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Disbeliever of Curses

Most of Lin Shinya fans followed Su Li.

People might not see any relation between Lin Shiya and Su Li, yet it was undeniable that both were talented, beautiful art creators. One was talented in writing, while the other was talented in drawing. Even their ages were not far apart.

There was this breed of fans, the type who followed an author based on their appearance.

That’s where the similarities ended. Su Li did not act like Lin Shiya, who would always make it know that her fingers were wrapped around some particularly famous novel, while taking photos from a perfect angle.

Su Li’s fans loved her bluntness. She always capitalized hot topics and material that were currently under the spotlight as the subjects of her illustrations. Some even thought that such egotism suited a young lady, and was quite adorable to look at, in its own way.

Unfortunately, things always went wrong when she attempted to go along with the trend. Apparently, her illustrations were mysteriously attached to the wheel of destiny.

Su Li’s fans brought up Ah Yu to denounce those preposterous allegations. Nothing bad happened to her, right?

Of course, that would be immediately shot down by Su Li’s jokes aficionados, claiming that it led to Ah Yu’s unintentional face reveal. Was that merely coincidence?

Hell no!!

It was Su Li’s power that revealed Ah Yu’s identity. It was obvious that Ah Yu did not want her school life being affected in any way. It had to be Su Li’s fault!

Defenders of Su Li had no comeback for that. Every shred of evidence indicated that Zhao Youyue never once intended to expose Ah Yu’s identity. Su Li’s illustrations were the only objects left to blame!

Zhao Youyue’s popularity on the internet was beyond compare. Other people broadcasted her performance in the finals of the National Music Competition, held at the Beijing Classical Music Hall. Some people who had no interest in classical music found themselves enjoying her performance.

This had changed the presupposed image of female live streamers in a lot of people. Most netizens thought that live streaming was only about some games or sports.

It was this female broadcaster Ah Yu, who showed everybody how extraordinary she was with her violin. She managed to casually play almost every song requested by the audience. Even though there were no complicated rhythms involved, viewers were satisfied with her spontaneous renditions.

Everybody was certain that she was on par, if not above the standard of a professional. She was the uprising star in the world of classical music. Even some notable individuals considered her a legitimate virtuoso

This had boosted Ah Yu’s popularity. Non-regular viewers started staying quietly in front of their screens, as if they were watching a deity performing.

Ah Yu was talented in every way. She excelled in her academic exams and obtained great achievements in music. Ah Yu’s perfection soon became a globally accepted statement.

The hottest topic on the internet at that moment was Su, the great deity, and her announcement of a new illustration of a character. It was Wen Qingyu, the interesting female character who ate books. She was a character from a red spot novel, “Bakuman.”

“Bakuman’s” author, teacher Ya Jing expressed her gratitude for teacher Su Li’s interest. That had evoked an enormous number of comments on teacher Ya Jing’s Weibo

“Such confidence from teacher Ya Jing, you deserve to be called a beautiful genius author!”

“This is a tuck-o-war of luck! My hairs are standing on end! Would teacher Ya Jing survive this?”

“Teacher Ya Jing seems to be unaware of ‘that’ power, or did her vainglory blind her?”

“If I had to choose where the bad luck strikes, it has to be teacher Ya Jing, instead of Wen Qingyu. Scholar Wen Qingyu is too adorable to resist!”

“From this point onwards, I have decided to monitor the progressing of events. If anything bad happens, Su, the great deity’s mysterious power can no longer be called a myth!”

“LOL! Just by looking at you guys make me laughed! Why worry about an absurd claim like the curse of Su Li’s illustrations? Last time, it was a Doujinshi author, a final stage cancer patient, who already had both feet in the coffin. Teacher Ya Jing is as healthy as a horse. She would compose more great novels! Bakuman’s Wen Qingyu might have a tragic background, but that’s not her ending!”

That’s right, a lot of people still remained unconvinced. Zhao Youyue had basically started this rumor, but she was an unbeliever herself. She dated Su Li for lunch, and said to Su Li with great conviction, “Sister Li, this illustration of Wen Qingyu is most certainly going to cleanse your name of the stigma. I don’t believe that anything could happen, this time.”

Su Li and Zhao Youyue had been seeing each other rather frequently. Magazines often published sensational articles about their activities outside. However, nobody knew about Zhao Youyue had another identity as a famous tycoon reader.

Zhao Youyue looked poles apart with short hair. The short hair version of Zhao Yuoyue carried the aura of a neglected stranger in public. She looked like a completely different person, if one did not give much notice.

Su Li clamored for Ah Yu’s enthusiasm, and they were both mutually comfortable with it. They were like sisters at that point. Su Li had once drawn a set of emoticons based on Ah Yu’s expressions. It had been very adorable and hard to forget.

Su Li was a little unsure if clearing her name of the curse was for the better. After all, it was her curse that boosted her popularity, along with her single column comic sales. That was real money!

Nevertheless, Su Li knew Zhao Youyue’s intentions were good. She responded, ” No matter what, I will put in my best effort and draw this Wen Qingyu. ‘Bakuman’ is indeed an interesting novel, and it features an illustrator as a character! Did I inspire it? It’s a male character, but the subjects of his works always seem to experience tragedy. Feels awfully familiar”

Zhao Youyue gave her a stern look, ” Sister Li, you cannot accept these rumors so easily. You are innocent, don’t take the blame on your own! You can slap the face of those who naysayers with the truth!”