Lady Zhao’s dog! Lady Zhao really has spectacular taste, all the female outfits she picked for me are top-notch!

When Lin Shiya’s true self was exposed, Zhang Wanjun was rather shaken, as she had always treated Lin Shiya as her good friend. She had always thought that Shi Jingnian was the bad one. He was clearly Lin Shiya’s boyfriend, but he went around flirting with all the girls. He was a total scumbag!

Now that the truth had come to light, was this the so-called “When a bitch pairs up with a dog, it is the natural order of things, and everyone would be at ease” [1]?

Although these words were a little mean, they were somewhat close to the truth. Be it Shi Jingnian or Lin Shiya, they both had their shortcomings. There was nothing much to say about it. Only Shi Jingnian had a more tragic downfall.

After Zhang Wanjun found out about Lin Shiya’s true nature, she started avoiding her, although she had been trying to do the opposite, all along. It was her own saintly little cousin sister who was truly good. She was always so kind, and she would never have to worry about facing a downfall…

Zhao Youyue’s image, which was remarkably similar to that of a White Lotus flower[2] had set itself in stone throughout the course of this incident. However, the only people who knew how she was really like, were probably the content creators who were somewhat close to her.

Anyhow, she was nothing like the White Lotus flower, not even in the slightest!

Translation note :

[1] RAW: ,, (lit. Bitch mates dog, it’s meant to happen, people will take pleasure from their misfortune)

[2] The white lotus flower is symbolic of purity and devotion.