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Helping Hand

The ghostwriter behinds the scenes, Shi Jingnian took most of the flak for Lin Shiya’s “Ghostwriter Incident.” He had blatantly admitted that he was at fault for everything. It was because that he had been too prurient and gotten entangled with Lin Shiya, tempting her in such a way, that caused her to have made such mistakes

In addition to his twelve most hated incomplete works and lots of resentment by many web novel readers, and he was judged as the most irresponsible writer throughout the history, and the number one administrator of incomplete works throughout the web novel industry.

Some rumors even said that Shi Jingnian was purportedly the son of an evil real estate agent, and had been pampered since young, having his fair share of wine and women. This only made him seem even more detestable!

The longstanding Chinese tradition considered morality to be more important than talent. Many individuals may have talent, but their lack of morals and turned them downright despicable. Now, Shi Jingnian had undoubtedly become the epitome of a talent without morals.

Shi Jingnian gladly accepted everything without making any justifications. He would rather have fewer people scolding Lin Shiya. Otherwise, he would feel very uncomfortable.

However, thanks to his submissive demeanor some conspiracy theorists were certain that he had been shoved out to the front by Lin Shiya to be her scapegoat. There could be no such things as weirdos who gave all the care in the world for others, leaving none for themselves?

Of course, Shi Jingnian only cared about the interest of those pretty girls who caught his eyes. Ordinary girls should just forget about falling into his good graces.

Anyhow, his decision to be the scapegoat had indeed helped his ex-girlfriend. It had constructed an image of Lin Shiya, painting a picture of a person who “knew of her mistakes and was willing to turn over a new leaf,” leading to many carefree fans expressing that they would support her next book, no matter how bad it was!

If they had known that every part of their beautiful writer’s body had been ‘played’ with by Shi Jingnian, they might not remain this carefree anymore. In fact, Shi Jingnian still retained a collection of certain, private videos. It was nostalgic and fun

Of course, Shi Jingnian would never disclose to the public about the originally intimate couple relationship between him and Lin Shiya. In the eyes of his fans, Lin Shiya would forever remain pure. She was still their stylish scholarly. She was just confused at the moment.

Lin Shiya’s “Ghostwriter Incident” had caused publishers and magazines great headaches. The person that they had signed a contract with was Lin Shiya. It was also Lin Shiya who they had invested in and promoted. They originally thought that “Bakuman” would bring Lin Shiya one step further. But in the end, such an unexpected lousy situation happened. Let’s not even mention the work that Su, the Great Deity had drawn ‘for free,’ I guess?

As expected, free stuff in the world was the most costly ones!

It was not difficult for the royalties of the previous two great sale novels by Shi Jingnian, and also this “Bakuman” to exceed more than 10,000,000. But Shi Jingnian still did not concern himself with that money. He gave them all to Lin Shiya, as he did not lack of money. He only did not expect to encounter such misfortune. Even so, he had no hard feelings. He took it as breakup fee for Lin Shiya.

He did not intend to turn around to beg Lin Shiya because of his current plight. That did not fit his character one bit.

Something that was out of his hands was that “Bakuman” currently faced copyright ownership issues. This would even affect the current state of its publications.

Shi Jingnian initially had almost finished writing. He would even continue writing for Lin Shiya. However, this title could no longer be published using the pen name “Ya Jing” anymore, and the magazines had not signed any contracts with him. This issue was particularly complicated!

Even if Shi Jingnian had not suffered from an accident, “Bakuman’s” future would already be plagued with enough questions.

Actually, Lin Shiya only had to insist on not admitting to all the allegations. But her moral safeguards had kicked in. She did not have that sort of resolve

The readers were anxious. This work had just reached its last, great climax. Was it going to be another incomplete work, again?

Little did they know that the work was not just incomplete, but so was the author. Literally. No one knew if it was due to the many curses from the incomplete books, or Su Li’s mysterious power.

Not only Wen Qingyu was not dead; she had even intended to reel in an innocent life to take the bullet for her. Therefore, the mysterious power came in so strongly

Such an explanation seemed to have no problems at all!

As Shi Jingnian took the initiative to take the hit for Lin Shiya, those who were obsessed over Su Li memes were in a frenzy of worship. This Su Li was truly a drawing pen of death. An iconic work that was supposed to make the author a God, had sent them crashing down like the pretentious mortals they were. The fake author had turned from a genius beautiful female writer into a genius beautiful female cheater, while the real author also happened to be a great irresponsible writer within the web novel world. He was a voyeuristic and immoral rich 2G son of a real estate agent, thus he was quickly despised.

In the end, Su Li was the biggest winner. The moment everyone mentioned “Bakuman,” the first to come to mind was undoubtedly the iconic scholarly girl character Wen Qingyu. The next one was the voluntary illustrator, Su Li. She had definitely blindsided fate itself.

But no one had expected that the person who was the most concerned about the incomplete state of “Bakuman” was Zhao Youyue, who was the true identity of Wen Qingyu.

She had stayed within this literary world for almost one semester, just to shape this iconic character up. She had spent the whole second half semester of eleventh grade working solely on this iconic character. If all her efforts turned in vain due to “Bakuman” being left incomplete, she would definitely want to castrate Shi Jingnian!

He was obviously so talented. Why couldn’t he write books nicely? Why place all his mind on women? Why be a person with no ambition whatsoever?!

Zhao Youyue once thought that Shi Jingnian was a scumbag who played with females’ feelings arbitrarily. She only realized later that he actually just intended to treat girls nicely. What peculiarity was this, exactly?!

Were all geniuses this defective?

Zhao Youyue truly felt lucky to be normal. Being a passerby character was safe. Protagonists were constantly plagued by disasters. In order to bestow great responsibility upon such people, the Heaven first made them suffered from internal turmoil, and wear their bones out

Zhao Youyue did not know of Shi Jingnian’s current condition, as nobody cared about this ghostwriter. On the internet, everyone was discussing who would be next to fall victim to Su Li’s voluntary illustration. Many young novelists, including some famous web novelists, had been expressing their fears. At the same time, they were looking forward to Su Li being able to draw an illustration for them. If things seemed to be going wrong, they could just give the character a bento!

After all, if the characters did not suffer misfortune, they had to start looking over their shoulders, instead

“What? Sister, are you saying that Shi Jingnian was involved in a serious car accident, got disfigured, lost function in his lower body, broke up with Lin Shiya, and is now going to be kicked out from the hospital because he could not afford the medical expenses?” Zhao Youyue could not resist asking information from Zhang Wanjun about Shi Jingnian’s information.

“Isn’t this great news? Shiya should have already left this scumbag long ago. He was holding her up.” Zhang Wanjun had never had any good vibes towards Shi Jingnian who had ensnared Lin Shiya.

Zhao Youyue went along with it perfunctorily, and ended the conversation with her cousin, before abruptly called her hospital dean of a father, “Dad, I need your help on something”

Shi Jingnian could not die just like that. If not, who is going to finish “Bakuman”?

Among the many authors that Zhao Youyue had been in touch with, Shi Jingnian’s talent was definitely the best. If it was not for his eccentricity, she would be most willing to strike up a good relationship with him.