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Continue making trouble

Deep down, Zhao Youyue enjoyed all the attention she is getting. If not for that, she would not have attempted to gain more abilities through the “Two Dimensional Gate” to acquire a sense of presence.

Now, especially when she has a sockpuppet identity like “Ah Yu,” she feels that she can use the identity of “Ah Yu” to show more things to the fans and get more attention. At this rate, she can also use the identity to promote the works that she will transmigrate to in the future, to further aid her cause.

Therefore, she was happy to see the identity of “Ah Yu” gain more and more attention. She believed that “Ah Yu” will also need to learn from the opportunist Su Li, who is very good at attracting and capturing attention. If she can just start a new tsunami once in a while to remain relevant, the sockpuppet identity “Ah Yu” would definitely become more valuable.

Furthermore, this sockpuppet identity does not need to be completely unrelated to her real self. Her real self can remain as a passerby while watching from the shadows.

She watched the legendary “Ah Yu” become popular due to her various talents from a spectator’s point of view, and found it to be very enjoyable. This is mainly because “Ah Yu” was none other than her.

Zhao Youyue probably preferred lurking about in the dark. She would go crazy if she gets too famous to the point where she gets surrounded by everyone when she walks out in public.

This is what she realized, after her standing in school changed.

After the school sports competition, Zhao Youyue’s school life returned back to being quiet. However, she has now a real celebrity in her school. She has even been selected as the ‘school flower’ by some busybodies, and was even named as an all-rounder which was fully-developed in all aspects, be it morals, intellect, aesthetics, as well as physically.

First of all, of course, it was because Zhao Youyue’s academic performance had always been exemplary, and it was not just good in the general sense. In the previous monthly examinations, she was the top scorer in all of the liberal arts subjects. Now that the mighty Huang Zongchao is no longer in her way, she could easily maintain her first place spot among all the other students who took liberal arts.

Since she is first in her grade, her name is naturally known to many students. However, many people have not seen her before, and could only imagine how she looks like. They had imagined her as a short-haired girl with black-framed spectacles, forever wearing the school uniform, the perfect stereotype of the perfect model student. In their minds, she probably looked average, at best. How can a beauty maintain such a brilliant academic performance?

However, this sports competition had enabled the beautifully long-haired Zhao Youyue, who had the most defined features, to be truly known by many students who had previously only heard about her but never got to see her.

Then, of course, these students are shocked to the core!

They did not expect the legendary gifted student Zhao Youyue to be so beautiful! No one else could possibly wear the school’s sports uniform and still have the look of a perfect, fresh little lady!

Moreover, she was not only beautiful, but could also perform well in sports. Queen of long-distance running! Even the athletes could not outrun her! She is just so unbelievably powerful! Give me a moment to take all of this in…

In the end, when she gave her speech on the stage, she had presented it with poise and utmost modesty, had left a perfect impression deeply engraved in the minds of many students. Right at that moment, she had already become similar to the mighty Huang Zongchao, destined to be remembered by many, for decades and beyond. Whenever they reminisce about their old student days, they would surely think of her. Legends will always be remembered.

Therefore, if she is not the ‘school flower,’ who else would it be? To become the ‘school flower,’ appearance came second. The first thing that mattered more is fame. When someone is so famous that all the students in the school know her, with decent appearance to boot, then she will naturally be set as the ‘school flower.’ This is an example of an unofficial ‘school flower’, the kind that is only known within small circles. The people who do not pay attention to gossip, might not even know of it.

This is why a lot of students feel that there is no such thing as ‘school flowers.’ How could they possibly not have heard of any ‘school flowers’ in their school days?

Having a sense of presence in school was actually a small goal that Zhao Youyue wanted to accomplish. However, now that she has finally accomplished it, she realized that she would be seen and talked about wherever she goes about in school. Furthermore, all sorts of boys would approach her with varying levels of courtesy. She found it all very troublesome.

Zhao Youyue had always been a girl who hated troublesome things. Being lazy is one of the major flaws in her personality. This flaw had made her an ordinary girl, even though she was quite talented, to begin with. Now that she has the “Xu Jing card,” her defect had been replaced with an excellent attribute. She was an ordinary side character in the beginning, now, she was the perfect heroine in her school!

As we all know, the main protagonists in novels are always the center of all contradictions. Some of the protagonists can even be self-gratified when they are merely buying some instant noodles, so that they might get the attention of pretty girls…

If she had to be like that, she would rather not be a main protagonist!

When Zhao Youyue does not have any character cards activated, she is, in fact, inseparable from her original self. She would be the so-called “indolent, lazy lady.” Even when she is called upon, Lady Zhao would be practicing the ideal form of idleness.

When she was still a side character, she had longed for a sense of existence, and had longed for attention. She wanted to surprise the world with the talents she acquired through her own hard work and perseverance, and finally became a heroine.

However, now that she is no longer a side character, she found herself constantly worn out. She feels that being surrounded and chased around is a lot of trouble. As she always loved to hide her true self, now she still has to face it all with grace and poise. This image of the perfect heroine that she worked so hard to create, there is no way that she will let it be so easily destroyed, right? Well, it could not be helped, she is just that conceited.

When she was still a side character, she could naturally be as unscrupulous as she liked, because nobody had paid any attention to her. Now that she has become a heroine, she had to hold herself back a fair bit, as she would be under the constant attention of others.

She had even started to reminisce about her original status of a side character. It all seemed very hypocritical. It is like how rich people would hate the trouble that money brings to them. Well, she had always been a hypocritical, normal high school girl anyway. She could get extremely pretentious at times, so this is actually normal.

This is Zhao Youyue, a girl without a firm will. Sometimes, she is able to face every situation indifferently, like a saint, sometimes she is filled with hypocritical emotions and stuck in all kinds of small entanglements.

Every time Zhao Youyue is in such a situation, she would always want to do something, or cause some trouble, to vent out her anger.

The “Two Dimensional Gate” had undoubtedly become a place for her to make some trouble, but it still had yet to provide her a good story to mess around with.

Indeed, Zhao Youyue had recently been searching for a piece of work that could touch her heart and capture her interest. She intended to create an iconic female character again. Otherwise, if she sacrifices a high popularity character card only to get another high popularity character card in return, it would end up as a waste. As she now has the chance to choose a piece of work at her discretion, this time, it was a precious opportunity. If it is not possible to maximize the benefits, then she would rather wait a little while longer.

Since when was an iconic female character that easy to create?

Strictly speaking, she had only created two iconic female characters. The Yu Shengfan card came as a surprise; it was Rosemary himself who wanted to shape her into an iconic character.

Zhao Youyue was at a loss. She has not yet been able to find a piece of work with great potential, something of similar level. The ultra-popular works that are known nationwide are often at a premium level. Maybe her reading skills are not in-depth enough, and she should expose herself to more types of works. As this is the first time she is going to sacrifice a character card, she can never possibly outdo herself and result in an overkill.