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Weibo Interaction

Han Leng had suddenly developed a huge interest in the female live streamer “Ah Yu”. Narcissistic as he is, he feels that when he cross-dresses, he is the most beautiful person in the world. However, before this, he had also been obsessed over Chu Luoxun, a character that he had created.

In fact, it is quite reasonable for authors to indulge themselves in the characters they create. In general, when authors portray a character, they tend to beautify the character in their subconscious. Or, simply put, they would shape the character according to what they feel is the perfect character in their minds.

There was no doubt that Chu Luoxun’s character was a reflection of the perfect goddess in the eyes of Han Leng. She was strikingly beautiful and extremely talented. Not only did she have a perfect personality, she had also experienced an incomparably sad ending. All of these factors had inevitably led to the creation of an iconic character, which will always remain in the hearts of many readers.

Han Leng had been so overly obsessed with Chu Luoxun that once, he had almost mistaken Zhao Youyue as Chu Luoxun. He must have been hallucinating at that time. The way Zhao Youyue plays the piano was closely associated with Chu Luoxun’s unique music style. However, unless he clearly hears it for the second time or the third time, he will never believe that anything related to Chu Luoxun coming to the 3D world.

Therefore, Han Leng did not attempt to investigate further on how Ah Yu managed to recreate his songs from the novel in the real world. He felt that this should be nothing more than a mere coincidence. Perhaps, because his novel was so well written, it had provided the reader Ah Yu with more than sufficient inspiration. Since Ah Yu is already a talented musician, to begin with, she had resonated with the characters in the novel, and got “intoxicated.” Hence, these songs were created.

Indeed, Han Leng clearly knew that not only authors could get “intoxicated,” readers also do. Once the readers are “intoxicated,” they would enter the world of works and lose themselves in it. Most of the time, they would reluctant to come out of there. They would stay and finish reading the entire novel in one breath. For this reason, they might even stay awake through the night. If they are still immersed in the aftertaste even after finishing the novel, they may even tip the author excessively on impulse…

Only a piece of work that is particularly attractive would capable of getting readers “intoxicated.” All in all, Han Leng was quite satisfied with “Beautiful April” as a whole.

Han Leng would always be elated when various ‘aesthetic researchers’ come up with their written analyses. This is because their efforts would contribute towards the popularity of his work. With regards to Ah Yu bringing the songs from the novel into the real world, he did not really have an opinion on the matter. He had even said this on his Weibo —- —-

“After listening Ah Yu’s version of the songs from the novel originally written by Goddess Chu, I feel that she did a great job both in composing as well as in filling in the lyrical gap. It perfectly matches the songs I heard in my soul as I was still writing the story. Now that I can hear it in reality, I feel absolutely touched. With this, I must strongly recommend her songs to all my readers. She is probably the most loyal Chu Luoxun fan out there.”

This Weibo post by Master Leng Zi had once again brought the live streamer Ah Yu to the center of attention. Many “Beautiful April” readers leaped over to NetEase Music to search for her songs. Once they heard it, they were awestruck!

A lot of people had originally thought that Ah Yu was the kind of self-entertaining musician, those who uploaded a lot of songs but never get much attention. Never would they have expected several of her songs to be on the popularity chart!

This is especially with regards to the extremely poisonous “Just Happened to Meet You,” which has topped the charts!

This song happened to be the remnants of Goddess Chu in “Beautiful April.” In a short time, many of Chu Luoxun’s fans are once again filled with overflowing emotions. Many emotional articles about Chu Luoxun started to appear frequently on the internet. A lot of them mentioned things like “there is a special kind of love, called Chu Luoxun” and such.

The songs had somewhat acted as a catalyst, which increased the power and influence of the Chu Luoxun fan club. Just then, Zhao Youyue took note of Leng Zi’s Weibo post which stated that “She is probably the most loyal Chu Luoxun fan out there.” Then, she shared the Weibo post and responded, “I’m sorry, but I’m actually a Lin Meiyue fan.”

When this Weibo post appeared, many of the Chu Luoxun fans were startled. You recreated and brought all of Chu Luoxun’s songs from the novel into the real world, and allowed her songs to be heard by everyone. You played a big part in helping Chu Luoxun attract more fans, but now you claim to be a Lin Meiyue fan?

What is the meaning of this? Could it be that you are an undercover spy?

Do we have a traitor among us?

This time, Zhao Youyue could not help but point out that everything was the author Leng Zi’s fault. He had deliberately engaged in messing things up and often used “Spring and Autumn Annals” in major parts of the story. He had single-handedly directed all the disputes between both the fan clubs. In actuality, the only two people who had feelings for each other, were the male and female protagonist. Chu Luoxun merely played the part of an assistant.

As Ah Yu had created all the songs just for the sake of Chu Luoxun, people would obviously think that she is a die-hard fan. Her interpretation is the fact, and it is purely made out of Chu Luoxun’s own thoughts. If anyone were to link it back with the story as a whole, they would definitely discover that this seems to be the truth!

When Han Leng first saw the “faithful reader” and “hardcore Chu Luoxun fan” Ah Yu’s interpretation of “Beautiful April,” he welcomed it. He actually welcomed any sort of interpretation of “Beautiful April.” Comments were also welcomed, as long as they were justified and made sense.

However, when he saw Ah Yu’s interpretation, he was shocked!

Someone had laid him bare naked, and had presented him to the world. He could no longer maintain that fulfilling a sense of superiority. Before this, he always had an attitude of putting himself above any interpretations of his book. Some interpretations would even make him feel like “I am just so good, I did not ever think that this part could make people feel so deeply.”

Indeed, some interpretations from the readers would be new to the author himself. When they come, they would make the author feel light-hearted and joyful. It is as if the readers have successfully stepped him up as a genius.

Ah Yu’s interpretation, on the other hand, made Han Leng feel exposed. It was like her being the one who had personally experienced everything in the world of his work!

Han Leng could only remain silent and unresponsive, while pretending to be inscrutable just like before. He had to act like Ah Yu’s interpretation is just another root for imagination. He cannot reveal the fact that he is a Chu Luoxun fan. He originally thought that Ah Yu was his best ally, which helped in making his beloved Goddess Chu even more popular. He did not expect her to be a Lin Meiyue fan!

How could Ah Yu have the same beliefs as Lady Zhao!

Fortunately, there were other brave people within the Chu Luoxun fan club. They had instantly appeared and directly claimed that Ah Yu, the Lin Meiyue fan, was too naive and idealistic. How could a relationship between a man and a woman be that pure? Moreover, about the songs that you have recreated, is there absolutely no hint of Chu Luoxun’s special feelings for the male protagonist within the songs? You are contradicting yourself!

Ah Yu was soon besieged by the Chu Luoxun fans, because a traitor is always bound to be loathed…

At this time, Yu Shengfan’s fans actually reappeared in support of Ah Yu. They claimed that Ah Yu could only dub Yu Shengfan’s voice so perfectly, because she had a thorough understanding of Yu Shengfan’s characterization. On that note, she had to have a similar understanding of Chu Luoxun!

In the midst of such disputes, Ah Yu began to receive even more attention.