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God of Tycoons appear

Zhao Youyue was not one who shied away from stepping out of her comfort zone, not anymore. In a sense, her mental age had already exceeded her real age. After all, she had experienced the many lives of other characters in the process of acquiring her various character cards. These had all been precious experiences. Now, she could confidently say that she was somewhat an elder among her generation, capable of sharing some life advice with the ‘younger’ generation.

This was also probably why Zhao Youyue was getting better and better at socializing with others. As the saying went, “A grasp of mundane affairs is genuine knowledge, an understanding of worldly wisdom is true learning.” Regardless of the abilities that Zhao Youyue had obtained through the “Two Dimensional Gate,” after experiencing the life of other persons, she was naturally wiser and calmer.

Therefore, Zhao Youyue felt that instead of hiding and staying mysterious, it was better for her to reveal her face on live stream willingly. In any case, her sockpuppet identity had been exposed. Thus, there was not much meaning in keeping up with this facade. She was definitely different from those type of weak girls who had to run to their brothers for help, the moment trouble arose. She had her own independent thoughts and beliefs.

There was a slight problem, regarding her father. She had previously promised not to reveal her face. If she revealed her face, she might be bothered by others in the real world, and the disturbance might even spread to her parents.

However, now that her identity had been exposed, it would be meaningless to feign ignorance. Instead, she wanted to see how exactly would this disrupt her life. If stalkers or perverts really started following her around, she would undoubtedly have to enhance her self-defense skills. Even if she had the greatest bodyguard in the world, relying on her own abilities was still a more reliable option.

She decided that she would personally explain everything to her father. If it does not work out between them, she felt that she could probably move out and live alone. This live streaming career of hers had grown to become so well-known and impressive; she would not let go of it so easily. She wanted to be a more influential person.

Speaking of this, she had not tried to live stream outdoors yet. Such content would actually be purposeful and wholesome.

Zhao Youyue had always been very assertive. She was already considering how to properly utilize her current soaring popularity the moment she learned that her real identity had been exposed and was now a hot topic.

To be honest, Zhao Youyue did not pay much heed to money. The income she received from live streaming was rather substantial. However, popularity was the really good thing. She could use her popularity to promote her future ‘works.’ She could take advantage of her popularity, and advertise any work that she enters next.

The moment Zhao Youyue revealed her face, the bullet curtains of the entire live stream channel subsided for a moment. With the help of the beauty camera, she was undoubtedly more beautiful, compared to how she looked in all the other videos which were circulating the internet!

Actually, not many female live streamers looked so beautiful. Many female live streamers would have to put on makeup and make full use of the beauty camera before they appeared beautiful on-screen. However, when some viewers caught sight of these female live streamers in reality, they realized that they were actually not that pretty. Sometimes, they might be fat and flabby!

Of course, Zhao Youyue was nothing like that. She genuinely was a fresh, pretty young lady. She had been pampered, all her life. All aspects of her life were carefully monitored and excellently maintained. Now, with her long hair, she had reached the peak state of beauty, and it could be said that she was fully encapsulated by a “heroine aura.” Paired with the effects of the beauty camera, she had shocked all the viewers to the core!

This included Zhao Hao, who was happily watching his own little cousin sister’s live stream.

The very moment Zhao Youyue started her live stream, Zhao Hao had received a notification. Then, filled with excitement, he immediately went to watch his little cousin sister Youyue’s live stream. He was prepared to spam her with a huge amount of gifts, as he wanted to maintain his position at the top of the fan ranking board forever!

After all, he now knew Ah Yu’s true identity. If he still did not spam her with gifts, he would be ashamed of it. He treated Zhao Youyue like his real sister, and he wished that this sister of his would follow his lead. This would protect his reputation, and at the same time, he could make use of his sister’s talent.

