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Protective Cousin

The biggest winner of this war was undoubtedly the female broadcaster Ah Yu, Zhao Youyue.

Showing her face would understandably increase her popularity, but no one could have expected such levels. The long-slumbering Boss Hao had made a scene in Douyu with his comeback by supporting Ah Yu. The Douyu system rewarded those witnessed a single launch of a rocket with a small token. When Boss Hao and Tian Shenluo were firing at each other indiscriminately, the viewers had been busy clicking the freebies trailed behind.

Zhao Youyue was unaware of the real identity of Boss Hao, and she couldn’t help but be dazzled by his wealth. If he was utterly unaffiliated to Douyu, that million RMB worth of rockets was an impressive figure to spend in a short time!

Nevertheless, Zhao Hao was indeed related to Douyu. His father was a Douyu shareholder, and he was the first tycoon spender in Douyu, hence granting better rates for Fish Fin sales.

To a certain extent, Zhao Hao had been the first famous Douyu streamer. Yet, he was skilled at separating his life from his Douyu identity, therefore, he was only known as the great Boss Hao, who was some big shot in Shanghai.

Douyu was full of tycoon gods whose total gifts never stopped at the value of one million. However, even they would hesitate to donate such an amount of gifts in such a short time.

Money does not fall from the sky. Tian Shenluo would not have spent so much on a broadcaster he was meeting for the first time, if he had not been challenged by Boss Hao. Yet, he felt gratified and proud to be worshipped by millions of audience, which was also one of the reasons why he had dropped such a lump sum on her.

Tycoons commonly enjoyed the feeling of spending in bulk, as they could buy anything else with ease. Therefore, they pursued a more spiritual form of satisfaction, earning respect and devotion of ordinary folk.

It was part of human instinct. When they are not worried about basic needs; people would want to feel great and superior, be it by a show of talents, or a show of wealth. There was no reason to despise such an exhibition.

Even though Tian Shenluo did not win the gifting war with Boss Hao, he was still a real God of Tycoons. He still had a chance of courting this beautiful young lady, as he had spent more than 700 rockets, which was almost 300,000 RMB. Wasn’t this enough to gain her attention?

Carrying the crown of a Douyu king, his message in bullet screen was distinct. His message rang across the screen, saying “Dear Missy, please send me a message in WeChat.”

The audience was displeased the moment this message popped up on the bullet screen.

Tian Shenluo notorious hobby of dating female broadcasters was known to some. He would claim that it was simply a dinner date, but who knows, what happens after that?

He had promoted a few female broadcasters in the past. Those ladies were doing live broadcasts for money, and they were willing to fulfill his requests. All they had to do was to keep this tycoon accompanied, and get paid more than 10,000 RMB in return. Why even stop to think?

Nevertheless, Tian Shenluo had tasted a few rejections from a few popular broadcasters in the past. Even if he managed to secure a date, there was always a third person present.

When Zhao Hao saw Tian Shenluo’s message on the bullet screen, he immediately deduced the intentions of this upstart tycoon. He grew irritated and sent a message of his own. He thought of referring to her as sister Youyue, but decided on, “Ah Yu, showing your face is good enough. There is no need to give anyone your contact information. Whatever price they offered you for it, I will double it, just for you to reject it! Hey you, whatever name you was, change your surname into Zhao!”

Boss Hao message had led the audience to start leaving messages too.

“Boss Hao you are truly 666, you love for Ah Yu is pure!”

“It’s good enough this way, just quietly watching Ah Yu’s broadcast is satisfying.”

“It’s a rare sight to see Boss Hao protecting a broadcaster, amazing!”

“Ah Yu is just a high school student, she can’t be older than sixteen, that was the best way to protect her.”

“Is Tian Shenluo stupid, Ah Yu is from a rich family, does he think he can buy her for himself with that measly sum?”

“Boss Hao is helping Ah Yu reject those tycoons, just like an honorable old general, it sure is good to be rich.”


The audience endorsed Boss Hao protection over Zhao Youyue. It was best if nobody learned of Zhao Youyue’s contact, so as to not disturb her studies.

Unsurprisingly, some audience members were skeptical. Perhaps Boss Hao intended to keep her to herself? He was being so nice to her, has he fallen for her?

Zhao Hao only did this to protect members of Zhao family, plus she was very talented. He was not a pedophile nor a sister-con, he had a girlfriend of his own!

His father would break his legs if he dared have any other intention over sister Youyue!

Those audiences who knew the true identity of Boss Hao were amused. It was ironic to ask someone else to “change your surname to Zhao” since he was indeed a Zhao, a real member of the Zhao family.

Coincidentally, Zhao Youyue’s surname also Zhao, which addressed the elephant in the room. Tian Shenluo was no Zhao

Tian Shenluo sat petrified in front of his computer screen. Zhao Hao was right about one thing, Tian Shenluo’s family was rich, yet he was unworthy to call himself one of the Zhaos.

In the beginning, Tian Shenluo was barely interested in Ah Yu. He looked at the screen that was now flooded with “change your name to Zhao” messages, and at the beautiful Ah Yu finally starting her programme. He now planned to win Ah Yu over to regain his honor and dignity.

There was no haste needed for this. Tian Shenluo decided to hide in the shadows and watch her broadcast. After all, he had been away from Douyu for quite some time. He was curious about how Ah Yu had earned her popularity, and how she had won this pioneer tycoon, Boss Hao’s heart over.