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: Not So Simple

“I only thought that something like a ‘School Flower’ would only exist in novels, but after watching her perform on stage, now I understand that she totally deserved that title.”

“That female emcee is the legendary Zhao Youyue? This look, this body, this temperament! Tsk tsk tsk…”

“I heard that she would be playing the violin later. Even if she plays badly, as long as I can see her one more time, my life would be complete.”

“This is certainly unexpected, I’m so used to seeing Zhao Youyue in her uniform without makeup, now look at her, she’s totally a different person!”

“Just end this boring segment already, I just wanna see the perfect and beautiful female emcee!”

Many of the students were praising her or muttering to themselves. All this proved that the female emcee, Zhao Youyue had successfully captured the attention of every single audience member. Her appearance and poise had already won over the hearts of every single person!

Even a middle age guy like “Ou Yang” could not escape, he was deeply immersed in her unrivaled beauty. His novelist mind stirred into action, as inspirational ideas started flooding his head. The average students were completely enthralled by her beauty.

In schools, there would always be students who were slow the uptake or had problems communicating. Late to the party or not, even such individuals were now aware that a beauty walked through the halls of this school!

Such a discovery was most definitely a pleasant surprise – Han Leng’s love letter business would undoubtedly grow.

Han Leng’s love letters were different, compared to the others; his standards were above average, so Zhao Youyue always treated his love letters with extra care, which further motivated Han Leng. Those who admired Zhao Youyue would know who to approach if they wanted love letters written…

One day, Han Leng realized that someone had requested him to write a love letter to a girl named “Lin Xuanya,” and the requestor was Lin Xuanya herself. Those love letters he had grown so accustomed to writing could no longer help him here.

This third-year senior, Lin Xuanya was also a rich man’s daughter, she had a sexy body and was skilled at dancing… But now, this whole school only seemed to know “Zhao Youyue,” and not knowing this “Lin Xuanya” who intended to debut as an idol after school graduation.

Lin Xuanya felt helpless in the face of a near perfect girl like Zhao Youyue; she could only be a side character when placed with Zhao Youyue. Lin Xuanya was to perform an ethnic dance during the night party, but after witnessing the outstanding performance by Zhao Youyue, she almost planned to drop everything, there and then.

At that moment, Han Leng was sitting among the audience, but he was probably the calmest person in the room, because he had already seen Zhao Youyue in her beautiful gown, only this time, she had long, flowing hair.

How the long hair worked truly baffled Han Leng. Just by stacking up some dead proteins on her scalp, her charm had totally blown up, and people were admiring her at first glance!Her short hairstyle only made her cute, like a famous sword hidden in a scabbard, her long hair made her fabulous!

Han Leng somehow felt that Lady Zhao would only use her appearance to win the audience over… If he was not mistaken, her violin style would never rise up to this occasion, the calm and accurate “Humanoid Metronome” that she was…

At the same time, he could not forget the one time she played in the classroom, as if “Chu Luoxun” had possessed her…

Han Leng had always convinced himself that it was just a coincidence. Only if she actually repeats that performance, would he be convinced of the opposite!

How would that be possible?

Han Leng started doubting himself, but he could only continue watching the performance for now.

The New Year’s Eve party was going on well, but most of the audience remained unimpressed. Instead, they placed their entire focus on the female emcee after each segment; she was really good looking!

The first performance of note was the singing of the little angel, Jiang Qing. She sang really well, she looked the part, and managed to grab the attention of the audience from Zhao Youyue for a moment.

After she was done singing her song, everyone requested for an encore; this was unexpected because they had not prepared any other backing track. But then, Jiang Qing could not bring herself to disappoint her fellow students, so she prepared to sing a cappella of “Sweet”…

Zhao Youyue used to be envious of Jiang Qing because of her ability to sing, but now she had “Chu Luoxun’s card,” she was already beyond that level. Even so, she would not snatch the spotlight from Jiang Qing. She would even help Jiang Qing.

As everyone was still cheering for Jiang Qing, Zhao Youyue went to the piano and started playing for Jiang Qing; this gave her singing much more power!

The beautiful figure of a poised Zhao Youyue at the seat of the piano became deeply engraved into the minds of every student. Most of them suddenly became aware that Zhao Youyue knew how to play the piano as well, and was doing a wonderful job at it!

How many instruments could this Zhao Youyue play?

Jiang Qing also never knew that Zhao Youyue could play the piano. After her performance, she gave Zhao Youyue a passionate hug, and left the stage happily. If Lady Zhao had not stepped in, she wouldn’t have been able to sing at such a level…

If the audience weren’t lost in the aftertone of the sweet voice and the sound of the piano, they might have had the clarity of mind to request for more, so that they could hear another song played by Zhao Youyue.

After Zhao Youyue played the piano, one particular person was left particularly nervous. That person was Hang Yongming. He even checked on the list of performances and discovered that there was only one piano performance, and it was going to be performed by the student council president, Wang Zongchao, so, where’s Ah Yu?

He had been bothered by this until Zhao Youyue started playing the piano… Was Ah Yu actually Zhao Youyue?

Hang Yongming could not bring himself to believe it; he’d rather accept the possibility of another girl hiding somewhere between the curtains. However, he was forced to cast all other thoughts aside, for it was his turn to perform.

Despite his nervousness, he still managed to play the song “Happened to met you” flawlessly. Of course, it stirred up a fuss, as several students were familiar with the melody. They were not applauding the violinist, they were applauding the hit song…

Unfortunately, Hang Yongming was no beauty, or else the audience would have definitely requested for another song.

After Hang Yongming was done performing, he locked his gaze upon Zhao Youyue. Because of her piano performance, he knew Zhao Youyue was not as simple as she looks on the outside!

Finally, it was time for the most anticipated event – Zhao Youyue’s violin solo, her original song”Beethoven Virus.”