Of course, it was too early for Zhao Hao to think specifically about what to do with his little cousin sister. However, judging by how popular she was on Douyu, he felt that her popularity could be put to good use…

However, Zhao Hao clearly did not truly understand Zhao Youyue yet. In actuality, Zhao Youyue was not the kind of subservient girl who would be willing to work for anyone. Perhaps Zhao Hao thought that he could use Zhao Youyue to his advantage. However, unconsciously, he had turned himself into a chess piece, to be placed in Zhao Youyue’s mercy.

Such was Zhao Youyue’s advantage as a young and beautiful lady. Her appearance was too enchanting. The fact was that, deep down, she was far more arrogant than anyone else, and she felt that she was far more superior than anyone else.

At this moment, Zhao Hao had originally thought that Zhao Youyue was already beautiful enough in her other videos. He did not expect her to reveal her face. When her unique, defined features were paired with the effects of the beauty camera, she was completely capable of being considered a young lady who was beautiful enough to cause the walls of a city to crumble down!

One can only thank the great invention known as the beauty camera. Obviously, Zhao Youyue’s appearance had not yet reached the level of a femme fatale, or rather, she did not have that sultry, seductive appeal. She possessed more of the fresh and innocent kind of beauty. She had a temperament that seemed to be slightly arrogant but was also somewhat majestic. After all, she was a lady that has fully entered into the “heroine state.”

If the long-haired Zhao Youyue dressed in a ladylike fashion, she would be the center of attention, no matter where she went.

If she switched back to the short-haired Zhao Youyue and got out of her “heroine state,” the model side character would reappear. Then, she would become insignificant again…

Zhao Hao, who was amazingly surprised, began to send gifts adeptly. As the Douyu king “Boss Hao,” he was clearly a veteran amongst veterans. He obviously understood that by continuously sending her gifts instead of sending all of them in one shot, her popularity would be boosted even more. He felt that he could help his little cousin sister’s live stream career attain greater heights.

Zhao Hao’s only regret was that he had discovered her true identity so late. Fortunately, he was also at the top of the ranking board, even though the value of his fan ranking was actually shameful and unbefitting of his identity.

However, it could not be helped, as Ah Yu did not buy her fans. She also did not promise to share her WeChat details to viewers who sent her a certain amount of rockets. All her actions made it seem like she did not dare to reveal her face, as she was too ugly. Thus, not many viewers were willing to send her gifts.

At that moment, the live stream channel was still being heavily spammed by bullet curtains, all of them worshipping Lady Zhao who had finally revealed her face —- —-

“666666666, Zhao Youyue is too awesome!”

“How could she be more beautiful than in the video, my heart has been conquered!”

“I admire Ah Yu’s magnanimity in revealing her face so willingly!”

“Hot news! After a certain live streamer bares her face during a live stream, she now has a monthly income of a million dollars!”

“Why do you still bother doing things like gaming, or playing the violin, or singing? Wouldn’t it be enough if you just quietly smile at the camera?”

“My wife, Ah Yu!”

“Please insult me in a loli voice, to cure me of my Ah Yu disease…”

“It’s confirmed, right? The most beautiful girl on Douyu is her. There’s no doubt!”

“Ah, my heart hurts so much. Why did you reveal your pretty face only now? The God of Tycoons will be on the battlefield in approximately 30 seconds!”

Just as Zhao Hao was about to send some gifts, a God of Tycoons with the username “Tian Shenluo”[1] initiated the battle first. This God of Tycoons who was considerably famous on Douyu instantly sent her 20 rockets as a small token of appreciation, as it only cost 10,000 RMB, which was nothing to him.

Zhao Hao immediately grew frustrated. Someone had unexpectedly attempted to fawn over his little sister before he managed to!

Translation note :

[1] “Tian Shenluo” in this story is a fictional character, although references are made to a real platform in existence like Douyu. The character is actually inspired by a real person, and user of Douyu called “Luo Tianshen,” who is a super rich God of Tycoons in the real world, thus the similarity in the names and presumably, personality or actions.