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Candlelit Virgil

Zhao Youyue was very shocked to learn of the news!

Throughout all of her exchanges with “Setsuna,” she never once noticed that “Setsuna” was seriously ill. Instead, she had been so lost in her admiration of “Setsuna’s” passion in writing and overflowing vitality.

How could such a writer possibly fall ill?

This Doujinshi novel, “White Clover” was a work with almost zero popularity. Its popularity had not increased, even with Zhao Youyue’s heavy involvement. Everyone had expressed that the meaning of those words escaped them completely

Yet, “Setsuna” had been able to continue writing such a novel. Zhao Youyue got to bask in the beauty and wonder of many worlds as she took the heroine’s spot. She had grown deeply ingratiated towards “Setsuna.”

In a sense, this work existed only for Zhao Youyue.

Of course, “Setsuna” had created this for her self-gratification.

Zhao Youyue had always considered herself a somewhat cautious person. However, she had not noticed “Setsuna’s” abnormality at all, as if “Setsuna” was utterly unafraid of death. Zhao Youyue found a new level of respect for this person.

Zhao Youyue had also figured out more details. She had figured out why “Setsuna” had been unwilling to reveal her real name, even though they were getting along nicely. She had been wanting to invite “Setsuna” for dinner, yet “Setsuna” would always decline her invitation.

“Setsuna” had been keeping a distance from her one and only loyal reader on purpose, as she did not want Zhao Youyue to be saddened by her death.

It had worked. Zhao Youyue was not wracked by a sudden wave of sorrow at that moment. After all, “Setsuna’s” death was not some kind of sudden accident. She had already been seriously ill for a very long time. The reason she had been able to keep writing, even as she strode towards death’s door, was obviously due to the “intoxicated” state. Human desires would always create miracles, under impossible circumstances.

This Doujinshi novel “White Clover” was such a miracle. After all, if “Setsuna” was in her usual state, she definitely would not have been able to lift her phone up, let alone write.

Although Zhao Youyue was not crippled by sorrow, she felt a sense of emptiness. She had always been looking forward to meeting “Setsuna.” She had wanted to ask “Setsuna” face-to-face, what inspired her, where did she get such ideas, to be able to conceive such an interesting world.

“Setsuna’s” imagination reached such a level, her worlds were so well-fleshed out, that they seemed to transcend the suspension of disbelief itself. Everything about them suggested that they truly existed. “Setsuna’s” mind was nothing more than a mysterious pocket multiverse that housed all these worlds. Unfortunately, due to her limited writing skills, she had been unable to flesh them out on paper.

What made her feel this way?

She had firsthand experience of these worlds, with her five senses. The previous fantasy worlds only grew more realistic as they grew more popular. Otherwise, they would feel more like dreams.

Zhao Youyue was extremely convinced of what she experienced. These worlds were nothing like dreams, especially the urban world that “Altair” last arrived. Such a powerful sense of realism even made Zhao Youyue suspect if she had traveled into a parallel universe.

Therefore, “White Clover” was like another portal for Zhao Youyue. Its existence had sent Zhao Youyue into those worlds as a dimensional traveler.

The last thing that Zhao Youyue did for “Setsuna” was to form a group and publish the incomplete Doujinshi novel, “White Clover” on the forum. The illustration by Su Li would be its cover.

To publish such an unpopular novel, it would have to be self-funded, and nothing but loss was to be expected.

However, for Zhao Youyue who had become a first-tier female broadcaster, it was a piece of cake to publish with her own expenses.

Zhao Youyue’s monthly salary had reached 70,000 to 80,000 RMB. Her annual salary could easily reach a million.

Many would actually think that a first-tier female broadcaster earned more than that.

This was simply because Zhao Youyue did not have those super Godly tycoons supporting her. Therefore, she did not receive much in the form of tips. At the same time, she had not created any form of Taobao shop for her related merchandise. She had not signed new contracts with Douyu either.

In other words, Zhao Youyue currently had not yet converted her explosive popularity into income. When her stature stabilizes, a 10 million annual salary would be little problem to her.

Zhao Youyue came from a powerful family. Money held little sway over her desires. More than anything else, current assets held the greatest value in her heart.

Therefore, she would throw out several investments, in the future. She had even decided her future ventures. She intended to build a culture and entertainment company. It was not as a source of monetary profit. It was to expand the influence of female characters that she possesses!

For her ‘wives’, no price would be too high.

After Zhao Youyue figured out how to use “Altair (incomplete),” her intention to build a company to create all kinds of works especially for her female characters and publish them had grown exponentially.

Although this card was still incomplete, with its powers remaining out of reach, Zhao Youyue would be able to utilize “Altair’s” identity to travel into completed works through the “Two Dimensional Gate!”

This opened several new avenues for Zhao Youyue. A Doujinshi work had been manifested in reality, with “Altair” as its heroine. It was more or less a completed work that was perpetually being improved.

Who would it’s creator be, then?

This would depend on God’s decision, anyone in an “intoxicated” state would be able to write it out.

Zhao Youyue only knew so much from the “Two Dimensional Gate.” Until now, she had not yet understood that those completed, iconic literary worlds could no longer be categorized as ‘fiction.’

She had to reveal the mystery of those completed literary worlds by herself.

The moment Su Li learned that the Doujinshi writer “Setsuna” had died of illness, her heart did not skip any beats whatsoever. She was just a little writer who had her 15 minutes of fame, thanks to a fanmade video. Actually, it was all thanks to Lady Zhao.

She was not familiar with this “Setsuna” at all, even though she had drawn an illustration for “Setsuna’s” Doujinshi novel “White Clover.” Therefore, it did not concern her one bit.

However, not long after that, Su Li found that her Weibo had exploded once again!

It had not yet occurred to Su Li, that the moment the masses heard that “Setsuna” had died of illness, their first thought was, “Isn’t this the Doujinshi novel writer that Su Li started drawing for?”

How did she die of illness out of a sudden?

Wait. She died of illness?

The very moment, everyone remembered “Yu Shengfan” and “Chu Luoxun.” Didn’t they all die of illness?

Oh my God! Su Li’s curse had struck once again. The main character was not yet dead, but the writer was!

This mysterious power from the East was too scary!

The netizens did not ever try to figure out that “Setsuna” had cancer long before all of this. It had nothing to do with Su Li’s illustration. Yet everyone insisted that it was definitely Su Li’s fault!

Out of all times, why would she die after Su Li drew an illustration for her? Was it related to Su Li? Was Su Li a dumb*ss?

In a sense, no other character could find a crueler fate. Even the author had died, and the novel had become incomplete. Was there any character more unfortunate than “Altair”?

Everything was indeed Su Li’s fault!

The comments in Su Li’s Weibo were all neatly filled with “candle”[1] symbols, not knowing who they were mourning silently for.

Translation Note:

[1] Candle – A symbol to express condolence.