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She Came to The 3D World

This was undoubtedly the scariest part of “Chu Luoxun’s card.” There was not a single live audience who remained unaffected by her performance

Zhao Youyue could never create such an effect if she had performed it herself without the character card!

The “Chu Luoxun card” was already a “Mary Sue” in itself. She was extremely beautiful, had a disposition that stood out, and was a perfectly pleasant soul, while also possessing unbelievable music talent. If she had been born a noble, she would be the perfect woman!

Even her name “Chu Luoxun” was befitting of a “Mary Sue”

Any girl would want to become a shining “Mary Sue” like Chu Luoxun.

“Mary Sues” were the center of the world. Everything else revolved around them!

Now, Zhao Youyue was indeed the center of the world!

People love criticizing “Mary Sue” characters. Such characters made no sense, much less so in reality. It was nave, and impossible to relate to. If a writer with insufficient writing skills wrote such a character in a novel, there would be nothing but awkwardness.

Fortunately, Han Leng was a genius writer. His “Beautiful April” had successfully created a Goddess character that was almost perfect, and had received recognition from many.

This was exactly what people meant, when they call a person a ‘genius writer.’ He had been able to come up with something that other writers could not.

When such a character appeared in reality through Zhao Youyue, her music became downright contagious. It sent people off into stupors. Not a single person could resist its effects

The audiences were no longer listening to just any music. It was music that had seeped into their hearts and spirited them away to another world!

In this world, the sound of music was not the only thing present. Music also came in the form of images, fragrance, tactile sense, etc.

This was a superpower, and it was a spiritually fuelled one.

Everyone else thought that had everything to do with her skills!

However, if only their minds were clear enough, they would have noticed something strange. Why wouldn’t they have similar feelings when listening to other masters’ live performances? Music doesn’t simply pull people into different worlds.

Unfortunately, everyone could only subconsciously ignore such logic.

It was worth mentioning that only those who were at the scene of Zhao Youyue’s performance combined with the influence of the Chu Luoxun card were able to feel these mystical effects. Such feelings would not emerge within those who were merely watching the videos on the internet or listening to the recording.

Therefore, those who listened via her uploads on the internet, would only be emotionally touched by Ah Yu’s talent. They would not be unconsciously sucked into her “reality marble”[1]. Zhao Youyue’s performances could only be experienced to its fullness, if witnessed live

Thus, researching her videos or sound recordings would never raise any suspicions.

Everyone was lost in Zhao Youyue’s passionate performance, except for Han Leng. He stared at Zhao Youyue with a perplexed look.

He had never been so confused in his life.

He now knew that Zhao Youyue was Chu Luoxun, yet she was also not Chu Luoxun.

His written Chu Luoxun never had such a healthy and energetic body. She could never play the violin like Zhao Youyue, breaking out in such vigorous motions, as if she was playing rock music


This was always Chu Luoxun’s long-cherished wish!

Chu Luoxun was an eclectic violinist. Countless breathtaking moves took place in her mind. However, due to the limitations of her body, she was never able to express them

With a healthy body, and a stage all to herself, she would have done precisely what Zhao Youyue was doing now!

The moment Chu Luoxun was given control over Zhao Youyue’s body, nothing would stand in the way of her music, not her health, not her stamina. She could fulfill all her long-cherished wishes!

This was a scene that Han Leng had been longing to see. But his hands had been tied he could not simply write a sentence saying “Chu Luoxun had recovered from her illness.” The further he wrote, the more he became aware of his uselessness.

He was unable to take control of Chu Luoxun. He could only watch her each and every move helplessly, and write them down. If he did not write according to what he saw, it would not have felt right. It was most uncomfortable!

As a genius writer, he relied on his own writing instincts the most

Han Leng stared vacantly at Zhao Youyue, who was on stage. He finally confirmed it with his own two eyes, that she was not Zhao Youyue. She was Chu Luoxun in a healthy state. Only his Chu Luoxun would perform in such a way!

Within the literary world, her body condition had held her back for too long. Now that she had the chance, she was now able to express herself freely!

But there came a problem. Why would Chu Luoxun appear in reality? Why would she appear in Zhao Youyue’s body?

Mostly, in his heart, who was more important to him? Zhao Youyue or Chu Luoxun?

Han Leng was unable to answer the question. He rather believedthat he was simply seeing things. What was he thinking, dreaming of the healthy Chu Luoxun being on stage?

Zhao Youyue was Zhao Youyue. Chu Luoxun was Chu Luoxun. But, what should he do when both of them were in one body?

He was once crazily in love with Chu Luoxun. It had been a most effective vaccine against Lady Zhao. Right now, he felt completely damned, as Chu Luoxun was also Lady Zhao!

What on earth was going on? Be it his first love, or his second, she was both!

Forget it. At least there was still the crossdressing Leng Zi This was probably Han Leng’s one and only consolation.

Zhao Youyue finally finished performing “Beethoven Virus”[2]. The hall became overwhelmed by a deafening, eerie, short silence, but it was quickly remedied by a crazy applause, and all sorts of screams. The atmosphere set the climax of the entire New Year’s Eve!

Almost all the audiences had a fire burning within their hearts. Understandably, they demanded an encore.

Zhao Youyue, or rather Chu Luoxun, could never resist such passionate audiences. She agreed to perform another song, albeit something slightly subdued. She had chosen Beethoven’s “Violin Sonata No. 9 in A major”[3], also known as “Kreutzer Sonata.”

Readers who were familiar with “Beautiful April” should know that it was the designated track of Chu Luoxun’s performance within the novel. However, she had performed the track in her own style, which was considered by the judges as ‘messing around,’ while blowing away the audience.

When Han Leng ‘heard’ the track that he was so ‘familiar’ with once again, he could not lie to himself anymore…

The girl on stage was not Zhao Youyue at all. She was his written iconic female character, Chu Luoxun!

She had come into the 3D reality!

Translation Note:

[1] Reality marble – It refers to a magic to realize one’s mental image, a spatial change of one’s surroundings.

[2] “Beethoven Virus” – It was originally adapted from Beethoven Pathetique Sonata 3rd movement

[3] “Violin Sonata No. 9 in A major” – The Violin Sonata No. 9 of Ludwig van Beethoven, commonly known as the Kreutzer Sonata, was published as Beethoven’s Opus 47. It is known for its demanding violin and piano parts, unusual length (a typical performance lasts slightly less than 40 minutes), and emotional scope while the first movement is predominantly furious, the second is meditative and the third joyous and exuberant.