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Shi Jingnian, the low-key troublemaker who had suggested that Zhao Youyue perform “Feux follets,” had a brief flash of surprise in his eyes. But soon, he was immersed in the sound of the piano. He seemed to listen more attentively than the others. It appeared that he had the most attainments in classical music among all the others present.

Zhao Youyue, or rather, Chu Luoxun’s ‘Spiritual music’ characteristic, sent even ordinary laymen into a daze, even if she performs the most technical, drone-like pieces. Even so, professional musicians would be able to understand such beauty in a more profound manner.

Shi Jingnian was embarrassed by the turn of events. To him, getting embarrassed and making a fool of himself in such an occasion, was a bargain in exchange of enjoying such perfect music, while appreciating an even more perfect girl.

After the song ended, Shi Jingnian was the first to applaud. Even so, he still seemed to be holding himself back, unlike the others who went crazy, displaying a sharp contrast between them. Some already could not help approaching towards Zhao Youyue to praise her.

Zhao Youyue responded cheerfully and generously to these people who had been influenced by her music when she was still in her “Chu Luoxun’s possession” mode. Even Ding Yuncong could not help approaching her and said solemnly, “Miss Zhao Youyue, your music made me see the beauty of classical music for the first time ever in my life. Thank you very much!”

Zhao Youyue flashed a brilliant smile. This was precisely Chu Luoxun’s heart’s desire, no matter what world she was in. She hoped to bring happiness to more people through her music, showing them the beauty of music, no matter the genre or instrument.

“Actually, you would get a firmer grasp if you listened to such a symphony in a concert hall. Such effects would only appear during live performances,” Zhao Youyue explained.

However, Ding Yuncong was unconvinced. He felt that no music at any concert hall could be compared to what Zhao Youyue just played. His eyes and ears had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Her fingers working their rapid magic on the piano keys had been truly mesmerizing.

As per everyone else’s unanimous request, Zhao Youyue played another Chu Luoxun’s original piano piece. It wasn’t as dazzling, but it resonated closer to the heart. But it was as if the music had turned into a motherly figure caressing all her “children” who were present with love and tenderness

After the performance of the two piano pieces, all the guests present had been utterly conquered by Zhao Youyue’s music. With envy, jealousy, and hate, Ding Yuncong hissed at Zhao Hao, “Why did you have such an excellent sister? Wouldn’t it be extremely great to be able to listen to her music every single day?!”

Seeing Ding Yuncong lose his composure, Zhao Hao was utterly satisfied. His sister Zhao Youyue had given his reputation a huge boost. He replied proudly, “She still live streams. You should drop by more often.”

Ding Yuncong replied, “How would live streaming replicate this scene I’ve just taken with my own senses? How about this? What if I call her my sister as well?”

“Get lost! How old are you? Still aiming for young girls? How shameless are you!” Zhao Hao refused decisively. He treasured her sister Youyue very much.

Ding Yuncong immediately explained, “Don’t get me wrong. She’s the little princess of your Zhao family. How will I dare to have any other thoughts? I simply want a new sister!”

“There are actually still people like you who want to steal the ‘brother’s’ position! But my answer is still ‘NO.’ I am her one and only brother!”

“Pttttf, I didn’t expect you to be so stingy, Zhao Ritian. I’m too lazy to bother you. I’ll go please her directly.”

Zhao Youyue’s successful performance made everyone forget about Shi Jingnian. Yet, Shi Jingnian remained unruffled, as if he possessed no self-esteem at all. He remained as calm as ever. He started eating watermelons by himself.

However, his girlfriend, Lin Shiya said longingly, “That Lady Zhao is simply too amazing. It’s my first time meeting such a perfect girl!”

“In my eyes, you’re the most perfect one there is.” Shi Jingnian smiled warmly, and fed her a piece of cantaloupe.

“You’ve always had such a thick face. That sounded so disgusting sweet!” Although Lin Shiya said so, her actions proved otherwise.

“How’re her piano skills, compared to yours?” Lin Shiya asked.

“She’s definitely way better than me, to be able to please so many people!” Shi Jingnian replied as if he knew nothing about pride and self-esteem. “But there’s one that she can never match me in.”

“What’s that?” Lin Shiya asked, curious. This boyfriend who she dearly loved had always been able to give her an endless string of surprises.

“My piano will only be played for you,” Shi Jingnian lightly caressed Lin Shiya’s head.

Lin Shiya’s face turned red again. She smacked him in the chest. Her heart was twisted up in knots, yet her mouth said, “You’re also weird. You are extremely talented, yet you dislike showing your talent in front of others. You choose to shut the door and use your talent for self-entertainment. Are you sick? Not only in music, but also in literature.”

Shi Jingnian gave her a serious reply, “I am really sick. A sickness that will kill me the moment I leave you!”


“I’m going to the washroom. I’m risking my life.”

“Hee hee, get lost!”

When Shi Jingnian came out from the washroom, he happened to notice Zhao Youyue washing her hands with hand sanitizer. He looked at the Zhao Youyue in the mirror, and he sighed. This Lady was truly beautiful. Her temperament was even more perfect. Her current outfit was already enough to send many guys retreating, thinking that she was way out of their leagues.

Shi Jingnian obviously realized this as well. Yet, he still could not help saying, “A Lady is indeed a Lady, being so exquisite, even when washing hands.”

It was as if Zhao Youyue had used up all her smiles when she switched on the “Chu Luoxun card.” With a stern face that exuded a rare coldness and arrogance that repelled people thousands of miles away, she said calmly, “You’ve intended to catch my attention through that kind of clumsy trick from the very beginning, haven’t you?”

It was a rhetorical statement, not a question. She made it clear that she had already seen through everything.

Shi Jingnian still had a smile on his handsome face. He replied gently, “This is your true side, am I right? How meaningless it is to put on a mask. I feel that you look way better with your cold face, as if you see no person in your sight, rather than you smiling.”

“You’re truly bumptious,” Zhao Youyue replied coldly. She considered this guy to be very dangerous.

“How would I dare? I’m just simply saying. Please don’t take my words seriously. Actually, my biggest hobby is to hope that pretty girls like you would live freely and happily. You’re so perfect. I can even imagine what you must have suffered early in your life,” Shi Jingnian replied sincerely.

Zhao Youyue smiled, thinking, “You know nothing.”

But within her heart, she raised her guard up even further. This guy was truly a pick-up master. If she was truly a Lady who had faced all sorts of oppression since young, she might have really fallen for those words, and then step by step…

Unfortunately, she was a passerby character in the past. Such a character probably would never meet a character who flowed with the protagonist’s aura like Shi Jingnian.