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Party Host

Zhao Youyue had no intentions of letting her viewers down. She would be busy for the next few nights, with matters related to school. Her hands were tied on this matter.

Many viewers did not actually know how old the live streamer “Ah Yu” is. Moreover, as she had a wide vocal range, she could easily switch her voice from mature-sounding to a loli’s, and her speaking voice could somewhat be considered the voice of a gentle, fresh young lady. Even after hearing her voice, nobody could accurately guess her real age…

Therefore, the audience would never guess that the leading 2D live streamer Ah Yu, was a high school student. Something told them that Ah Yu should be a university student, at the very least.

Besides, Zhao Youyue did not depend solely on live streaming for a living. For her, live streaming was primarily used to bring Yu Shengfan’s dreams to life, as Yu Shengfan had not been able to express herself during her time in her world fully. Since she has now firmly maintained her position as the best gamer in the country, and would easily stay at the top until the next season, she now had the time to give “Yu Shengfan” her fix. Yu Shengfan now lived a life with no regrets.

Zhao Youyue felt that “Chu Luoxun” was next to shine in the spotlight. Of course, this did not mean that she would altogether give up on live streaming games. She had decided that she would still stream any other popular game. However, she would no longer play to be the best gamer in the country. As long as she gets to bully some newbies, it would be more than enough.

In fact, when you reach the peak in any competitive type of game, the queue for matches would usually take ages. High rankers were scarce as they were. Moreover, some people would even be afraid of dropping down the ranks. Thus they would be very cautious and tend to not solo queue, unless the need truly arises.

When Zhao Youyue was playing high-ranked games in LoL, she had to wait for 30 minutes in queue, per match. If other LoL live streamers did the same thing, the number of viewers in their channel would surely drop. The viewers would not want to watch the live streamer play Dou dizhu[1] for the entire duration of the queue, right?

Come to think of it, Zhao Youyue also played Dou dizhu during queue times, but she was considered a “generous gambler.” She would always boast about how good she was at playing Dou dizhu, but when she actually played it, she always ended up losing. Howsoever, this was particularly entertaining. It often left her viewers in stitches. Many would voluntarily upload highlights of her streams, like “this live streamer is too good at this game,””live streamer gone wild” and such.

Of course, this was Zhao Youyue herself playing the game, without any character cards activated. However, she realized that many viewers actually preferred to have her live stream in her normal state, as it had the best effect. The viewers would feel that they were interacting with someone close, like their neighbor’s daughter, as she was much more approachable that way, and treated the viewers kindly.

Even with those long queue times, Zhao Youyue’s popularity did not diminish, because, in the process, she often performed for her viewers. As a result, when the game starts, many of the viewers would comment on the bullet curtain and request for her to stop gaming. Wouldn’t it be better if she continued to sing?

Due to this, many of Ah Yu’s viewers were very happy when she decided to give up on LoL, because of her “high-ranked solidarity.” Of course, many gamer viewers would not accept that. In the end, the majority leaned towards having Zhao Youyue continue playing, but she would use a smurf account. This would make the queueing process a lot faster. Also, she would not limit herself to just playing LoL, and would also play some other games.

In fact, viewers did not necessarily enjoy watching those fast-paced, high-end games. On the contrary, they preferred to watch newbies getting bullied. No matter what the game is, everyone would always love to watch the live streamer troll about. Before they even start the game, it would be best if they shared their plans with the viewers. This way, it would not matter if they fail to carry out the plan, as the process was enough entertainment.

This was just like the story of the great Sima,[2] who had never gotten much attention when he was live streaming his ranked games, but the moment he started doing stupid stuff for entertainment, he grew more and more popular.

It was already late December, and New Year’s Day was fast approaching. The school’s 100th anniversary just so happened to fall on the same day!

Therefore, this New Year’s Eve would be the grandest one, out of all the celebrations in recent years. The party would not only be attended by all the students of the school, but also by many high-profiled alumni!

These alumni included people like high officials and politicians, national academicians, socialites and more. It was no wonder that the school was one of the best high schools in the entire provincial capital.

The school officials were taking this party exceptionally seriously, but it was justifiable.

Previously, when Zhao Youyue gave her impromptu speech at the Autumn sports competition, Headmaster Ge thought that she was full of style and grace, and seemed open-minded and approachable. Most importantly, she looked beautiful and also had a unique temperament. Obviously, she was well-suited to be the host of the school’s New Year’s Eve!

Then, Headmaster Ge Jun had also specifically looked into Zhao Youyue’s academic performance. Her results were so surprising, that nobody would have been able to guess it without first looking. It was a surprise to see that she was the student with the best grades, out of all the liberal arts students. For several final examinations this semester, she had placed first in all of them!

In the first year of high school, she was the only student who had been able to move the first place student Huang Zongchao out of his throne!

Headmaster Ge felt that Zhao Youyue seemed to have just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was as if the heavens had randomly dropped him a gift. How had he not noticed her existence, before this?

Anyhow, Ge Jun had handpicked Zhao Youyue as the female host of the New Year’s Eve. Her partner would undoubtedly be Huang Zongchao. Unfortunately, Huang Zongchao was not particularly handsome. Otherwise, by the appearances of the male and female hosts alone, anyone would be able to tell that the students from this batch were of an outstanding nature.

Even though Huang Zongchao was not handsome, he had a lot of experience in hosting events. Every utterance of him carried weight. Paired with his perennial prestige in maintaining his top-notch academic performance, this undoubtedly made him the best candidate for the male host of this New Year’s Eve.

Zhao Youyue was quite surprised when she was selected as the host of the New Year’s Eve. However, after some consideration, she still decided to accept the offer. After all, this would probably become one of the most long-lasting memories of her high school times. When she starts her third year of high school, she might never come across such an opportunity again.

Howsoever, she was still very confident in her hosting skills. After all, she had been a live streamer for a long time. Even without showing her face, she had been able to attract so many viewers. However, this was not achieved purely by relying on her talents. As a live streamer, it was necessary to know how to relax and interact with the viewers openly.

Zhao Youyue’s current class teacher, Yang Liqun, greatly approved of her decision. He was starting to feel that Zhao Youyue really cared about the interests of the class as a whole, and that the class was beginning to give out a sense of collective honor. Being able to host this New Year’s Eve was absolutely an honorable and impressive opportunity!

Zhao Youyue was not only the host. She had another event to attend to, which was, of course, was her solo violin performance!

After taking the gold medal in the provincial music competition, she did not stop there, and continued to participate in the national music competition. Of course, she was still invincible, by virtue of the “human metronome” style of music!

In such a situation, to ensure that this party goes perfectly well, all sorts of rehearsals and preparations were necessary. Since attendance was mandatory for classes during the day, the rehearsals could only be held at night.

Zhao Youyue was naturally unable to spare some time for her live streams.

This, however, made Su Li suffer…

Translation note :

[1] “Dou dizhu,” literally “fighting the landlord,” is a card game in the genre of shedding and gambling. It is one of the most popular card games played in China.

[2] “Great Sima,””” is a Douyu live streamer. His real name is Han Jinlong.