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A Hidden Bigshot Internal Manager

Zhao Youyue had just finished reading both of Ya Jing’s books, “The Way of University” and “Big Big World.” If the former spoke of an interesting university life that was full of philosophical insights, the latter would be an adventure novel. It was separated by several arcs, where small plots followed after other small plots. The protagonist was always indifferent. It was as if he could see through everything, and was simply noting down the joys and sorrows of others.

“Big Big World” was somewhat related to science. After reading, many readers felt that the world was vast and filled with wonders. The protagonist was not actually the protagonist. Instead, he was just a tool that connected everything.

All in all, whether it was “The Way of University” or “Big Big World,” they were both masterpieces that had achieved a fine balance of commerciality and artistry. They could leave readers in deep thought, and might even grant them new perspectives on life and their worldview.

For example, in “Big Big World,” the author explored some general knowledge in today’s society are taken at face value due to their apparent logic. It did not attempt to refute them, but encouraged others to look at it from different perspectives. This would help readers think more critically.

“Big Big World” was considered to be niche and hard to grasp, as the author’s knowledge left readers in the dust. After reading, the readers would be instilled with a sense of admiration —- —- how many books has Master Ya Jing read? How many places had she traveled to?

Zhao Youyue admired Ya Jing, but not to that extent. Her desire to enter the world of “Bakuman” next had only been strengthened. At the same time, she also did some self-reflection. Among traditional writers, true talent was definitely present. She should not be prejudiced towards all conventional writers, just because her mother was one of them…

However, after reading these two books, she was even more skeptical about Lin Shiya’s identity as Ya Jing. Some lines in both books revealed somewhat masculine insights, and the language was edgy in some parts. The language of a female writer was usually more gentle and light.

She also learned more about Lin Shiya through her cousin Zhang Wanjun. Although Lin Shiya had traveled overseas before, she had no experience with regards to living abroad at length. However, in “Big Big World,” the author obviously knew what living abroad was like.

Everyone knew that if a creator wanted to write an accurate portrayal about something, it would be best if they had personally experienced it before. If not, their knowledge on the matter would have only been obtained through books, and would come across as superficial.

Reading thousands of books and walking thousands of miles were both extremely helpful towards creative writing.

Zhao Youyue was most particularly curious about a certain matter. In the review section on the Qidian novel website, concerning “The Way of University” and “Big Big World,” a portion of readers were actually slamming Ya Jing for her incomplete works. They were also claiming that they had seen through her

When Zhao Youyue saw these comments, she was shocked. So far, Ya Jing had only written these two books. She had also successfully finished both books. Why were they scolding her and saying that her books were incomplete?

She saw a number of pen names mentioned in the reviews —- —- “Beacon Tower’s Wolf Smoke,””Tiny Houses,””Dumas in the Autumn,”, “Cardinal Nicotine,””Ignorant Life,””Concise Hypocrisy,””Proud Plum in the Cold Snow,” and more.

There were about a dozen pen names. Zhao Youyue, who had nothing better to do, looked them up, one by one. She found out that each pen name had single incomplete books under their belts. Moreover, all of these unfinished books carried medals. Judging by how many people have voted for these books as a recommended read, it was easy to figure out why a lot of readers were gathered here. Many of the readers had also rewarded the writer abundantly and obtained high fan rankings. All these books had large followings!

However, among the web novels under these pen names, none of them had a word count had exceeded 800,000 words!

In this era, if the word count of a web novel did not reach a minimum of 2,000,000, it might be a stretch to call it a web novel?

Popular web novels usually had 4,000,000 to 5,000,000 words.

The books under these twelve pen names were of various genres, like fantasy, magical realism, heroic, city life, gaming, and even those about sports and competitions

They only shared one similarity —- —- they were all incomplete. The worst thing was, all of them were abandoned abruptly just as they approached the climax!

It was not hard to imagine how frustrated the readers would be when such fascinating web novels get abandoned. Many threads in the review section cursed the authors, in the hope that all their family members would die.

Initially, Zhao Youyue thought that it was very nonsensical for Ya Jing to dig these pits, but not fill them up. It was not possible for all these incomplete books to be written by the same person. How could an author manage to concoct such a wide variety of novels? What’s more, every book was highly popular.

She decided to check out these highly recommended incomplete books; each of them written well enough to earn eternal grudges. However, when she did, she was overwhelmed.

To put it in a way, Ya Jing was a creator with a fierce and strong personality. Her language was always concise. This did not mean that she had a limited vocabulary. On the contrary, her writing skills were quite seasoned, as she was able to convey a huge amount of content through the minimal amount of words.

For readers who were better at putting things together, Ya Jing’s books greatly attracted them. After reading, they would subconsciously start to ponder over it…

She casually looked at the introduction of these books, and found that the style of writing was exactly the same as that of Ya Jing’s. However, she had written them in a style commonly found in web novels. There were lesser notable quotations that made the readers awestruck, but the plot was still fascinating, extremely compact, and the readers just had to finish it in one breath!

After so much trouble, Ya Jing turned out to be the hidden internal manager within the web novel community?

What did she take writing web novels for? If the readers were to uncover such behavior and find that those incomplete novels were all written by her, she would surely be hunted down and killed, right?

She was worse than other writers who just left their novels incomplete. Every time she left a novel incomplete, she would take on a new sockpuppet identity and act like she was an entirely new writer. Those readers who did not know how to recognize writers through their writing style would, of course, unwittingly fall into her trap! They might even treat one of her sockpuppet identities as their favorite writer, as the writing style was one which they liked!

Other authors tend to make up many different excuses to cover up for their acts of not finishing a story. The most common excuses were stuff like how they were not performing well in school and their grades were dropping, or that the income they get from the book was too little, hence the only choice left was to abandon it. After all, authors needed to eat as well. After they have abandoned their books, they would go and find a proper job…

Among female authors, a common excuse was that they were expecting, and they tended to promise that they would be back once they deliver the baby. However, they would always end up disappearing without a trace.

An author who dies before their story was completed was the most frustrating of all. An example was the author who wrote doujinshi novels, “Setsuna.”

For these twelve high-quality incomplete books which were written by twelve sockpuppet identities, all the authors have vanished into thin air, without exception. It was as if the authors just up and left after they had earned a certain amount of money…

These types were the evilest of all incomplete-type authors. They were just abandon their books without a word. It was apparent that every book was well-received by the readers, and if they were to be completed, they would become works of a god. However, it was as if she did not care about becoming a god in writing. She was just willfully writing away!

There was only one way to deal with such evil authors. Lock them up in a dark room, and starve unless they continue with their novels…