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Various worships

Indeed, Zhao Hao had not seen Zhao Youyue for a long time. However, he had not forgotten about how this sister of his, who clearly had a low sense of presence, had showcased her gaming talents the other day. If not for Zhao Youyue’s humility, he might have been embarrassed to death…

For a young master like Zhao Hao who lacked nothing, reputation was obviously the most important thing to him. Zhao Youyue had helped him earn his reputation back, and had even treated him with respect. This made him feel that this cousin sister of his was especially sharp-witted. She was way better than his other maternal cousin sister, Zhang Wanjun, who was quite arrogant and hard to get along with.

However, it was a pity that Zhao Youyue did not attend school in Shanghai. Shanghai was Zhao Hao’s home field. Even though he still kept in touch with Zhao Youyue, they did not meet up often. Therefore, it was only natural for them to drift apart.

On the contrary, Zhao Hao and Zhang Wanjun were still on good terms. Although Zhang Wanjun disliked him, he would still call Zhang Wanjun every now and then to meet up for a meal or simply hang out. Of course, they would remain close.

There was no other way around it. Zhang Wanjun attended university in Shanghai, and he could pick her up easily, as she was only a 10 or 20 minutes drive away. If he were to drive to Jiangnan Province to meet Zhao Youyue, it would take him nearly an hour, and he even had to use the expressway…

Even if he wanted to fawn over his little cousin, the distance caused him too much trouble. He did not have much free time, as he also wanted to have fun with his bunch of scoundrel-friends, like Ding Yuncong, as well as his celebrity girlfriend Tan Jing, who he liked very much and had a stable relationship with.

This gradually caused the drift between Zhao Hao and Zhao Youyue; it was bound to happen.

The more Zhao Hao looked at the video of the New Year’s Eve party, the more he compared himself to Zhao Youyue. Considering the fact that both of them were descendants of the reputable Zhao family, she seemed too distant!

Such a perfect, dazzling girl was his sister. This was such a wonderful thing!

As Zhao Youyue’s brother, he could put his identity to good use and act pompously in front of his friend, Ding Yuncong!

Didn’t Ding Yuncong swear that Ah Yu could not possibly have any semblance of beauty? It had turned out to be a load of nonsense. In the video, this sister of his was not only extremely beautiful; she was practically a goddess. She was indeed from the Zhao family, having such superior disposition and grace!

Even though the young master Zhao Hao was very mediocre in all aspects, he carried himself with great sense of honor that stemmed from his family’s name. He was also open-minded and easygoing. Those traits gave him the ability to gather a group of competent people to work for him. As to how he utilized his workforce, both his grandfather and father had no qualms about it.

As a member of the Zhao family, Zhao Hao favored those who shared his surname. Zhao Youyue’s surname was Zhao, and Zhang Wanjun’s surname was not, thus he naturally favored Zhao Youyue. It was a pity that he had previously thought that Zhang Wanjun was better and more talented than Zhao Youyue. Furthermore, since Zhang Wanjun lived in Shanghai, it was natural that Zhao Hao, being the “celestial ruler,” could only watch over Zhang Wanjun.

However, he now felt that he could not afford another moment of separation from sister Youyue. He had to keep such a talent close by his side. This way, his standing in the family would grow firmer. She was the most reliable assistant that he could find.

He almost finished the entire video of the New Year’s Eve party in one single breath. Of course, he skipped over many other programmes. With his “pointer,” he could instantly skip to the “exciting” parts of the video. Zhao Youyue’s piano accompaniment, as well as violin performance, surprised him once again. He never knew that the violin could be played this way!

This also finally allowed him to confirm that Zhao Youyue was Ah Yu. Ah Yu’s violin skills were already widely known by everyone.

Furthermore, when he listened to Zhao Youyue’s voice whenever she did her emceeing and compared it to her live streams, they sounded very similar.

Of course, if it was not for the busybody “Ice Queen of the North” who exposed everything, no one would explicitly carry out a comparison. However, now that comparison has been made side-by-side, the truth came to light!

All this started, the moment Zhao Youyue accidentally exposed her school uniform. When many netizens attempted to track down her high school based on uniforms, they stumbled upon a video of the New Year’s Eve party. Then, they thought about how Ah Yu mentioned that she had not been able to live stream as she was busy with rehearsals for the New Year’s Eve party…

In the end, the dazzling host of the party, Zhao Youyue, had even provided the audience with such a high-leveled violin performance. Her voice gave off an uncanny level of similarity. If she was not Ah Yu, no one else could possibly be Ah Yu!

When Zhao Hao saw things such as “Worship,””Kneeling down for you,””My heart is conquered,””Genius,” and “Wife” appearing uncontrollably on the video, he felt quite honored. No matter what, Zhao Youyue was still the closest younger cousin sister he had, and was a true-blooded member of the prestigious Zhao family. His father and Zhao Youyue’s father were siblings. Now that Zhao Youyue was sought after by so many netizens, he could not help but feel proud. The Zhao family was really the cream of the crop!

Then, Zhao Hao proceeded to look at some other videos, including interviews with Zhao Youyue held by the school, as well as all sorts of videos which praised her for her excellent performance in school and showcased her achievements. He felt that his little cousin sister was just too brilliant. Unlike him, who spent all of his school days doing inappropriate things…

Zhao Hao knew that he was not talented in any aspect. The only thing he had was his respectable family background. Acknowledging this, he had learned how to borrow the power of others to boost himself. He was never jealous of the people who had more talent than him. He had the resources, and he could easily bend these talents to his heel!

Prior to this, there was a period of time where Zhao Hao liked to show off his wealth, excessively. Now that he had a few more years under his belt, he has matured quite a bit. Thus, when he discovered that Zhao Youyue was way more brilliant and outstanding than he had imagined, he decisively took advantage of the New Year’s holidays to get in touch with Zhao Youyue, as he wanted to rebuild their relationship.

It could be said that deep down, Zhao Hao was a utilitarianist. However, those talents under his employment would always feel that they have received proper recognition, and were willing to keep working for him.

Zhao Hao also looked around on the internet to see what the netizens thought about this current hot topic —- —-

“I never thought that the live streamer Ah Yu would actually be a goddess-like school flower. It’s incredible!”

“Damn, why does she hide her face, even if she is this beautiful? All this while, I believed that Ah Yu would not want to reveal her face because she was ugly. What a lapse in my judgment”

“She’s really a super genius, live streaming had not affected her studies at all. She’s always in the top three positions for all her exams! She’s even in one of the best high schools in the country!”

“Out of all the female live streamers, Ah Yu is definitely something new. I actually hope that Ah Yu will stop live streaming for a while, maybe continue when she gets into university..”

“Am I the only one who thinks she is the Chu Luoxun in the real world? Those violin skills of hers are overwhelmingly remarkable!”

“You are really thinking too low of Ah Yu, or I should say Zhao Youyue. Do not forget her gaming talents. She’s the best LoL player in the country and can easily beat any professional player! Unfortunately, she doesn’t play professionally. Otherwise, she would flip the Korean players over effortlessly!”

“Don’t mind me; I just want to know if Ah Yu has a boyfriend, and whether she has been in a relationship before. She’s only in her second year of high school, probably not, right?”

“She’s the school flower, dimwit; boys are the rats to her pied pipe. She must have been in a relationship before!”

“Shut up! I can’t hear anything! I won’t listen to anything you guys say!”