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The Liberty of a Servant

The novel “Bakuman” concluded according to plan. Zhao Youyue promptly made her hassle-free exit.

Zhao Youyue was very satisfied with how things have ended for the book-eating girl, Wen Qingyu. This would probably be the only character who had gained iconic status without going through death.

The character already had enough about her for the readers to remember her for, so death was completely unnecessary.

Under Shi Jingnian’s vigorous inscription, as a pure reader in the early stage, Wen Qingyu left a deep impression of herself, wherever she went. After all, eating books could be equivalent to the partaking of a gourmet. This was truly very interesting.

Later, Wen Qingyu turned from a reader into a writer. The transformation was quite natural as well. Applying the ability to eat books onto writing was simply comparable to hacking, to an extent that the work which was originally agreed to be a “POV perspective” work without any protagonist, had gradually increased with the content from Wen Qingyu’s perspective. Not only were the readers not disgusted, but they also accepted it with open arms instead.

Under such circumstances, sharp readers would realize that “Bakuman,” which initially started off without a protagonist of its own, had concluded with one and only one protagonist. The other characters who, despite having just as much depth, became foils for the protagonist.

Wen Qingyu had transformed from a newbie writer, into an admirable, great writer, one step at a time. This was also a growth process that had given readers a deep impression. It was easy for them to place their feet in her shoes.

Generally speaking, characters in the process of growing were usually hard to flesh out. As difficult as it was, if their gaps are well-padded, she would be far more realistic and vivid than characters of static growth. After all, people always changed. If a character within the novel never once changed from the beginning to the end, the readers would easily determine if the character was good or bad, and they would even see through its nature at first glance.

Shi Jingnian seemed to have laid out the entire process of Wen Qingyu’s growth. The most exciting ending part of the novel had ended just as the realism of this character reached its peak.

Shi Jingnian, went through a life-changing experience, as if it was trying to validate the saying that “people with writing talent were born unfortunate and suffered the harshness of envy.” As he slowly recovered in the hospital, Shi Jingnian had totally been indulged in writing, in order to repay Lady Zhao’s kindness. He could only pay off his debt in such a manner.

Zhao Youyue had alleviated all of his worries. His parents were in excellent hands. What he had to do was to recuperate and apply his talent into writing.

Such single-mindedness only led to “Bakuman” ending with the most splendid conclusion ever. Zhao Youyue was very satisfied with the ending. Readers would come begging for the sequel. There was no tragedy, only eternal glory. It was not like the readers had been left half-hanging. They simply hoped to see what sort of Godly work would Wen Qingyu write…

With her parents’ support, Zhao Youyue started off her own publishing company. It was entirely self-funded, all the way from her own pockets. This would make it easier for her to manage the company. She would be able to gather all those excellent writers out there. At the same time, she could also publish her own works.

Of course, the scale of her publishing company was not a particularly large one. Nevertheless, it was beneficial, as she had full discretion to all decision-making processes. Shi Jingnian’s “Bakuman” would become the first barrel of gold earned by her publishing company. In the future, Su Li would certainly publish her manga booklet through Zhao Youyue’s publishing company.

Losses would be very unlikely when it came to Zhao Youyue’s publishing company, as all publications, then and in the future, would be terrific masterpieces.

Zhao Youyue decided to focus on the cultural industry, first. When she racks up more and more capital, she would definitely set foot in other industries. With the “Two Dimensional Gate,” endless possibilities were open for her.

In the modern society, owning a property was more of a statement of status, rather than wealth. If Zhao Youyue wanted to continue living freely, she had to procure power of her own. Or else, she might be snatched up and taken for a ride by the power of connections and business-oriented, arranged marriages. This was very common among great families.

Even though Zhao Youyue knew that her parents would always have her back, Old Grandpa Zhao was still going strong. Elders always meddled about with the marriage affairs of their descendants. Elders from regular families were meddlesome enough, let alone their counterparts from major households. As time caught up to them, they would redouble their efforts and egg the younger ones on. The only method to resist them was to become a person who had the right to speak for oneself.

If Zhao Youyue had the social status that surpassed that of the entire family’s, no one would have the right to criticize her.

Zhao Youyue always mended the roof before it rained. She was not the kind of girl who would stand by and let others pull her by a string. At the same time, she did not trust any other man, besides her father. Real power should be held in your own two hands.

Therefore, if Zhao Youyue ever lived in ancient times, she would never remain seated at the back. If she had a choice, she would be a female Emperor who mastered the power over life and death.

Zhao Youyue wanted her hands on the wheel at all times, no matter the situation. She had a superiority complex that ruled over everything else. She was definitely not some little, harmless woman. At times, she pretended to be just that to enchanting effect.

Using her female charm to make men bow at her feet was not beyond her. She enjoyed the sensation very much, to be respected, loved, pursued.

Both the first and second volume of “Bakuman” would hit the markets in July. Su Li was in charge of the illustrations of both volumes. Her involvement was also ideal for promotional purposes. It would undoubtedly increase the sales.

A “Bakuman” that has been completed with illustrations would even mislead the readers into thinking that it was a light novel. Even those 2D lovers would be willing to purchase the novel. This was Su Li’s charisma.

Zhao Youyue had already unfurled her plans of promoting “Bakuman,” long before it was supposed to appear on the market. She would definitely utilize all of Shi Jingnian’s sufferings and sensationalize its origins. This was the ascension of a rich 2G who had become disabled. His strong will was unlike any other! Perhaps, Shi Jingnian would even become an inspirational figure in high school compositions, and etch his great name in the history!

There was also the emotional entanglements with the genius beautiful female writer inhis past, and the despair of a talented ghostwriter who had been abandoned during the lowest point in life

There was the climax, there were tears, there was the selling point. In addition to the quality of “Bakuman” itself, it contained the charm of the scholarly girl Wen Qingyu, and the beauty of Su Li’s illustration. Everything was ready!

“Just play along, understand?” Zhao Youyue gently told Shi Jingnian was propped against the hospital bed. She was peeling an apple for him.

After Shi Jingnian had finished writing “Bakuman,” he started to wrap up his previously incomplete web novels. Or else, how else would he earn the money for his debt?

Those readers who were once cheated were pleased about this new development. What was it that had changed this master of incomplete works so drastically?

This was all thanks to Lady Zhao!

“I really don’t want to hurt Shiya” Shi Jingnian was troubled.

“Then, I will be the one getting hurt.” With a wicked smile, Zhao Youyue threw the apple into the rubbish bin.

Shi Jingnian fell silent again. He did not dare hurt Lady Zhao. Obviously, she expected him to repay her in such a way. He had no choice. But he was unexpectedly relieved. If not for her decisiveness, he really would not have known how to repay her kindness.

“Right, listen. I’m not here to beg for anything. I just came to inform you something. In the future, you’ll do what I say. You’re one of my servants.”

Shi Jingnian gazed up at the majestic Lady Zhao. His life, which was once a fleeting flame without any purpose of its own, seemed to have found meaning. He would no longer be troubled by existential crises. He only had to obey Lady Zhao’s commands to the letter.

Shi Jingnian had never been dominated before. He had always been the dominant force. Now, here he was, being manipulated by Lady Zhao.

However, such a way of life seemed to be far less taxing. His life became tranquil and care-free.

Perhaps all this while, the missing piece of Shi Jingnian was a person who could string him up like a marionette. Now, he was the servant.

And he was happy with it.