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Upsurge of Passion

Zhao Youyue’s previous piano performance had left every audience eager to see her violin solo. Some people were concerned, for the previous performer, who also happened to be a violinist carrying the title Prince of Violins – Hang Yongming had already played the song “Happened to meet you,” which was quite entertaining and got a positive feedback from the audience.

His “competitor,” Wang Shun who was an Erhu performer could almost rival him, but the song he chose, “The moon over a fountain,” was not as popular.

Now, it was Zhao Youyue’s turn to perform. The emcee; Wang Zongchao briefly announced that she would be playing a song title “Beethoven Virus,” a modified version of one of Beethoven’s famous song. Wouldn’t it be awkward if nobody even knew what she was playing?

But most of the students did not think too much of it; her song choice was damned, as long as they could admire her beauty! Such was the privilege of being a beautiful young lady, no matter how she screws things up, every single one of her shortcoming could be turned into something moe, equivalent to how people ‘aww’ at a cute child throwing a violent tantrum…

This world was truly superficial.

Zhao Youyue held a uniquely shaped, claret red violin. Upon arriving on stage, she activated the “Chu Luoxun card,” and the goddess aura of Chu Luoxun instantly overwhelmed the audience! At that moment, every audience acted just like the audience of “Beautiful April,” they had all been assigned one particular role, to cheer for Goddess Chu like unhinged fanatics!

Without realizing it himself, Han Leng bolted straight up like a man possessed, what was this strong sense of deja vu? What was with this “Beethoven Virus,” did it not only appear in the mind of Chu Luoxun to expose the musical talents of Chu Luoxun, what was it doing here in their real world?

Zhao Youyue was smiling. Obviously it was the smile of a goddess, and she muttered, “Dieu de la musique, s’il vous plat coutez mon appel…”

Then she unleashed herself!

The violin Zhao Youyue used was not a normal violin, it was an electric violin, capable of surging with passion unlike any other!

Many of the audience had thought that the elegant Zhao Youyue would play a classical song, her very appearance seemed to suggest it. She looked like an elegant, intellectual goddess.

But the performance of Zhao Youyue surprised them! When the prelude of “Beethoven Virus” started, many people were shocked by this passionate electric violin song; it was electrifying, and rocketed off with a huge jolt!

Zhao Youyue did not remain in a single spot for long; she strutted on stage, playing the violin in a way that could not be considered elegant – it was a style never seen before! She seemed to be playing a rock n’ roll!

That’s right; this was exactly how it felt like!

When she reached the climax of the song, she swayed theatrically; turning the hall into a trailer park in the eye of a tornado!

No matter what the mood was, this “Beethoven Virus” would make people feel that life is beautiful and filled with hope, they could feel the positive energy of this song even in a bad weather!

Many audiences were troubled by the same question, can violins be played in such a way?

That intellectual, elegant Zhao Youyue was exposing her passion, a side that no one would ever expect, this came as a huge surprise for the masses!

Of course, no one was more shaken than Hang Yongming. He had once even mocked Zhao Youyue for being too rigid and failing to understand what real music was…

In fact, when he saw Zhao Youyue taking out an electric violin, he knew that something big was happening she had always practiced with a normal one.

So when the song of “Beethoven Virus” started, washing over his soul with intense rhythm and passion, he was dumbfounded. This music style was highly popular among young people; this song was perfect for a game’s background music!

If one listened to this song while driving, they might start to speed up unintentionally and even break through red lights. There was no way for them to stop, because this song would not permit them to do so!

Hang Yongming stared at her with his jaw open; he never thought that a violin could be played in a rock and roll style. This woman had to be on some heavy stuff, violins don’t work that way!

Was this really how she played the violin? Was this a valid technique?

As a violinist who was constantly in the pursuit of freestyle, Hang Yongming never expected Zhao Youyue to go this far, it was totally beyond his imagination!

He did not know how to describe his feelings of that moment, but he knew that he would never forget her performance on this day ever…

His brain had entered into a feverish state of frenzy, he had started analyzing if he could play this song, and the conclusion he got was

It was too difficult, way too difficult! The precision of the chords, the high cross chord frequencies, the sheer, frantic tempo!

Zhao Youyue had completely dominated him with her violin skills…

He could only admire her fast and flexible pair of hands! His once bloated sense of superiority vanished in a puff!

He finally realized that, Zhao Youyue was not just a prize-winning machine, like he had thought. She was a terrifying monster that could change its style at the flick of a switch, according to the occasion. She was playing such a youthful song for the New Year’s Eve party!

When the violin transcends the realm of classical music, it would reveal its true potential; this was the quintessence of the violin. She wielded it like a weapon of mass joy and passion!

As Zhao Youyue performed, her “Musical Reality Marble” tore through the fabric of reality, reached out, and pulled every single audience into her magnificent world of music! It was a living, breathing world, with far more life than anything else! Fiery waterfalls cascaded from the skies, torching the entire area up!

Zhao Youyue was not performing on a stage either; she was dancing in flames, the music notes were no longer dancing flower petals, but orbs of flame that ignited the human heart!