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: Inspection

In addition to being extremely busy with school-related things, Zhao Youyue had been inspecting the newly acquired “Altair card (incomplete).” It seemed like this grey character card could not be activated. What could be the problem?

Without a doubt, this character card of a different nature, compared to the cards that had been previously obtained.

First of all, with regards to the previously obtained character cards, Zhao Youyue was their true creator. She had gradually transformed them from mere side characters into not only important supporting female characters, but also into main female protagonists, when they were originally not supposed to be.

She was very familiar with these female characters that she had personally created. Their actions were all controlled by her. The creators only expressed her actions in those worlds.

Nothing about them was concealed from her sight. Zhao Youyue knew everything about them.

Some creators had been cooperative, because they agreed with the behavior of the characters, and they thought that their actions were well-suited to the plot. This would also make the work even more interesting. Therefore, they were able to feel that “sudden burst of inspiration,” or get “intoxicated.” Only because of that, they could create such interesting stories and illustrate the characters so well.

It was just like Yu Shengfan and Chu Luoxun, under the hands of Ye Hai and Han Leng. The both of them had indulged themselves in their female characters, and allowed the characters to play their own parts. They gave the female characters their absolute trust.

Zhao Youyue had nearly messed everything up for Rosemary Ye Hai, because she chose to leave the world when “Yu Shengfan” became a highly popular character. This made Ye Hai lose touch with his “intoxicated” state, and he ended up not being able to write anything else about Yu Shengfan. This had led to his giving of a bento to Ah Yu, as well as the progression into a new chapter, as he had been helpless even to lift a finger.

Han Leng was more fortunate, as Zhao Youyue had accompanied him to the end of his work. Thus, when he wrote about Chu Luoxun, he was always in a perfect state of intoxication. However, he was too fond of Chu Luoxun, and he could not help it. As he was determined to seek justice for Chu Luoxun, with the use of Spring and Autumn Annals, he had single-handedly given birth to the “aesthetic researchers,” as well as the great dispute between the two fan clubs.

Now, there were way more than two fan clubs. There was this yuri fan club that had recently claimed the spotlight, claiming that the one true love only existed between Chu Luoxun and Lin Meiyue. In fact, the fan club had many supporters, as many of them had done some research and discovered that Gu Yuan, the trashy male protagonist, was actually unneeded. The one that Chu Luoxun had feelings for was clearly, Lin Meiyue.

Su Li, on the other hand, was now caught up in another tough situation. This was mainly because the useless girl had no integrity, and was not firm in the slightest bit. People like Rosemary and Han Leng always prioritized their works, no matter what. Even if some rich readers tip them excessively, and request for a cameo, they would only add them if they were suitable. They would even completely reject the ideas from rich readers if it interfered with their plot.

However, when it came to this good-for-nothing Su Li, to humor the rich readers who have tipped her, she would unconditionally comply. Even if circumstances stood in her way, she was willing to take one step further for them. If a rich reader did something like tip her a million, then propose to make their own cameo role, in order to hook up with a supporting female actress that was already with the main protagonist, she might very well be tempted to follow through with it. If the rich reader raised the price again, she would definitely do it!

After Zhao Youyue saw through Su Li’s personality, she got rather infuriated. When she was in her literary world, she had really struggled to deal with Su Li. This useless girl’s persistence in always wanting to give back to the readers was just too much for Zhao Youyue to handle!

Under the will of the Big Universe, the male protagonist Zha Ming would try to take advantage of Xu Jing. Fortunately, Xu Jing had managed to defend her innocence in various ways. The appearance of her chastity belt came as a godsend. The only time Zhao Youyue had been absolutely helpless was when the local government officers tore Xu Jing’s clothes into shreds with a “big club,” which forced out an extreme amount of fan service.

At that point in time, Zhao Youyue had really wanted to strangle the good-for-nothing Su Li to death!

However, “Pure Romance” was close to being a harem, and was similar to the sexual variety of web novels. The fact that Zhao Youyue could turn it into an iconic work and obtain the Xu Jing card was impressive.

All in all, Zhao Youyue had to stay until the end of the manga, mainly because of Su Li’s “bow down to the rich readers no matter what” nature. She was afraid that Su Li would shove Xu Jing around, the moment she leaves the story.

Other creators would never do such a thing, but Su Li would do it without the slightest hesitation!

Su Li never had any feelings for the characters she created. She treated them wholly as money-making tools.

In fact, precisely because of this, it was impossible for Su Li to create a work that could move the readers. She could not even move herself!

When creators do not devote their emotions during creation, the works that they create would inevitably end up unremarkable and empty.

Therefore, Su Li was more well-suited for making adaptations of original works into mangas. This way, she would not need to devote her own emotions into the work. She only needed to diligently transform the original author’s plot and emotions into manga form.

“Altair” was different, compared to the previous three characters. Without Zhao Youyue lifting a finger, she was the heroine of a work. Zhao Youyue had not been planning to get her character card. She merely wanted to use her as a tool, to comfortably possess her, to experience a wonderful vacation that would have never been possible in reality.

She did not add any settings for this role, and there was no way to do so, because the character was the heroine of the story. Everything was in the hands of the creator. Zhao Youyue could only help the creator to get “intoxicated” so that they could portray the heroine more perfectly.

Thus, Zhao Youyue could not decipher the secrets behind this character, which included her hidden settings, and so on.

This is one of the main differences between Altair and Zhao Youyue’s other characters.

The energy level of this character would be another obvious question.

Altair was indisputably the kind of super boss who would emerge in the later stages of games. Judging by her character design, she could even belong to the super magical type of world. In those fairytales, she would definitely fit in and not feel out of place.

However, the “Two Dimensional Gate” had classified her as a slice-of-life genre character, because she did possess any high-powered skills. She did not have the power to destroy the world with the flick of her wrist, and did not possess any skills related martial arts, magic, or any other special ability. As she never once showed her hand in her story, she had now been categorized as so.

Altair just liked to wander around everywhere and enjoy the scenery. She probably had a “space travel” ability. However, this ability has been classified by the “Two Dimensional Gate” to be the same as the maximum running capacity ability in “The 4WD God”. It was neither destructive, nor capable of causing harm

Thus, if Zhao Youyue truly ends up getting this character card, she will only be able to use this card as a “travel card.” After all, she had to remain obedient to the settings.

The crux of the problem was that the creator, “Setsuna” has died. Moreover, right before she died, she had caused a huge wave of problems. She even wanted Altair to step into the real world! Her wish was a strong one, which had obviously led to the changes of this character card!

It still could not be determined if this character card was an iconic character card or a high popularity character card. It seemed more like a character card frame, or a character fragment. In order to activate her, more fragments would have to be collected. Of course, these “fragments” would have to be created through her various doujinshi works, because “Setsuna” had given her the “Holopsicon” ability.