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Guaranteed to Satisfy you, my Lady!

The main protagonist, “Altair” that Zhao Youyue possessed in “White Clover,” had affected the author, “Setsuna.” Setsuna was now able to perceive her own fantasy even more vividly, which gave her more inspiration to write, but it also drove her novel deeper into the realm of the niche, unappreciated, and obscure.

In other words, “Setsuna” had entered her intoxicated mode. Her current “inspired state” only made her novel even more complicated, but she was having a blast writing it!

“Setsuna” had worked on this literary work just to satisfy herself and divert the attention away from her cancerous disease. She always hoped to be like the main protagonist she had created, because “Altair” always looked like she was laid back and happy, as she was free to roam any realm.

So, when Zhao Youyue entered this particularly niche novel, she had brought happiness to the author, “Setsuna” and relieved her of some suffering. As “Setsuna” was in her inspired state, she had forgotten all about her suffering, and had indulged herself in more writing. Setsuna had grown to love her own creation even more than ever.

She knew that she did not have much time left, and probably would not finish writing it. She felt sorry for the main protagonist. She could feel the soul of the main protagonist, shrouded in mystery.

The main protagonist now possessed a soul, a life!

Do not underestimate the fury of a dying person.

What happens if the author dies, would she trap her main protagonist, “Altair” forever in the literary world?

Who knows?

Everything was mysterious, unpredictable, and unknown.

Obviously, Zhao Youyue had never thought of this before. What would happen if the author stops writing midway in the literary realm she had entered? The same question applied to an author who passes away due to sickness.

There were many types of authors in this world, there was Su Li, who prioritized profit over anything else, there was also Rosemary, who had his own visions and standards, and finally Han Leng, who was naturally talented and full of vocabulary. Of course, there was the type of author who was terminally ill, and nobody would know them, even after their deaths.

Without a doubt, the last type was the most pitiful; nobody would spare their work a second glance, not even after their deaths. While they wrote no masterpieces, they simply wanted to write something to satisfy themselves.

Maybe Zhao Youyue would be unable to push it to fame, even after entering this realm, but at least, she would be able to give the author happiness, and the excitement of writing it while “intoxicated.”

After “Setsuna” knew that “Altair” had acquired her own soul, she got far more excited and was spurred on to write even more, but this came at a heavy price, the remnants of her lifespan.

She wanted to give the remainder of her life, to the beloved main protagonist that she had created.

That weekend, Zhao Youyue invited Su Li for lunch. She knew exactly what Su Li liked, so she picked the perfect restaurant to suit Su Li’s tastes.

Su Li loved high-class restaurants, even though the dishes were just average, she did not mind it at all. She loved three stars Michelin Restaurants as well; and believed that such ratings would not affect the taste of the dishes.

Zhao Youyue did not believe in any form of restaurant rating; she only trusted her own tastes bud. She would even visit a roadside stall if her taste buds approved of it.

Unfortunately, Lady Zhao was picky about food hygiene. Usually, low-class restaurants would have poor standards of food hygiene. So what that really attracted her were those small and unique restaurants that are well-kept. Only a few restaurants were like that in the entire city.

Of course, Su Li would never turn down an invitation from Lady Zhao; she already treated Zhao Youyue as her BFF, even though she was much older than Zhao Youyue. After all, she had already graduated from university for a year now, while Zhao Youyue had just entered her second-year in high school. But Zhao Youyue was different from any other high school student, and Su Li felt that she had a lot in common with Zhao Youyue.

Zhao Youyue would always proclaim that she was just an ordinary high school student, but since her soul had assimilated and acquired the “Two Dimensional Gate,” she was no longer an average person. Such shamelessness.

Once again, Su Li hitched a ride on Lady Zhao’s luxurious car, but she no longer had the excitement that she had when she first rode it. But she still loved taking photos with Zhao Youyue, and posted the photos of them having lunch together onto social media.

Su Li knew that Lady Zhao always kept a low profile and did not like exposing herself to public, so the photos she posted would only reveal her own face, followed by delicious food photos.

Probably only those loyal Sect Masters of Su Li, would have the privilege of witnessing photos of the legendary beauty of Qidian, Tycoon Youyue.

These Sect Masters were invited into Su Li’s personal Sect Master group, and Su Li’s was its most active occupant, bootlicking around as much as she could. This was Su Li, giving her best service to every tycoon reader.

Zhao Youyue brought Su Li to a newly opened high-end restaurant. It had the mood and setting to please them. The owner of this restaurant knew about the high standards of this particular lady when it came to food, so he had sent an invitation letter to the owner of a restaurant that Zhao Youyue frequently visited, hoping that she would come to his restaurant to try out some of the dishes. Of course, it would be free of charge.

If Zhao Youyue could actually write an essay, she could totally become a food critic.

But today, Zhao Youyue wasn’t paying attention to the food. Both of them were chit-chatting as they ate, and the mood started turning harmonious.

As the great mangaka enjoyed her meal, Zhao Youyue revealed a smile, and said, “I’ve been reading a doujin lately, I’m really interested in the main heroine, but this literary work is not popular at all. It only appeared in a novel forum. I certainly hope that someone could add some illustrations and get it published.”

Su Li felt a chill running down her spine for no reason, when she saw the gentle smile of Lady Zhao. She had taken Lady Zhao for granted, and now realized that this meal would cost her a fortune.

She maneuvered herself wisely, “Doujin? I know that stuff! I started with Doujins as well. Actually, I know too well that a doujin novel without illustrations will not be attractive at all. Besides, novels are already less interesting than mangas. So, let me illustrate some stuff, they are guaranteed to satisfy you, my lady! You will watch them until… Hehehe.”

As Su Li spoke, she revealed her evil perverted smile. In her world, only those 18+ doujins, were the top of the line and were worthy of Lady Zhao’s interest!

Zhao Youyue frowned, thinking that the Master pervert, Su Li had misunderstood something.